The Rebound

2009 "She's still got it. He's just getting it."
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Upon discovering her husband's infidelity, Sandy leaves the suburbs and moves into the city. There, she befriends Aram, a guy whose wife only married him so she could get a green card. Sandy hires Aram to be her nanny, and it isn't long until Aram and Sandy find out they get along wonderfully and start to date. But is their relationship real or is it, in fact, just a rebound for both of them?


Comedy, Romance

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Bart Freundlich

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The Rebound Audience Reviews

BeSummers Funny, strange, confrontational and subversive, this is one of the most interesting experiences you'll have at the cinema this year.
ActuallyGlimmer The best films of this genre always show a path and provide a takeaway for being a better person.
Kaydan Christian A terrific literary drama and character piece that shows how the process of creating art can be seen differently by those doing it and those looking at it from the outside.
Kayden This is a dark and sometimes deeply uncomfortable drama
Davis P The rebound, starring Catherine Zeta Jones and Justin Bartha is a very cute romantic comedy. The movie is definitely lifted up higher by the strong performances of the lead actors. Catherine definitely carries the film very well and I love her performance in this. Justin Bartha was pretty good, he wasn't amazing and I probably would have preferred someone else in his role but he still wasn't bad, it's just that sometimes in movies you would prefer someone in a role and that was the case here. But the dialogue and writing overall was good, I was pleased with it. The chemistry overall between the actors was sufficient, not the best I've ever seen, but certainly not bad at all. The rebound has light funny moments with a little romance mixed in, then it has more weighty dramatic moments. The movie carries those moments well. Also, I was just so entertained by this movie as a whole, it really does satisfy what you're most likely wanting to see if you do decide to view this film. The ending is very well done, it wraps up nicely, not quite how you may expect it to wrap up, but I think the ending is great. 8/10 for the rebound.
AnneMarie Silbiger I thoroughly enjoyed this film. I wasn't expecting to but I did. Sensitive and romantic with some funny parts. It is well worth a view. The feeling of loss and hurt rang true here. I actually shed a tear and laughed too. That in my mind makes it a bloody good film. Watch it and see for yourself. Yes it's a bit chick flick but it has more to it than the usual fare. It serves up emotion well and with skill. I loved it. Important to remember that it will not be your cup of tea if you don't like CHICK FLICKS as it does kind of have that going on. Yet it has the depth of a romantic novel too. It is enough to say fill a rainy afternoon and not regret watching it.
callanvass A housewife (Zeta-Jones) is horrified to learn that her repugnant husband has cheated on her during her son's birthday party. After the divorce, Sandy and her kids relocate into the city. Things start off well when Sandy gets a job. She even hires a male nanny (Justin Bartha), whose life is in disarray as well. Things begin to get complicated when Sandy gets feelings for the nanny and her work hours get bigger. I remember seeing this on the DVD shelf at my old DVD rental store often, but I never went through with it. I'm not opposed to watching STD movies, I've seen tons of them. I'm not really sure what it was, but I never went through with renting it. Now that my video store is obsolete, I decided to finally give in and check this out. I thought it was a perfectly acceptable romantic comedy that gave me a few laughs and some smiles. This movie is unabashedly raunchy and isn't afraid to show it. Sandy's character curses like a sailor at times in front of her kids. There is also talk of "Penis", "transvestite" , among other things. We get childish fart and pooping gags as well. As likable as this movie can be at times, I wasn't fully invested in the somewhat "controversial" relationship between the two leads. It comes across as very awkward and clumsy. Zeta-Jones is beautiful and does fine as the brazen mom, but I felt emotionally distant when it came to her character. Justin Bartha has some natural charisma, but he isn't quite talented enough to pull his role off. I felt he was a tad too gullible as well. For what it was, I thought it was a decent way to pass the time. I did laugh and that's all I can really ask for. Unfortunately, the lack of chemistry between the two leads and the awkward love story hampers it. It's still well worth a watch5.7/10
dognotbarking The only thing that made me laugh about this movie is some of the user's comments here on this site. In fact this is not a movie worth writing a review for but I am gonna consider this as a writing exercise. What a time wasting piece of crap this movie is!People, please, if you see this movie, try to remind yourself this has nothing to do with life, art or any human condition whatsoever. The story is about a newly divorced 40 year old mum, getting back her life while falling in love with a guy who is 15 years younger than her. Well the baseline is good. In the hands of good writers, it can be a masterpiece. These are issues that we all have to deal with. We are living in a sexist, ageist world. This is women's day and this is also nice to see a woman getting back her 'voice'. But not like this!This is doing more harm than good actually. You get a divorce, and you find a job only after a couple of days? A job that pays you enough to have an apartment in New York? The coffee shop that happens to be just across your street happens to have a nice charming guy? Please, I have enough of these images, these cruel, lying people who dare to present this as something real. Oh I know, people will say, 'you have to judge for yourself, you should know that it is not true' Such an immoral thing to say! Totally disregarding human psyche and cognitive functioning! You see this and you construct a reality in your mind as if any of this would be possible! Let me tell you people, it is not!It is just not possible to find a decent paying job in New York in one week. It is not normal to leave your kids with a complete stranger, and no, you can not travel around the world without even earning any money. So if you compare yourself to this bs and feel unsuccessful, please don't. Two other things: we all know that the coming generation are much smarter and understanding than us, but I don't believe that no one is lucky enough to have two kids who are not at all shocked-even a bit-that their dad is so rapidly replaced by some dude and also not disturbed by seeing their mom having sex with a man. Who would have sex with her nanny, in the living room, with kids in the house sleeping? Last thing: after all this crap, as if it was not enough, 5 years later, they reunite! Oh my god it is so frustrating. Of course the woman has a shiny career, the man traveled the world and helped some poor kids in Bangladesh, played with Massai in Africa-still no clue what he is doing, something with the kids I suppose-and 5 years later, he is 30-so she is 45 and there. They are back together. Of course the female character played by czj does not look like she aged even a day. Why would she? She is not human.