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2017 "In the fight for freedom everyone played a part."
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During the Blitz of World War II, a female screenwriter (Gemma Arterton) works on a film celebrating England's resilience as a way to buoy a weary populace's spirits. Her efforts to dramatise the true story of two sisters (Lily Knight and Francesca Knight) who undertook their own maritime mission to rescue wounded soldiers are met with mixed feelings by a dismissive all-male staff.

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Alicia I love this movie so much
Greenes Please don't spend money on this.
BallWubba Wow! What a bizarre film! Unfortunately the few funny moments there were were quite overshadowed by it's completely weird and random vibe throughout.
Caryl It is a whirlwind of delight --- attractive actors, stunning couture, spectacular sets and outrageous parties. It's a feast for the eyes. But what really makes this dramedy work is the acting.
mickmarshall-50977 The only good things to take away from this film were the performances of Bill Nighy and his agents. It was overly sentimental and the characters had neither chemistry nor believability.
Myriam Nys This tragicomedy contains things to like, such as a sensitive and careful reconstruction of everyday life during wartime. There are also flashes of wit and insight to savour. But it is unclear what, if anything, the movie hopes to say or teach or achieve. Does it want to tell us that life is short and war is cruel ? That movies, especially propaganda movies, tend to embellish and embroider ? That the making of movies, especially propaganda movies, is a demanding and capricious business ? But surely we knew all that ?Another of the movie's themes concerns the shifting role and work division between men and women. But again, there have been other, earlier movies that treated the same subject. Besides, it's difficult to pick up a school book on modern Western society that doesn't mention this transformation.The biggest disappointment, for me, came from the scenes where the viewer (finally !) gets to see the propaganda movie about the Dunkirk evacuation. You expect something grand, something sweeping, something stunning - or, who knows, perhaps something cheesy or chaotic beyond belief. Instead you are rewarded with a few glimpses of what seems like a nicely crafted but unremarkable work. It's underwhelming, especially for a sweeping epic that was supposed to rouse the USA to full-throated fury. Was this the movie that launched a thousand ships and burnt the topless towers of Ilium? No, mate, it wasn't.
xistencial Yeap, it is, boring! For a story happening in the beginning of the most horrendous war on history, there is very little drama or action here. England was bombarded weekly, sometimes daily, but they barely cover the horror of it. The story is also very similar to other movies of beautiful women giving themselves to low life men and finding love on the most logical way, a working and a dedicated man. The cinematography is very good, and the directing too although the director commit the mistake of a slow and desperte tempo. All the actors are great with Mrs Arterton doing an excellent performance. It is the story which is very disappointing and boring.
SnoopyStyle It's 1940 and London is under heavy bombardment. Expecting to be a secretary, Catrin Cole (Gemma Arterton) is hired by Ministry of Information to give scripts a female touch. Her 'husband' is a struggling artist with a gimpy leg from the Spanish war. She is given the real story of twin sisters Lily and Rose stealing their father's boat to go to Dunkirk. Once there, she finds the truth is different from the news story. She decides to spin half-truths to her superiors to continue the project. Tom Buckley (Sam Claflin) is her impossible head writer and Ambrose Hilliard (Bill Nighy) is an acting diva. As they rush to finish the film, the story gets changed and a relationship develops.The actors are good. The story is touching but like the fictional movie inside the movie, some artificial manipulation starts to show. It has its poignant tear-jerker fun. The big acting moment from Gemma is a half and half proposition where it feels somewhat manufactured although it is very in keeping with the concept of the movie. Gemma is a solid lead dealing with all the emotions and issues. Bill Nighy is terrific as usual. Sam Claflin transitions well. It's all very good.