Santa Paws 2: The Santa Pups

2012 "One Magical Wish Can Change Everything !"
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An all-new Disney holiday classic is born - Santa Paws 2: The Santa Pups. Starring a brand-new litter of the cutest talking pups ever - Hope, Jingle, Charity, and Noble - it's perfect for the whole family. When Mrs. Claus travels to Pineville, the playful Santa Pups stow away on her sled. Taking mischief to a whole new level, they begin granting joyful wishes to Pineville's boys and girls, but something goes terribly wrong - the Christmas spirit begins to disappear. Now the Santa Pups and Mrs. Claus must race to save Christmas around the world. From the creators of Disney Buddies, this magical, heartwarming tale is brimming with hope, cheer, and Christmas spirit.

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ThiefHott Too much of everything
Vashirdfel Simply A Masterpiece
Exoticalot People are voting emotionally.
Taraparain Tells a fascinating and unsettling true story, and does so well, without pretending to have all the answers.
sporeviews Like the other movies she's been in, this one is only worth watching for Kaitlyn Maher. But otherwise, it's just painful!The pups themselves are bland and obnoxious, the magic STILL doesn't make any sense, the implication in the message that there is NO love outside of Christmas spirit is downright DEGRADING to anyone who has ever loved anything, in other words EVERYBODY, and when you get right down to it, these pups were completely pointless! No seriously, there is a scene with a chalkboard showing animated chalk drawings of carolers, feeding the homeless, cheering up kids in the hospital, and the latest addition to a young family carrying on their own Christmas traditions; the movie never shows the pups doing ANY of this!Nobody's lives were enriched by the pups' involvement! Sure they grant a wish here and there, but it wasn't because of them! Nobody thanked or even acknowledged the pups for what they did, because the pups had no part in granting these wishes! If Christmas spirit could be wished away completely by accident like this, I think that means these crystals don't actually need anyone for them to grant the wishes. It could have gotten to Pineville by accidentally falling into Mrs. Clause's purse before she goes on her search for the new ambassador, it overhears and grant's any and every wish within earshot, (even the bad ones), and the Mrs. and Kaitlyn save Christmas because they know that you can't destroy Christmas, as long as there is love in the world. There is literally NOTHING that the pups did, that couldn't be done by anyone else!
Stephen Abell This is a lovely Christmas film, full of the Christmas spirit and magic.Being Disney, there are some things that you expect, like a good story, with decent actors and actresses, and special effects that give Disney it's magical touch. You will not be disappointed in this movie. Unlike the lower budget movies where the animals talk without moving their mouths or even directing their speech, here you'll believe dogs and reindeer can speak. The voice actors carry the script and characterisation off very wellThe secondary human actors also do a great job. To be honest I only watched this movie to see how Cheryl Ladd (Mrs. Clause) was doing, as she's a favourite actress of mine but I've not seen her in anything for a while. She's still beautiful - lucky Santa - and still a good actress. Her portrayal as the loving Mrs Clause was spot on.Even though, this is a musical I found that the songs weren't too grating and the actress playing Sarah Reynolds, Kaitlyn Maher, has a wonderful voice.I really enjoyed this tale and would recommend it to all, young and old alike.
clairestruthers Well, first - hallelujah! This is a Christmas movie that actually mentions, if only obliquely, the REAL reason for Christmas! No, not jolly family get-togethers and being nice to strangers and animals, but Christ! Although, as I say, the mentions are very oblique and shouldn't offend any atheists.Second - oops! Kids and adults alike will be confused by this movie. Kids will be confused because the little girl playing the lead role, Sarah (who has a dad), is the same actor who played the lead in the first Santa Paws movie - only in that one, she played an orphan called Quinn. Sarah looks precisely the same as Quinn (perhaps a year or so older), and has an absolutely indistinguishable character from Quinn (naive and cuuuuuute).Adults will be confused because one of the three erstwhile sexy Charlie's Angels, Cheryl Ladd, plays a relatively glamorous but unmistakably matronly Mrs Claus.Otherwise - the plot is predictable and clichéd, but bearable. And the pups, of course, are gorgeous. Oh - and this time, the majority of them (three out of four) are ... prepare for a shock ... FEMALE. Disney must finally be learning. Took them long enough ...
rannynm This movie is all about some pups being taught some lessons since birth. Some of the lessons make them curious like the one about some magic crystals. They think that they are ready to be like their dad so they steal one from Eddie (the elf dog). At the same time Mrs. Claus is flying to town so they hitch a ride and want to try to grant wishes. They give some good wishes, but then they accidentally grant a very bad wish, and everyone starts to lose their Christmas spirit.The main characters in the movie are Mrs. Claus, Eli (Santa's head Elf), The Reynolds family and the pups. My favorite character is Mrs. Claus because she cares a lot about others and loves all the Christmas spirit in the world. She is really good with kids and shows them all about Christmas spirit. I also really like the pups because they want to grant wishes, but it doesn't work out so well, so they have to help save Christmas for the world.My favorite part in the movie is all the singing. I love movies that have a lot of music in them and I think that helps to make them more enjoyable to others too. The best musical number in the movie is when Mrs. Claus is in jail with some people she met and sings a really good song. It is so good it has been stuck in my head for three days! It makes me want to see the movie over and over again until I memorize the words.I recommend this movie for all ages because it is a really good movie and I think everyone will like it. It has mostly singing that is all about Christmas, joy and cheer. I guess that there were some things that just might scare you but I think you will be alright. It is a really great holiday movie. Go out and buy this movie on DVD and Blu-ray now! Anthony Aranda, age 10, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic.See Anthony's full review on video. v=Vv5vimJ5b3g