The Case for Christmas

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Released: 19 November 2011 Released
Producted By: Chesler/Perlmutter Productions
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An up-and-coming attorney risks it all to help defend Santa when Christmas is in jeopardy of cancellation.


Fantasy, Drama, Comedy

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Timothy Bond

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Chesler/Perlmutter Productions


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The Case for Christmas Audience Reviews

Actuakers One of my all time favorites.
Plustown A lot of perfectly good film show their cards early, establish a unique premise and let the audience explore a topic at a leisurely pace, without much in terms of surprise. this film is not one of those films.
FirstWitch A movie that not only functions as a solid scarefest but a razor-sharp satire.
Lela The tone of this movie is interesting -- the stakes are both dramatic and high, but it's balanced with a lot of fun, tongue and cheek dialogue.
joab-70946 In this Christmas movie, businessman, Braxton Bennett, tries to have it legally pronounced that Santa doesn't exist, therefore doing away with Christmas spirit. When Santa is served, he goes to fight the suit and meets Lily. She's a young girl who believes in Santa and Christmas. She completely believes he really is Santa when he tells her what he brought her for Christmas last year. When she hears of Santa's problem, she coaxes her father, Michael Sherman (a lawyer) into helping him. Micheal thinks the man is insane and is worried that being associated with the case will cost him credibility as a lawyer. Why is Bennett suing Santa Claus? He obviously doesn't have Christmas spirit.This is a nice holiday movie with a good cast. There is even a bit of romance in it with widowed Michael and his friend Lauren. I enjoyed this movie and children will too. Thanks to Santa, his elves and the workshop.
dougdelise-1 I have seen many of holiday movies over the years, this is one that can be easily missed. It has a very weak story, and is a Miracle on 34th Street rip off. The poor writing is compounded by bad acting by those in lead rolls. Weak dialog, inconsistent character interaction, poor character development makes me believe this project was ill conceived from the start. I found myself tempted to turn this movie off and delete it as I recorded it on DVR. Then decided to suffer through it like have a root canal without enough Novocain. Why you ask? To see if I was correct in the predictability of the storyline ending. I'm sure that somewhere there is some that may enjoy this movie that does have two bright spots...the young daughter, and the neglected love interest. Too bad Santa comes across as an absentminded mumbling old man. While his Lawyer is totally clueless, aggravated by a poor performance by Dean Cain. Do yourselves a holiday favor and stay away from this movie, I gave it a four because after all....It is Christmas.
boblipton This updated version of MIRACLE ON THIRTY-FOURTH STREET has Santa facing a class-action suit for disappointing children at Christmas. He hires lawyer Dean Cain, a widower in emotional lockdown over the death of his wife.I was expecting something very treacly, but it's a pretty good flick. George Buza makes a perfect Santa, Rachel Blanchard is excellent as the girl who loves Dean Cain.Cain is good. I do find the elves annoying rather than funny, but I am sure they will appeal to the majority of the audience of this Hallmark movie.The whimsy this movie demands is tough to maintain. George Seaton managed MIRACLE ON 34TH Street by working from his own script in which he always took every plot point seriously -- he was one of the rare writer-directors of the era. THE CASE FOR SANTA CLAUS occasionally tries to get silly and occasionally serious. When this movie is at its best, it is because it takes real, small issues seriously. Wait for those moments and you'll not be disappointed.