The Legend of Tarzan

2016 "Human. Nature."
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Tarzan, having acclimated to life in London, is called back to his former home in the jungle to investigate the activities at a mining encampment.

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David Yates

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Cubussoli Very very predictable, including the post credit scene !!!
Cleveronix A different way of telling a story
ChicRawIdol A brilliant film that helped define a genre
Jakoba True to its essence, the characters remain on the same line and manage to entertain the viewer, each highlighting their own distinctive qualities or touches.
Neil Welch The first live-action Tarzan movie to hit cinemas since Christopher Lambert played our boy in Greystoke, The Legend Of Tarzan has its moments but, overall, doesn't quite hit the mark.John Clayton, Lord Greystoke, has been retired from Tarzanning for the best part of a decade, living with wife Jane in a stately heap and attending the House Of Lords, when American busybody George Washington Williams (a real-life person, or so I read) persuades him to return in order to scope out improvements King Leopold of Belgium has made in the Congo. Meanwhile, baddie Leon Rom is seeking to obtain massive diamonds for nearly bankrupt Belgium from Opar: Chief Mbonga demands Tarzan be given to him as the price.I have read a number of Burroughs Tarzan novels, and I have probably seen the majority of the many, many Tarzan movies over the years, and I have always felt a little saddened that none of the screen versions has really captured the noble savage portrayed in the novels. Sadly, that shortcoming has not been addressed here.Like Greystoke (Hugh Hudson, 1984), it addresses Tarzan's origin, but it does so by intercutting it with the main narrative without any device to say "this is current, this is flashback", so you often aren't sure that you are actually watching a flashback until it's over.The story itself is simple, albeit there is arguably a bit too much of it (the Belgium connection adds an unnecessary political complication: "Ooh, I know, let's bring Belgium into the plot!" is an odd notion to get greenlit at a story conference), and its presentation is somewhat jumbled.Of the four principals, Alexander Skarsgard looks great but doesn't really sell Tarzan as a character, Christoph Waltz is Blofeld, Samuel L Jackson is completely 21st century, and Margot Robbie is a joyful, sexy, feisty Jane.The action is great, particularly the finale, but there is a great deal of dullness to sit through before we get to it.And, worst of all, much of the film is - as is the fashion - very dark, and all of it is presented - as is also the fashion - in washed out colours - the England scenes are all dark grey, the African scenes are either ochre (out on the veldt) or dark muddy khaki (in the jungle). 3D makes it even dimmer, to the extent that there are times when you actually can't see what's going on. Why cook up eye-boggling visuals, and then prevent your audience from seeing them?There are undoubtedly worthwhile elements here but, as a long-time Tarzan fan (Books, comics, movies, TV), I have to record disappointment at this film. It could have been a lot better.
bensonmum2 Tarzan (Alexander Skarsgård) is convinced to return to Africa so he might help the Congolese people facing enslavement and other atrocities at the hands of Belgian diamond miners. Tarzan is accompanied by George Washington Williams (Samuel L Jackson) and, against his wishes, his wife Jane (Margot Robbie). Soon after their arrival in Africa, Jane is kidnapped by a man named Rom (Christoph Waltz). Rom has a plan to turn Tarzan over to an African chief, Mbonga (Djimon Hounsou), who wants to see Tarzan punished for the death of his son. Rom intends to use Jane as bait to lure Tarzan into Mbonga's hands for a fortune in diamonds in return. As you'd expect, Tarzan sets out to rescue Jane.My little, poorly written plot summary for The Legend of Tarzan actually makes the film sound better than it is. The plot here is paper thin. A lot of what goes on makes no sense at all and characters generally behave in an irrational fashion with little motivation. All are 2D characters without much depth. The showdown between Tarzan and Mbonga should have been a highlight. Instead, it's one of weakest sequences in the film. It's over before it begins. It's frustrating to watch a film that could and should have been much better had anyone spent more time developing a solid and compelling story.Beyond my issues with the plot, I wasn't crazy about the film's structure. Parts of the story are told in a series of increasingly frustrating flashbacks. Most of the flashbacks relate to Tarzan's origin story - something that felt unnecessary to include in this movie. Not only are the flashbacks annoying but they do a pretty poor job of explaining a backstory we're all familiar with. They only serve to bloat the film and unnecessarily increase the runtime.The acting is all over the place. Skarsgård makes for a weak Tarzan. Oddly, he seems uninterested throughout most of the movie. Robbie really doesn't have much to do and is wasted. Jackson does what he usually does - he plays Williams just like every other character he plays. He seems horribly miscast to me. Hounsou and Waltz are the acting highlights for me. With more developed characters and better defined motivations, they're performances would have been even better.Even though I've already listed a number of negatives, the biggest weakness in The Legend of Tarzan is the overuse of some really bad looking CGI. Most of the animals look terrible. The gorillas, lions, wildebeests (especially the wildebeests) - none of them look convincing. There's not a "real" looking animal to be found in the entire movie. But the worst example of poor CGI can be seen in Tarzan's swing through the trees. A hand drawn cartoon would have looked more realistic. It's some of the worst CGI I've seen. And speaking of Tarzan swinging through the trees - the whole notion is ridiculous. Tarzan goes from one conveniently placed vine to the next at a speed that would have made a cheetah envious. It's insulting. Despite everything I've written, it's obvious from my rating that I didn't find the entire film a total flop. There are moments here and there that work - Rom's diner scene with Jane being one example. So even though I've spent several paragraphs discussing the issues I had with The Legend of Tarzan, I'm still rating the film a 4/10.
bondguy77 a great story for a classic character.the legend of tarzan doesn't disappoint with it's interesting plot and action adventure theme. christoph waltz performs a fantastic villain as margot robbie performs a great heroine in this classic tale of a legendary hero. i recommend this film and give two thumbs up!!!!
devastationfilms1 There's so many things wrong with this's hard to know where to begin. For starters, it's not the Disney Tarzan we all know and love. This is something entirely different, and far inferior to the original. It was an absolute waste of my life. I'll start from the least bad thing, and work my way to the worst aspect of this film. Don't worry, there's no spoilers.First, the acting is terrible. It's like Yates just told them what to do and say right before they rolled the camera. You don't really feel like the characters are real.Second, the writing is atrocious. They go from language and dialect of the era, to SLJ saying some slang from this day and age. Like, come on, dude. Be better.Third, they obviously didn't do much research into the accuracy of certain weaponry they used in the film that originated from the time era, you'll see what I mean when you watch the climax of the film.Fourth, and worst of all,...the animation and special effects are ATROCIOUS. It's cringeworthy to watch the animals in the film, they're so obviously fake. How this film had such a huge budget, I will never understand. It was not money well spent.In conclusion...don't watch this trash. Watch the original Disney much better.