Street Kings

2008 "Their city. Their rules. No prisoners."
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Released: 10 April 2008 Released
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Tom Ludlow is a disillusioned L.A. Police Officer, rarely playing by the rules and haunted by the death of his wife. When evidence implicates him in the execution of a fellow officer, he is forced to go up against the cop culture he's been a part of his entire career, ultimately leading him to question the loyalties of everyone around him.

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GamerTab That was an excellent one.
Matialth Good concept, poorly executed.
Comwayon A Disappointing Continuation
Fairaher The film makes a home in your brain and the only cure is to see it again.
jasontheterrible They hated the way the main character, played by Reeves, was so violent. The movie also portrayed the cops in LA as racist. The truth is, blue collar guys have always jumped on each other for anything and everything; race, gender, gay, straight, Irish, ugly, dumb, or whatever. It was always a bonding ritual, and no one cared. But writers have never worked in the real world, and they do not know how real men in just about every blue-collar job talk to each other. Every ethnicity does it as well. This is by far the best Keanu Reeves film I have ever seen. It was super exciting, visceral, and realistic. The ending is a big surprise and the best part of the film, though I found it all entertaining after the beginning. The beginning was off-putting just because we never get to see the real, gritty tension that exists in some cities, especially big cities. No one makes Serpico anymore, or The French Connection type films. When I first saw it in the theaters I was pretty taken by it, but the reviews were so awful I figured I was mistaken. Now I realize I have nothing in common with those puddles of poo and I no longer give a crap what the critics think.
Stephen Bird We've all heard the age old story of corruption within the police force, well "Street Kings" takes that story and sets it ablaze..., fair dues the story itself was somewhat predictable, but just because you know the destination you're heading to, doesn't mean the journey can't be fully enjoyable.The protagonist, Detective Ludlow, is a man on a mission, his mind scrambled by the recent death of his beloved wife, he pulls no punches even when he becomes embroiled in the framing of a police officer's murder, Ludlow sets out to uncover the mysteries that are haunting him. You could label "Street Kings" as just another crime film with Keanu Reeves inserted into the lead role, but it's more than that, Reeves showcases high standards of acting ability and makes you feel empathetic towards his poor detective character. The supporting cast features some real heavy hitters, most notably Forest Whitaker as Captain Wander, head of Detective Ludlow's unit, from the very beginning there was a sense that something was not quite right with this character, but any clues as to his real motives were expertly kept under wraps until the time came for him to reveal his true colours.A young, pre-Captain America Chris Evans showed real credibility and talent as Detective Diskant, a partner of sorts for Ludlow, who's natural demise came later in the film than I thought it would, giving the young actor some extra exposure and screen time, which he duly lapped up. Yes "Street Kings" is quite racist and incredibly tongue in cheek but that just adds to the realism, helping to flesh the film out and give it an added dimension, if you are easily offended by certain things then I'd definitely avoid this film.The presentation was dark and disturbing, illustrating the underbelly of LA perfectly..., the tones and colours chosen were apt and even during the daylight hours there was a sense of darkness in the air, painted onto the screen by a perfectly qualified cinematographer and art department, kudos to them..., drawing you further into the story and making the mystery more intriguing.Alas my final note is to say, not an exceptional film, but a fine film that will keep you gripped until the end, enjoy!
Gordon-11 This film tells the story of a Los Angeles policeman who witnesses the murder of his partner in a convenience store robbery. He tries to bring justice to the killers, despite that this very action might implicate him in killing his partner. The deeper he digs, the more sinister things he uncovers.I expected "Street Kings" to be a mindlessly violent film, with random explosions and gun shots to get the adrenaline kicking. Therefore, I was positively surprised when I find out there is a deeper dimension to the film. The violence does make me cringe; but there is also much suspense and mystery in the film, that makes me think about what is behind the apparent events in the plot. There is a lot happening in the film, which gives me no time to deduce what the ending could be. I like "Street Kings" because it is intense in both adrenaline and suspense.
al_wilson2 I'm sort of a Reeves fan. I know, he's not the greatest actor, but I still tend to enjoy his movies. Somehow, I had never heard of this movie. I just caught a few minutes of it over the antenna, and decided to find the movie online. It blew me away. It had an amazing cast and every one of them put in a top notch performance. The story was fast paced with some twists and had an excellent showdown at the end. Great action, excellent acting, and a good storyline sets up a great movie experience.If you enjoyed Reeves in John Wick, then you will enjoy this movie also. Go back and find it. It's one of the best cop movies that I have seen in years.In a nutshell, the best way to describe this movie might be John Wick meets L.A. Confidential in modern times.