Stuck in Love

2013 "A story about first loves and second chances."
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Released: 05 July 2013 Released
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An acclaimed writer, his ex-wife, and their teenaged children come to terms with the complexities of love in all its forms over the course of one tumultuous year.


Drama, Comedy

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Josh Boone

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Stuck in Love Audience Reviews

Solemplex To me, this movie is perfection.
BlazeLime Strong and Moving!
Lawbolisted Powerful
GazerRise Fantastic!
saletehnolog A really good movie. It relates in a serious way to family relationships, how much the child can be traumatized and injured by the mistakes of their parents in marriage. At the same time, the film touches upon the first love experiences, suffering for the same, but also of a great sociological problem that often occurs in adolescents - Drugs! This insight into a girl named Kate is terrifying, but at the same time, the light at the end of the tunnel: I thought you would change me, and in fact only I can change myself!In addition to the dramatic aspect of the film, which is very much expressed in a handful of situations, the relaxation of the complete story offers its comic part. By dramas, romances and comedians, a very good combination is made in which you can enjoy, but also realize the seriousness of the problem with the film deals.
ginnynnig I really liked this movie, I watched it many times, once at the theatre then at home. I loved the soundtrack, I loved the mood, and all the characters especially Rusty. I can totally relate with lots that happen. The mother reminds me too much of my mama (she's also Sarah from labyrinth) and the father of my papa too. I wish they spoke English and were able to watch it. Anyways, I loved the fact that Samantha is scared of being in a relationship and cries a river after he makes her listen to Elliot Smith's Between the Bars, that became one of my favorite songs after that. The house by the beach is a freaking dream.More please.
Cathex I imagine those were the words the director used to describe what kind of movie he wanted to make to his producers.I know this is a film for teenagers, but the problem is its just so annoying.The story centres on the lives of one white middle class American family and their first world problems in a rose tinted two dimensional universe. It claims to be a coming of age story, based on love, but in reality its a slightly histrionic adolescent fantasy. Which is actually a regular formula for this director, in fact I may just as well cut and paste this review onto everything else he's done and probably will do (tho I think this is where I get off). As a film for teenagers it is OK, and I can look past most of the crap. Sometimes its actually funny, but rarely. What really annoyed me however was that the film pretends, and what's worse may even actually believe, that it has some depth of meaning, and that is nothing short of delusional.Luckily though Boone manages to secure some pretty good actors so the performances are convincing (although the script is not), and his technical ability to actually film is fine, though certainly not interesting. Now, if I've taken anything from this films pseudo morals and all those charming good looking kids with their fashionable heartbreak and Hollywood smiles, besides irritation, its that you gotta end on a positive note cos life is about living and loving right? So here goes...this movie sucks!
leplatypus It's a good Jennifer's movie, not among her best but not among her worst too. The story is rather interesting as it's about the hard and unlikely path a family walks to be together again. Jenny is rather good as she plays a fragile and guilty mother who seeks forgiveness. Her children are great too as they are responsible, well-educated ones who are eager to grasp what life can give them. Kinnear is cool as Jenny's husband for a second time and the setting in north Carolina is beautiful. However, it's an American movie with Hollywood stars, so the characters have really nothing to do with common people: all the family except Jenny are writers (!) who have so much talent (!) that even Stephen King can call them! Even if I like hearing about the craft and being myself fan of the Bangor celebrity, I found that this rich and famous angle (almost) ruined the movie. It's boring to watch movies with such impersonal scripts that assimilate successful life with big career!