The Huntsman: Winter's War

2016 "The story before Snow White"
6.1| 1h54m| PG-13| en| More Info
Released: 06 April 2016 Released
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As two evil sisters prepare to conquer the land, two renegades—Eric the Huntsman, who aided Snow White in defeating Ravenna in Snowwhite and the Huntsman, and his forbidden lover, Sara—set out to stop them.

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AniInterview Sorry, this movie sucks
Cleveronix A different way of telling a story
CrawlerChunky In truth, there is barely enough story here to make a film.
Erica Derrick By the time the dramatic fireworks start popping off, each one feels earned.
Kirpianuscus ...or just a decent job. for the predictable story, for not bad performances, for humor and for the science to give coherence to a fairy tale not reduced at special effects. for the fair way to give to the story old flavors . and for interesting twist who , far to be a surprise, is used with the wise science to give right place to the details. a film using the recipe of the last decade. in smart manner, without be memorable but a honest work . and that is not exactly an insignificant thing.
meraioana The movie is OK on its own...sort of. It just feels so disjointed from the previous one. Even the feel of it is off. I wish they wouldn't have warped the entire story and I believe they should have still gone with Stewart despite the scandal. I thoroughly enjoyed Snow White and the Huntsman, where the huntsman had a connection to her...while here, the romance seems flimsy and lacks depth, the imagery is off as well, everything is way too happy - you can easily tell it's a different director. Furthermore, because of the feelings he made known in the previous film, the huntsman's relationship his 'beloved' feels false and forced. Basically, if they weren't going to carry on with the tone and direction of the initial movie, they should have just left it alone.
aimeejohn-84828 Don't get me wrong this film is really cool, but kinda creepy for little kids who love snow-white because it shows that a baby girl burned to death, that is really sinister for young children. they could have used a better story line to be honest. One where the Duke with so much love for his daughter manages to break out of the spell he's under and takes his daughter to someone in the village or whatever to keep her safe, he then goes back to the nursery and sets it on fire to pretend that she's dead, he gets killed by Freya and so on because he cant tell her the truth because Ravenna's there. Freya gets angry and everything happens.... Meanwhile, the baby is left at the door of "snow white's parents" because they've wanted a child for so long they find the baby and think its theirs like a "gift from god" and believe its actually their child and then so on..... snow white grows up not knowing that they aren't actually her parents and then the film just carries on from there... but otherwise it was a really good film and excellent acting.
edwagreen Even beautiful cinematography cannot save this 2016 film with Charlize Theron portraying an evil queen who starts off the film by killing her husband or lover during a game of chest. This cold calculating character with a miserable veneer is absolutely loveless and when she sees her sister in love with the man who fathered the latter's child, she has the baby and lover put to death and it takes the entire film for her sister to discover this evil deed.The sister goes off to another land with hatred in her heart and raises an army. Miraculously, Theron's empire begins to fall apart as her sister goes on from one victory to another.The sister raises an army of children where they are told to be devoid of love and have a sense of duty to the kingdom coming first in all matters of life.Naturally, two youngsters there grow up and find love only to be punished by the evil queen.It's a good thing that Snow White, whose kingdom is under attack, does not appear in this rather icy film.