The Last Stand

2013 "Not in his town. Not on his watch."
6.3| 1h47m| R| en| More Info
Released: 12 January 2013 Released
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Ray Owens is sheriff of the quiet US border town of Sommerton Junction after leaving the LAPD following a bungled operation. Following his escape from the FBI, a notorious drug baron, his gang, and a hostage are heading toward Sommerton Junction where the police are preparing to make a last stand to intercept them before they cross the border. Owens is reluctant to become involved but ultimately joins in with the law enforcement efforts

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Kim Jee-woon

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Mjeteconer Just perfect...
Smartorhypo Highly Overrated But Still Good
ThrillMessage There are better movies of two hours length. I loved the actress'performance.
Kaelan Mccaffrey Like the great film, it's made with a great deal of visible affection both in front of and behind the camera.
Ricky112101 This movie is exactly what it should be. A fun and exciting action movie. This particular film stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jaimie Alexander, and Johnny Knoxville. The film is set in a small southern Arizona town where nothing ever happens, but when a group of strangers arrives in town, some weird things start to happen. It starts with the murder of a local farmer, which then escalates into a shootout on the outskirts of town which results in the death of a deputy. Turns out, a drug kingpin escaped the feds in Las Vegas, Nevada and is on his way to Mexico, and just so happens he plans on crossing the border in this Arizona town, and it is up to Schwarzenegger's team to stop him. A ton of action and races makes this a very enjoyable film. Arnold and Jaimie were great, and so was the rest of the cast (Forest Whitaker, Peter Stormare, etc.). I would give this film an 8/10.
NestorNestor 'The Last Stand' is not very sophisticated (as one can expect) or deep and moving film. It uses all the worn out action film clichés and with that Corvette run a little loan from 'Fast and Furious' franchise. Arnie is Arnie - old but top of his game. Johnny Knoxville is Johnny Knoxville - goofy sidekick. Peter Stormare is comically evil villain. 'The Last Stand' fails to add something new into action film genre. Everything we have already seen from the '80s, only this time with nice visual style by director Jee-woon Kim. I'm sure I'm not the only one who left little disappointed by this film. When 'The Last Stand' was first released I was excited to see my childhood hero Schwarzenegger blowing stuff up in big screen again, and all I felt was - meh. Last nigh I had nothing better to do and watched that film again - meh. It's not total waste of time, perfect to fill some hangover mornings or extremely boring Friday nights. Still 'The Last Stand' offers enough fun and entertainment for Schwarzenegger fans, but it will never top any of Arnie's greater works.
namikazedante Okay the first few minutes is kinda okay but after that it's just 100% pure crap of the worst script and dialogue you could ever imagine. I could take a few scenes first. You know the usual police is stupid BS. But after scene after scene of just awful lines and thoughts about ... really? Anyone wants people to actually believe this crap? No I could take about 25 minutes and then I just thought to myself nope I will not sit another minute with this they call a movie. It is too bad also. Because at the beginning the movie had potential. Arnolds character had some wisdom and we had Peter Stormare as the perfect bad guy. But no just no ! Don't even bother with this movie. Go ahead and just try writing a action movie by yourself instead. I promise it will be better than this awful thing they would call a movie. My respect dropped to 0% for everyone who were involved in this movie. Do yourself a favor and just stay clear of this one.
juneebuggy Yes this was entertaining from beginning to end and way better than I expected it to be. Less cheese, full of fast paced even thrilling action scenes, a decent story and an Arnold I remember from back in the day.The movie caters to Arnold fans and on that level it delivers (some great one-liners) but as an action movie on its own merits it defiantly has its moments too. The opening prison break out and ensuing car chase with the bad guy in his very cool, very fast (exceptional mileage) car is well done, as is the showdown in the cornfield and the shootout in the town. Decent cast here too including Forest Whitaker, Johnny Knoxville & Luis Guzman.I also appreciated how they had Schwarzenegger acting his age, he's not a invincible action hero here even after he pulls out the heavy artillery and with lines like "How are you, Sheriff?" to which he replies "Old!" it was kinda awesome.The story follows Schwarzenegger as Sheriff Ray Owens, a disgraced former LAPD narcotics officer who moved to a sleepy border town following a bungled operation. His peaceful existence is shattered when a notorious, drug kingpin escapes from an FBI prisoner convoy. With the help of his lawless mercenaries Cortez is now racing towards the US-Mexico border with a hostage in tow, straight through the Sheriff's town. 11/23/15