Teen Beach Movie

2013 "Getting trapped in a movie... is no day at the beach."
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Released: 07 August 2013 Released
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Life's a beach for surfers Brady and McKenzie – until a rogue wave magically transports them inside the classic '60s beach party flick, "Wet Side Story," where a full-blown rivalry between bikers and surfers threatens to erupt. There, amidst a sea of surfing, singing and dancing, Brady and Mack accidentally change the storyline, and the film’s dreamy hero and heroine fall for them instead of for each other! Can our heroes get the plot back on track, or will they be trapped there forever?

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Jeffrey Hornaday

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VeteranLight I don't have all the words right now but this film is a work of art.
Matialth Good concept, poorly executed.
ShangLuda Admirable film.
Derrick Gibbons An old-fashioned movie made with new-fashioned finesse.
cathyg-1 Two years ago my kids were getting very excited about something new coming to the Disney Channel - Teen Beach Movie. The idea of a Disney musical about kids on the beach sounded kinda lame to me, but I kept getting drawn in as I walked by my kid's room while they watched it.Finally, I sat down to watch the whole thing ... and watched it with them again, and again, and again. Yes, I'll admit it -- I was a late-40's mom who fell in love with Teen Beach Movie.Having grown up on Beach Blanket Bingo films, I loved what Disney did with this parody. It's a cute premise that pays homage to the old goofy classics in a really charming way. It's fun, funny, and the tunes are so catchy, two years later we still break out into them from time to time in our house.Don't expect ground breaking cinema here, but it's a fun little romp, suitable for the whole family, that parents who grew up in the 60's and 70's might just get a kick out of.
lexa-lascola singing, dancing, and characters ain't too great, but the wild Bertram appearance makes this movie a truly unforgettable experience!!!!! 10/10 would recommend (Bertram)Bertram's amazing acting skills make every scene 10000x more delightful. He made me have new views on living, He got me out of a deep depression and can't believe how he did the impossible, truly a life saver. I named my 7th kid after Bertram. For Bertram, I cannot get enough. He really makes the stars 'tWinkle' if you know what i mean ;). He puts the but in butler. He is my everything. I eat, sleep and breathe Bertram. Bertram is love...Bertram is life.
je_and_la Back in 2009 Disney Channel brought us "Wizards of Waverly Place The Movie" from the shores of Puerto Rico. Now they bring us "Teen Beach Movie", a fun beach party inspired film. McKenzie (Maia Mitchell) and Brady (Ross Lynch) are two surfers who are magically transported inside a classic '60s beach party film, Wet Side Story, where a surf-and-turf war between the surfers and bikers is in full swing. After accidentally changing the film's plot causing the film's hero and heroine to fall for them instead of each other, Mack and Brady must find a way to change the plot back whilst also finding a way back home.The storyline progressed at an easy pace for the audience to follow, while still taking the time to learn about each of the four main characters in detail. The plot line of Wet Side Story, a spoof off of the popular film "West Side Story", was both funny and enjoyable to watch. McKenzie's insistence that girls can do anything boys can do provided a great message to the audience, as well as adding extra conflict to the plot.The acting was typical for a Disney Channel Original Movie and most of the cast did a terrific job at over-acting their parts when it came to the Wet Side Story characters. Lynch and Mitchell had very believable chemistry, while Grace Phipps (Lela) and Garrett Clayton (Tanner) did a great job at over-acting their own character's relationship.The film was let down as it was laced with continuity errors. One such error occurred towards the end of the film when Mitchell's hair changed from being up to down from shot to shot. Other errors occurred throughout the film, though this was the most noticeable. The costumes for this film were very similar to those that were used in beach party movies in the '60s. The girls in this film wore high-waisted bikinis which covered their navels, a nod to Ms. Annette Funicello to whom the film was dedicated. The movie's soundtrack was reminiscent of '60s beach party tunes, and contained tracks that were catchy and fun to listen to. 'Can't Stop Singing', sung by Lynch and Mitchell, reflected the plot and worked to parody the genre of movie-musical with lyrics such as 'this can't be happening' and 'don't tell me it's a song'. As we saw back in 2009, Puerto Rico has some beautiful beaches which we got to see again in this film. It's a shame however that in the 'Can't Stop Singing' scene, there was a modern city visible in the background although this part of the film was set in the '60s.With catchy tunes, a progressive storyline and a beautiful location, Disney Channel has once again produced a thoroughly enjoyable film, deserving of the 8/10 rating given.
kenbonbones I didn't have very high expectations for this movie, but on a rainy afternoon, I thought 'eh why not?' Here's why not: It was horrible. the costumes where overdone, the accents where horribly cheesy, and the songs where so cliché for the 60's. Overused tunes, stupid lyrics and it seemed like Maia Ross and Grace where the only people who could actually sing. And then there's the acting. So,so stupid. I have never been a huge Ross Lynch fan, and this movie dropped my respect for his acting to an all time low. the only reason I gave this movie a 3 (a blessing) is because I was genuinely fond of Maia Mitchell as 'Mack.' I thought her acting was very good, as was her singing. I would love to see her in anything else besides, you know, this. To sum it up, don't waste your tie on Disneys latest disaster.