Space Warriors

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Released: 26 April 2013 Released
Producted By: Arc Entertainment
Country: United States of America
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The son of a retired astronaut competes to win a seat on the next space shuttle.

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Sean McNamara

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Arc Entertainment


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Space Warriors Audience Reviews

FeistyUpper If you don't like this, we can't be friends.
Loui Blair It's a feast for the eyes. But what really makes this dramedy work is the acting.
Lachlan Coulson This is a gorgeous movie made by a gorgeous spirit.
Tobias Burrows It's easily one of the freshest, sharpest and most enjoyable films of this year.
huh_oh_i_c Why, oh why isn't there a zero on the scoring system? The Room. Tycus. Anything with Adam Sandler in it.These are all better movies than this piece of crap. Even the suspend-your-belief moments are suspending their beliefs.Most of the badness comes from the script (third-rate even by Disney-standards), but a lot comes from the super bad acting by Thomas Horn (Jimmy). It's over the top, he's got a squeaky "Gee Whiz" voice, with all the fake surprise of that expression. His actions are weird, kind of immoral, and unsympathetic actions (designed to make the character grow later on) are totally fake and why oh why would that girl be attracted to him? Oh yeah: his team mates are even LESS attractive. He's girly, and not in a good way. You want to shout "It's getting better" at him all the time, but that would not refer to his acting, only to his conveyed personal life.This is just bad, very bad.0/10 The Melancholic Alcoholic.
BreannaBaker This is the exact type of movie that I like watching. It's cute, has a good story, teaches good lessons, and inspires. What attracted me to this movie the most, was the fact that it sends the message to follow your dreams no matter what, to follow your gut, and do what you think is best. I read some of the other reviews saying the acting is bad, but honestly, I think the way it turned out added to the style, the humor, and the cuteness. If the actors were too serious, it wouldn't be the same kind of movie. I highly suggest this movie to anyone that likes watching Disney Channel. I love Disney, and this movie made me think Disney. It's a great movie for kids!
wpdurrell The acting is some of the worst ever. Its as if there were no auditioning for the child parts. Why in the world would a child actor be given a role and have to create a weird southern accent? Aside from that, the plot was based around totally incompetent adult characters who had no clue what to do with a disabled space station. The main character narrating as if the space camp was in the past for no apparent reason was bizarre. All of this is such a shame because there were some other good actors in the movie. I rented this movie for a family movie night and when kids watching the movie laugh at the cheesy nonsense and mock the terrible acting, it has to be bad.
jjoseph202 Sorry guys, but this film was a horrible disappointment. It's proof that trying to do recipe-based films for children is best only done by Disney.When the main character "runs away" to Space Camp, it's apparently under the presumption that if he wins the competition (a phony competition, a la the Top Gun trophy in that movie) he'll outfox his mother into letting him go on a real spaceflight to the International Space Station. The parent astonishingly DON'T CALL THE COPS to get the darn kid back when his ruse to fool each parent into thinking he's with the other one. Shades of the Parent Trap.This is obviously supposed to be a film for kids, but the film DOESN'T SHOW US THE CONSEQUENCES OF CHEATING OR RULE-BREAKING OR JUST PLAIN EVIL. Some consequences are inferred, but not boldly enough to teach lessons to the kids who are engaged in this reckless behavior.Idiotically, the ISS has a fire on-board and only 3 astronauts can use the ferry Soyuz as a lifeboat. In the middle of that crisis, the MOCR in Houston loses communication with the ISS and Soyuz so communications have to be transferred to...wait for it...Huntsville! Which enables the Space Warriors to save the day from the duplicate MOCR in Huntsville.I've been watching the U.S. Space Program since 1958, and there were so many times that the jargon was inaccurate or the engineering was inaccurate or the history was inaccurate that I was constantly yelling at my TV screen "What Idiots Wrote This?" Not to mention that the most promising character, the girl pilot, pulls the all-too-familiar female neurotic self-doubt angst at the most critical part of the film. A cliché at best. Horribly unnecessary in an age of women's liberation at worst.DON'T WATCH THIS FILM IF YOU THINK YOU OR YOUR KIDS WILL LEARN ANYTHING ABOUT THE SPACE PROGRAM.It was easier for me to suspend my disbelief when I watched Space Chimps. Even with the talking chimps.My suggestion: studio execs should have a person (or team) familiar with the space program, space flight, and space history review this kind of script before allocating money for this sort of useless rubbish.Even though it was totally fictional, Space Cowboys is a much more accurate, plausible, and realistic depiction of the U.S. Space Program.So have your kids watch Space Cowboys instead.