The Faculty

1998 "Take me to your teacher."
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Released: 25 December 1998 Released
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When some very creepy things start happening around school, the kids at Herrington High make the chilling discovery that their faculty is being controlled by body-snatching aliens.

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Robert Rodriguez

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Wordiezett So much average
SpuffyWeb Sadly Over-hyped
Jakoba True to its essence, the characters remain on the same line and manage to entertain the viewer, each highlighting their own distinctive qualities or touches.
Yazmin Close shines in drama with strong language, adult themes.
GL84 After the discovery of a strange creature, the students at a small- town high school start to suspect it has something to do with their teachers' sudden strange behavior and soon realize it's part of an alien plot to take over the world and must find a way to stop it.This here was quite an enjoyable and entertaining effort. One of the better features with this one is the fact that the setup of the alien invasion is handled exceptionally intelligently since it comes off in a unique manner. Their original plan of attack, slowly moving through the parents and faculty of a small-town one-by-one under the guise of the behavioral changes which is slowly working it's way through the school on the down-low of doing the ear-exams. This small-scale invasion tactic is an exceptionally unique one that in concept works nicely and gives this one a great build-up throughout the first half exploring their plan. The gradual influx of strange behavior everyone undergoes, not only from the sudden water consumption, the obsessive status and the much more important tormenting their friends and family into their ranks all works as a fine build-up in here which spreads throughout the first half and allows the revelation to come naturally. Due to the fine explanations offered up that signify a change has occurred at the school, the action seems to showcase this is rather fun here with the collection of the students and how they continually come after them throughout the school as their realization in the classroom as the fun brawl which finally clues them into what's going on. The finale is where this one scores well on the great action in their confrontations at the school with the aliens which gives great encounters in the gym, the stellar attack outside where they chase around the teachers in the parking lot and all leading up to the final confrontation with the huge alien creature stalking and tormenting them throughout the school. That has some great work throughout from the stalking in the showers to the chasing in the basketball court where there's plenty of brawling with the giant alien creature and finally getting to the fun measure of how to finally defeat it. Given that all this is accomplished with some solid gore and a realistic-looking full-size puppet for the creature, these here make the film rather fun and exciting even though it does have some minor issues. The biggest problem with the film is the fact that the beginning here takes awhile to get going as all the great work done to build up the threat of the aliens around the school doesn't feature any action to do that. Despite how engaging this section is, it shows how long it takes for that to occur with all the conspiracy issues and side-plots that hold off the big action pieces found in the second half. As well as some really sketchy CGI for the time-period, these here really hold it back.Rated R: Extreme Graphic Language, Graphic Violence, Nudity and heavy drug use and slang.
Predrag The movie revolves around a group of students, one of whom discovers the remnants of an extra biological entity that comes to life upon being placed in a fish tank, coming to the realization that aliens had gained control of their high school teachers and their attempts to uncover the queen alien in a concerted effort to search for an effective method to annihilate the queen so as to vanquish all alien parasites inhabiting their human hosts and to restore life back to normalcy; and introduces two attractive actresses, one assuming the role of heroine (namely, Jordana Brewster) - who will take you breath away, and the other the role of villain/alien (namely, Laura Harris) - who will knock the breath out of you.The best thing about the film is its cast. It is probably because director Robert Rodriguez had been making a name for himself with films like "El Mariachi", "Desperado" and "From Dusk Until Dawn". Of course many of the younger actors were just starting out. But practically every actor is perfect in their role. Imagine a school with Bebe Neuwirth as the Principal, Salma Hayek as the school nurse and Robert Patrick as the Coach. Piper Laurie makes a rare appearance as the school's drama teacher. The students include Elijah Wood as the geek, Josh Hartnett as the troublemaker, Shawn Hatosy as the earnest jock, Jordana Brewster as the pretty girl Clea Duvall as the goth girl and Laura Harris as a sweet and naive new student from the south. The movie is well scripted, performances commendable, the special effects excellent and the action sequences exciting and fun.Overall rating: 8 out of 10.
KineticSeoul So this is a late 90's movie that is probably inspired by "Body Snatchers" and the "Men in Black" movie. Now I like these premises, where something mysterious starts to happen and a few group of people tries to figure out what is going on. And while doing so, paranoia and distrust starts to happen. That is why I am thoroughly entertained when watching movies like "The Thing". The setting takes place in a high school with a group of high school students trying to figure things out when the teachers start to act very strange. To be honest, if I saw this movie when it first came out and rented it on VHS when that was still relevant. I would have been glued to the screen from start to finish. Watching it now, the teen interactions and relationship between one another is very typical and kind of boring. They did bring different personalities and categories of teens that applies in high school. Such as the nerd, the hottie, the druggy, the goth and the jock. However when they start to band together it actually starts to get a bit entertaining to watch. Especially when the paranoia and distrust goes off, it's actually executed quite cleverly. This is a fun Robert Rodriguez movie that is a alright watch especially with a group of friends while doing some guessing among each other. It's not as violent, gruesome and crazy as I thought it would be, especially for a Robert Rodriquez film. I was expecting more of a exploitation film with lots of gruesome violence, nudity and craziness. It leans more towards the humor, teen interactions and entertainment. Plus when it comes to who's body is going to get taken over next, it's not all that predictable. Overall this is a film with a decent build up with a entertaining second half when things get real. It's worth one watch, would have thoroughly enjoyed it if I saw it the year it came out.7.6/10
Python Hyena The Faculty (1998): Dir: Robert Rodriguez / Cast: Elijah Wood, Jordana Brewster, Josh Hartnett, Laura Harris, Clea DuVall: Suppose to represent false identities where aliens poise as teachers for no real reason other than these films love picking on teenagers. It feels like an attack on teachers and authority with the students retaliating at these aliens poised as teachers. Why don't the aliens just stick to the old fashion stealing of the lunch money? These aliens constantly drink water as their source of life. Somebody needs to get them drunk. That ought to screw with their world domination plan. Elijah Wood plays a wiz kid who senses that something is wrong. Laura Harris plays a sunny girl who tries desperately to fit in. Josh Hartnett sells illegal items. Jordana Brewster rounds out the cast discovering a body in an office closet. Lame plot followed by routine hack fest where teenagers become cafeteria food to aliens. It is as juvenile as a horror film can get and contains as much stupidity as the screenwriter can pack in. Directed by Robert Rodriguez who applies the same graphic action that ran rampant throughout his From Dusk Till Dawn, with fine visual effects but acting is bad. For a superior recommendation I recommend the 1978 version of Invasion of the Body Snatchers, which was much more fun and inventive. Pointless blood and guts should be avoided by everyone, including aliens. Score: 3 / 10