The Lion King 1½

2004 "You Don't Know The ½ Of It!"
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Released: 06 February 2004 Released
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Timon the meerkat and Pumbaa the warthog are best pals and the unsung heroes of the African savanna. This prequel to the smash Disney animated adventure takes you back -- way back -- before Simba's adventure began. You'll find out all about Timon and Pumbaa and tag along as they search for the perfect home and attempt to raise a rambunctious lion cub.

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Bradley Raymond

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Walt Disney Pictures


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Afouotos Although it has its amusing moments, in eneral the plot does not convince.
Megamind To all those who have watched it: I hope you enjoyed it as much as I do.
AnhartLinkin This story has more twists and turns than a second-rate soap opera.
Usamah Harvey The film's masterful storytelling did its job. The message was clear. No need to overdo.
Torrin-McFinn77 I avoided this movie for the longest time after it came to video. Because of the mediocre press of the other Disney sequels, I was very careful. But a few years ago I came upon some clips on YouTube and after watching them it made me very interested in what I was missing. So I rented the movie and enjoyed every moment. Then when it came out on blu-ray and DVD like a year ago, I did not waste my chance and I got it. So far, I've seen it three times and I would love to watch it again with the other Lion King movies. Besides Nathan Lane and Ernie Sabella lending their talents to one of our favorite Disney duos, Julie Kavner (of The Simpsons) and Jerry Stiller (Ben Stiller's pop) also add new characters to the continent of Africa and its wildlife. So is it as good as the first one? Not exactly, but that doesn't mean it's bad. Some things I could probably do without and some things could have been handled better but it did its job and I was happy with the end results. More from our furry fictional friends from East Africa return to make our lives more fun and exciting. And it worked!
jvfunn1 I think Lion King 1 1/2 is one of the best sequels ever as if not the best out of the three Lion King movies! In the movie Timon and Pumbaa tell us where they came from and having trouble fitting in with others such as Timon having trouble digging tunnels with other Meercats! Timon and Pumbaa journey off into finding their dream place and find it and soon find it and also Simba who they raise but soon they must choose between their dream place or helping Simba face his evil Uncle Scar and proclaim his right as the Lion King of Pride Rock! Filled with wonderful new characters like Timon's Ma(Julie Kavner) and Uncle Max (Jerry Stiller). I think my favorite character was Uncle Max because he was very funney and was voiced by a funney comedian Jerry Stiller the father of Ben Stiller. Disney was smart to cast Stiller in that role! Filled with wonderful characters, animation, and story and music Lion King 1 1/2 is in my opinion the best of any sequel and better than Simba's Pride even though I will admit I really did like that one too! Lion King 1 1/2 is a great Disney sequel the whole family can enjoy! It's got a good story and is very funney! 10 out of 10!
StartingAllOver14 "Lion King 1 1/2" is the funniest non-theatrical release from Disney. I recently saw this movie again after not seeing it in many years. I remember first time I saw it I didn't had any expectations at all and were pleasantly surprised by this watchable and highly entertaining movie.Is it better than "Simba's Pride"? In many ways, yes. Though "Simba's Pride" wasn't exactly bad, it did suffer some problems: lack of an good script and bad characterizations, which made impact of what otherwise a okay film.Anyway: It's nice to see Timon and Pumbaa's personalities blossom again in the way that we (or certainly me) loved about them in this film; in "Simba's Pride" they were completely annoying and I didn't liked the "Timon and Pumbaa" series neither.This film could easily have been a stupid one, but fortunately the filmmakers didn't took the wrong turn and instead focused to make this film at times extremely hilarious. There are a few jokes that adults can enjoy on their own. The score is quite good. There are two new songs, which are catchy and two new characters, Timon's mom, (voiced by recognizable Marge Simpsons' Julie Kavner) and Uncle Max, which are enjoyable. The friendship between Timon and Pumbaa are touchingly portrayed. The emotional scenes are well integrated in the comical story and doesn't feel out of place, which it could have easily done (especially in comedies).But is there something that distracts this picture from getting 10 votes from me? Yes, there is. Although they fortunately doesn't impact too much, but I'll mention them: 1. Many of the scenes from the first film are used in this one. Personally, it was weird to see the old scenes integrated with the new ones.2. During the climax, some of the jokes becomes lame.3. Storywise, this is Timon's story and although the filmmakers try to integrate his tale with Simba's, it makes the screenplay feel a little rushed at times.But hey, those details doesn't impact this otherwise amusing movie. It is the only really acceptable Disney sequel, which should be in every movie collection.
Mason Brake I have seen All of the Lion kings, (1, 2 and this) and in my Opinion, this is the worst! It, just wasn't funny, It wasn't entertaining and it was BORING!!! I still can't believe I watched the whole thing!!! Now, The Movie was Okay story wise, Length wise; Way to long! Design Wise; Looked a lot like the first one, and finally, Sound wise; It was good sound wise... But the sound was not able to save the rest of this tragic Failure! I can just hope they don't make a 2 1/2! Sigh... If you want to see a Lion king that's not the first, Then at least the 2ed one is worth a rent! 4/10