The Lion King II: Simba's Pride

1998 "The Circle of Life Continues..."
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Released: 24 October 1998 Released
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The circle of life continues for Simba, now fully grown and in his rightful place as the king of Pride Rock. Simba and Nala have given birth to a daughter, Kiara who's as rebellious as her father was. But Kiara drives her parents to distraction when she catches the eye of Kovu, the son of the evil lioness, Zira. Will Kovu steal Kiara's heart?

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Darrell Rooney

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Wordiezett So much average
Baseshment I like movies that are aware of what they are selling... without [any] greater aspirations than to make people laugh and that's it.
FirstWitch A movie that not only functions as a solid scarefest but a razor-sharp satire.
Frances Chung Through painfully honest and emotional moments, the movie becomes irresistibly relatable
Minahzur Rahman It was a good sequel to The Lion King. I watched it plenty of times as a child, and it remains one of my favourite Disney sequels. If you're a fan of The Lion King, then you should also see The Lion King II otherwise don't. Most Disney sequels are pretty poor, but The Lion King II was an exception though it's obviously not as good as the first one. The Lion King II extends things further though a sequel wasn't necessary. I actually preferred if any of the sequels hadn't existed considering how good the first one was.
Jesper Brun Despite its smaller budget I feel that this sequel to one of the grandest animated movies of all captures some of the same magic as the original Lion King. Let me make it clear, it is nowhere near the same epicness of the original, but I enjoyed it. To sum up the good stuff, let me start with the story and then move along. I like that it is based on Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, because why not when the original was based on Hamlet. It also makes Simba's new role as king of the Pridelands and his relationship with his new daughter, Kiara, interesting. The villain in this movie is also pretty good despite some plot holes about the origins of her pride and their connection to Scar. She wants her cub, Kovu, to grow up to take back Pride Rock. And she enjoys every minute of plotting it. It is intense! The romance between Kiara and Kovu is one of the core elements of the movie and is just as credible as Nala and Simba in the first movie, and personally I prefer their love song over "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" (don't kill me). Speaking of songs, I actually like the songs compared to the other direct-to-video sequels from Disney. Of course it doesn't stand a chance against "The Circle of Life" and "Be Prepared", but they are not stupid or forgettable, but catchy, heartfelt and well placed in the story. Lastly, I will make a short description of my issues with this movie. Kiara is pretty bland (Simba is more interesting). Timon and Pumbaa are not funny and Zazu without Rowan Atkinson is almost like the Genie without Robbie Willams. The animation is not insulting the original movie, but you can feel the smaller budget.
audreyfist This film was ( to me ) a GOOD Sequel *for Disney's Standards*. It had a couple good songs *Some GREAT ones* like, "He lives in you" and that new villain song! "We are one" and that love song at the end was good. But I HATE the song that Rafiki sings. It was NOT good. But that's the only main problem I have with the film. My friends told me it was a hard one to sit through * Because I am a huge fan of the first film *. But I actually like it. The characters are fun, Even the new ones like Kovu and his family. Since Scar was my favorite Disney villain I didn't think that this new movie villain would be NOT as good. The new villain is actually pretty close to being as awesome as Scar. I mentioned this earlier but the new villain song is GREAT, Not as awesome as "Be Prepared" but again, it comes pretty close. The opening song is pretty amazing, Not as breathtaking as "Circle of Life" but still pretty catchy and memorable. Not the best Disney film but compared to "Return of Jafar" *Which I also love BTW XD* Its a cool Disney Sequel.I Love most of the songs and the animation isn't bad. The plot is decent and I love the movie *Not as much as the first movie* but its one that you can sit through and parents might even be able to enjoy it as well as kids.
scamp4553 I loved the first Lion King film, which in my opinion is one of the most well-made movies ever, if not the best. So, going into the second film, of course I expected it to not be as good, and I was right. While still a very good film, The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride is nowhere near the quality of its predecessor. The voice acting is mostly well done in this film, even though those returning from the first film do not have as much of a spark as they did previously, especially Nathan Lane and Ernie Sabella (I'll get on that later). The new additions are perhaps the better ones in this film, such as Neve Campbell as Kiara, Jason Marsden as Kovu, and Suzanne Pleshette as Zira, the antagonist. Also, speaking of Kiara and Kovu, their relationship is the highlight of the film, especially when they turn into adults. Kiara's relationship with Kovu can be compared to Romeo and Juliet, considering that all 3 Lion King movies were somewhat based off of Shakespeare plays. But there are problems with this movie, and the biggest one I have is regarding Timon and Pumbaa. There is no reason for Timon and Pumbaa to even be in this movie other than the fact that they were key characters in the first one. Any time Simba asks them to go look after Kiara, Timon and Pumbaa always lose her, and they barely contribute to anything that happens in the end sequence. An even bigger problem is that some of their antics instantly disrupt serious and emotional scenes that take place throughout the course of the film. For example, when it first shows Kiara as an adult asking her father if she can hunt on her own, it cuts to Timon and Pumbaa who start crying dramatically over what's going on. The same thing happens again at the end of the film when the lions are about to go onto Pride Rock. These two contribute NOTHING to these scenes, and are only placed just because they're popular characters. You could erase them out of this movie, and ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about the movie would change. Also, the music is not as good as the in the original. The best songs in this film are "Upendi", which is an enjoyable reggae song sung by Rafiki, and "Love Will Find A Way", which feels like an amalgamation of "Can You Feel The Love Tonight" and "Always There" from the Lady and the Tramp sequel. However, the rest of the songs either are misplaced or are not as lively as in the first movie, especially "We Are One", and Kovu's exile song. Now, you would think that I hate this movie due to these issues, but again, I did enjoy this movie. However, that does not stop it from having some extremely serious flaws that sadly hinder it from being one of Disney's best. I would have to say that as a film, Lady and the Tramp 2 and Bambi 2 are much better Disney sequels than this one is. I would recommend this movie, but be cautious if you don't like stupid humor ruining serious moments in a movie.