Top Gun

1986 "Up there with the best of the best."
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Released: 16 May 1986 Released
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For Lieutenant Pete 'Maverick' Mitchell and his friend and co-pilot Nick 'Goose' Bradshaw, being accepted into an elite training school for fighter pilots is a dream come true. But a tragedy, as well as personal demons, will threaten Pete's dreams of becoming an ace pilot.


Drama, Action

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Tony Scott

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Top Gun Audience Reviews

SunnyHello Nice effects though.
AutCuddly Great movie! If you want to be entertained and have a few good laughs, see this movie. The music is also very good,
Juana what a terribly boring film. I'm sorry but this is absolutely not deserving of best picture and will be forgotten quickly. Entertaining and engaging cinema? No. Nothing performances with flat faces and mistaking silence for subtlety.
Logan By the time the dramatic fireworks start popping off, each one feels earned.
Paul A I am giving Top Gun a full 10/10, partly to try and boost its overall rating (6.2 at the time of writing) which is far too low IMO.Far too many people rip on this movie for its lack of accuracy, its shallow characters and cheesy dialogue.However, whilst this is all true, the overall movie is incredibly well paced, acted, scripted and directed. It is a masterpiece of action movie making, and Tony Scott made a number of high quality movies.The positives that stand out for me, that far outweigh the negatives:1) The superb cinematography and action sequences. Some of the shots of F-14s launching and landing on the carrier at sunset are the best you will ever see in any military movie. The dog fighting scenes are incredible, and no CGI. To shoot in the F-14 cockpits Scott used the Super-35 35mm format to get widescreen cameras in the tight spaces without anamorphic lenses. As the movie was made with the Navy's blessing, full access to military assets and aid was provided, including the F-5s playing the role of Migs.All the pedants who rip on this movie for lack of accuracy should just chill, and enjoy the stunning photography of F-14s lighting up their after-burners on take-off. The cinematography throughout the whole movie is gorgeous. Just make sure you watch it on Blu-Ray!2) Incredible pacing and direction. Whilst the story is 1D and comic book simple, the movie is a master class of direction. Tony Scott's finest movie IMO. The movement between action, fun, romance, depression, elation is just perfectly done for a feel good action movie. There is not a single scene, or second of the movie, that is out of place. IMO the direction is as good as any of the classics from Coppola, Scorcesse, Spielberg, R Scott etc.3) Music. Harold Faltemeyer's soundtrack is brilliant. His Top Gun theme duet with Steve Stevens on guitar just superb. Songs such as Danger Zone, Mighty Wings, and Take My Breath Away have become iconic as part of this film.4) Acting. The actors don't really have much to work with, but ooze screen charisma. The sexual tension between Cruise and McGillis is palpable. The supporting cast are superb, Skerrit, Kilmer, Edwards, Ironside etc. put in great performances.5) Cheesy Dialogue. The worst thing about the movie, is also one of the the best things about this movie! Who hasn't felt the 'need for speed'?I am a fan of military jets, but not for one moment did I think Top Gun was supposed to be a documentary of Navy aviation. Judge it on what it's supposed to be, a feel good action movie with some basis in reality.Climb into the cockpit with Maverick and Goose and enjoy the ride....!
alexvd03 An excellent movie. This movie is so fun and has a great story. This is easily one of my favourite movies ever, and I've watched it more times than I can remember. Even after the so very many times I have watched Top Gun, it has never gotten old. The soundtrack is fantastic and, I have to admit, the jokes are always funny. Seriously, check this movie out.
nowego I have lost count of the number of times I have watched this movie and it never disappoints when I get to see again.Switch off the brain, sit back and be entertained is the easiest way to describe it. DO NOT overthink it.Tom Cruise, Anthony Edwards, Tom Skerrit, Michael Ironside, Meg Ryan, Val Kilmer, Tim Robbins and the list goes on, the movie is packed to the rafters with good and great actors.It has comedy, drama, romance and action all the way through.If you haven't seen it already and like action packed movies do yourself a favour.
digitalbeachbum This movie is a time vault of 80's nostalgia. It is Miami Vice on military grade steroids with its catch phrases, male macho orgasms and Hollywood myths. It is every thing John Wayne represented in the 40's and 50's on westerns and war movies, but set in the 80's.Top Gun is a movie about a character named Maverick and is played by a young Tom Cruise. Maverick is a loose cannon who causes lots of problems, including a death of a friend. He doesn't like following rules or being a team player. Hence the name, Maverick.While the casting is perfect for this movie, the direction and the script is filled with too many factual errors. There is also the problem with stereotypical representation of women and Russians. It is 100% pro-American and anti-everything not American.I saw this movie in 1989 when I was at Parris Island. My platoon had just won the rifle range and our SDI promised us a day off on Sunday. That morning he rolled in a cart with a small screened television and a VCR. In popped a pirated copy of an unknown movie. We huddled around the television with the opening scenes. We all cheered, hooted and hollered. It was a grand moment for us.However after 27 years I watched it again and could not bear even a few minutes of the movie. I could see all types of visual flaws in the movie, such as the opening statement which uses the word "insure" rather than "ensure". facepalm.The movie is OK, I just do not like it. As a young kid in the Marines it was wonderful because I was a brainwashed kid ready to go off to war with what ever enemy I was told to point my gun. I didn't care if the acting was terrible or if the technical errors existed in the movie. I just wanted to see T&A of Kelly McGillis and fighter jets.This movie does not stand the test of time. In the coming decades it will be forgotten like many movies from the 20's and 30's. It isn't amazing and it isn't Oscar worthy except for some technical aspects.