The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

2013 "You have been chosen"
5.9| 2h10m| PG-13| en| More Info
Released: 21 August 2013 Released
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In New York City, Clary Fray, a seemingly ordinary teenager, learns that she is descended from a line of Shadowhunters — half-angel warriors who protect humanity from evil forces. After her mother disappears, Clary joins forces with a group of Shadowhunters and enters Downworld, an alternate realm filled with demons, vampires, and a host of other creatures. Clary and her companions must find and protect an ancient cup that holds the key to her mother's future.

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Harald Zwart

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Lovesusti The Worst Film Ever
Afouotos Although it has its amusing moments, in eneral the plot does not convince.
Voxitype Good films always raise compelling questions, whether the format is fiction or documentary fact.
StyleSk8r At first rather annoying in its heavy emphasis on reenactments, this movie ultimately proves fascinating, simply because the complicated, highly dramatic tale it tells still almost defies belief.
invisibleunicornninja No one would have seen this movie if the book did not exist. This atrocity only exists to cash in on people who wanted to see the book turned into a movie. I don't think I've ever been more disappointed watching a movie than I did when I borrowed this movie from the library to watch it. I know the book is usually better, but I was at least expecting some kind of entertainment. I might be a little biased because of how much I liked the book, but this movie is just terrible. The Plot - The plot has basically all the key elements from the book. This movie could've actually been good if the editor was sober while piecing together this film. For some reason all the scenes are placed in the movie out of order. If you read the book, you'll know that all the scenes are out of order. If you haven't read the book, then you'll just be confused - not that fans of the book weren't confused. The way the story is told in the movie is incompetent and incoherent.I don't understand how anyone thought that just putting all the scenes out of order makes sense. All that needed to happen is for the scenes to be put in the order that things happen. The people who made this movie clearly don't understand basic story structure. The Effects - The effects are really bad. The whole look of this movie is very cheap. The books were very successful, so I don't understand why the budget for the movie would be so low. The Acting - The acting is painfully cringy. All the actors are terrible. I'm not sure if they're just bad actors, if they had bad direction, or if it was a combination of both. Either way - all the acting is really bad. Intelligence - Everything is really dumbed down in this movie. All the characters act like complete morons. Everything about this movie is incompetent. Its not even funny. Its like watching a trainwreck. I have no idea how this thing got made. This should not be watched by anyone.
xristoff93 -So this is the story of the Mortal Instruments, City of Bones, supposedly based on the novel. The story is about some fierce hybrid warriors, humans that share the blood of angels(Nephilims-Shadowhunters), the only way the Angel left allowed humanity to protect it's existence from dark powers. -The book focuses on certain characters during an era of what seems to be peace. But someone is pulling the strings from the shadows since long ago and action is set into motion by the villains and some random events. -A certain teenage girl gets dragged into the World of Shadow and crazy things start happening, revealing things about her and her life that she completely ignored up to that point. Jace,Alek,Izabell and Simon accompany her into this messed up turn of events and the adventure begins. While the book drags you wholeheartedly into a world of magic, young love and suspence the movie fails beyond any imagination/expectation. -Of course, noone would expect that it would be easy to pass a 500page book into the big screen and not leave certain things outside-and that would be understandable,I mean we have all watched Harry Potter,LotR etc and did not go crazy about it. But this movie....Oh this movie....has disgraced every bit of the book. -The story is different, things that have never happened in the book are there while other much more important things are either completely absent or totally twisted. The personalities of almost every character is changed and watered down so they lose almost everything special about them. Even friends who have not read a single line of the book could not feel any connection to the characters,sympathise or even understand certain parts of the story because things are constantly thrown in without any explanation. The plot was perforated and rushed, the romance between the 2 protagonists felt forced and was full of cheesiness, while in the books I could describe it as the definition of true and unfathomable young love. -Jace is supposed to have long hair and golden eyes,beautiful and fierce like a vengeful angel, with a tough personality, full of internal conflict and true kindness burried deep within and that was his charm. Clary was supposed to be fiery and stubborn but also sweet and fragile and we see none of that. Jace in the movie appears like a drug addict. The scene of the kiss was just making everyone feel uncomfortable. As for Valentine, he is supposed to be an older tall man, with great power and long blone hair,almost white,he is complex with a twisted sense of morality...And here is presented like an one sided thug who looks like Jace's elder brother with ridiculous outfit and short brown hair like he came out of some club in a backstreet in Brooklyn . Totally ruined!! -The crazy thing is they actually spent 120 million dollars for this production. Where was all that money spent on? This story held great potential. It could have been even greater than the Harry Potter universe. Now it's not even worth mentioning. -In the theater only 14year old girls seemed to enjoy it. The rest laughed and cringed the whole time with this pathetic outcome of a movie. -Why did they not stick to the original story? How could Clare allow this to happen? It is reasonable to care about money, she must have made a ton out of selling the rights for this movie to happen.But didn't she care at all about her fans, let alone her legacy as an artist? Despite how it pains me to say it, and it trully does since I fell in love with this story as soon as I laid my eyes on this book's first line, this movie was an utter failure and an insult even, towards all fans that supported the author. She should have known better. MAKE A REMAKE!!!
ameliantrinity I thought this was a great movie it went along with the book. It did however leave some stuff out but what movie based on a book doesn't. I can overlook that its way better than the TV show. I want to know when are they gonna come out with the NEXT one?!?! The characters were well picked and they did a great job playing their parts. I am so serious about another movie I think the producer and everyone period done a great job. No movie is perfect so what it kept my attention the whole time. So I have to say I was entertained and have watched it several times and and it still catches my attention. I honestly can't stand the TV series. It goes way to far from the books and disappointed me this movie was awesome.
lurane_kortness I really loved The Mortal Instruments City of Bones and can not wait for the sequel to come out. I think she should stay in love with Jace. I do not think he is her brother so I hope they find out he is not and they fall deep in love. They are both trying to do the right thing for everyone and they will keep everyone safe with there followers. The other guy her friend she has thought of him as more of a brother and I think he should always be brotherly to her. I think you should not make Jace a bad guy to help her father, I think you should chose another villain for that or make him a villain and have her somehow win him back to the good side. That would be a really good story also. I truly loved the movie and I know no matter what you do with the second I will love that one two. I really loved the Twilight series also. I read that some did not care for that series. Thankyou so very much for letting me write a comment and I hope the movie comes out soon. Thankyou so very much.