Up in the Air

2009 "The story of a man ready to make a connection."
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Released: 05 September 2009 Released
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Corporate downsizing expert Ryan Bingham spends his life in planes, airports, and hotels, but just as he’s about to reach a milestone of ten million frequent flyer miles, he meets a woman who causes him to rethink his transient life.

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Jason Reitman

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Odelecol Pretty good movie overall. First half was nothing special but it got better as it went along.
Voxitype Good films always raise compelling questions, whether the format is fiction or documentary fact.
Nayan Gough A great movie, one of the best of this year. There was a bit of confusion at one point in the plot, but nothing serious.
Mandeep Tyson The acting in this movie is really good.
cricketbat Up in the Air deals with complicated emotions, relationships and people, yet still manages to keep a semi-lighthearted attitude. George Clooney plays the charming lead quite well (as usual) and Anna Kendrick's performance is right up there with the best of them. This film has a realistic feel with idealistic tones - I liked it.
The Movie Diorama Much like a plane, this flies past at a speedy pace and somehow takes loneliness to refreshingly elevate it to atmospheric levels. Such an easy watch, thanks to competent directing and writing from Jason Reitman. An experienced employee from a firm who is hired by companies to fire individuals is tasked with training a young rookie. During this process, her perspective of life and maturity slowly changes his attitude where loneliness and worthlessness are fragmented in his mind. A surprisingly meaty narrative that is executed decently. Receiving an opportunity to chase your dreams after getting fired, evoking opportunism and optimism. Generational communication which involves describing idealisms regarding love and life. The thin line between casual encounters and conjuring up a romance, provoking paranoia and jealousy. The disadvantages of living on the job having to travel constantly where luxuries and class overcome family and friends. Advancing technologies replacing the need for physical employees in the quaternary sector. All of the above are interesting aspects to a consistently engaging plot. Reitman's scripts allows dark humour to seep through cracks and enhance the characterisation of the film. And what a script this was! The juxtaposition between Natalie and Ryan provided witty banter and sarcastic debates, they felt relatable and their chemistry was conveyed naturally. A script that contains the line "a cocoon of self-banishment" is a winning script in my book. Acting was solid all round. Clooney was pretty much himself but Farmiga and Kendrick were electrifying in two very nuanced performances. Going from location to location does feel slightly repetitive, and the twenty minute wedding scene does slow down the pacing. But the small heartbreaking twist at the end was worth it. A thoroughly entertaining drama which provided both laughs and sentimentality.
Rishishinde3 i watched this movie falling for this reviews but all i can think of... huh? I repeat the line from movie 'whats the point ?' The movie has nothing of story ,The story follow a perfect man traveling to all this Nice locations to FIRE People WITHOUT REASON , Not a single time they tell the reason why they are firing , george clooney fly from here to there for firing people and claims the air is my home , for the first part of the film we get nice glimpse of perfect travel guy with a hidden target to fly 10,000 Million miles, then he meet Alex(vera farmiga) and fall for each other over their club cards collection, then new girl natalie (ana kendric) who offer them new revolutionary new technology WEB CAM YES! Correct to a webcam to fire people and follow the E-R Diagram for any situation , as ryan feel threaten by natalie decide to show her real job and the capture photo of his sister with her fiancé for wedding then we follow Alex and ryan to this wedding where the groom gets cold feet , forced by his sister ryan talk to him to make him calm and ready to marry realising that he also want to settle , change his whole philosophy and wanted to get married to Alex , he rush to see her only know she is married alerady and have 2 kids she breakup with him then someone commit suicide fire by natalie she feel guilty , leaves the job get another job because ryans glowing recommendation letter , then he gets silver card for traveling his dream target and movie ends with unrelated quote and he traveling to unknown location THE END?!The movie is so bad with no actual finish and just feel complete nonsense . The movie is very good if you have weird obsession with George clooney or fetish for suits then this movie is treat for you but if you are nice decent person DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME .!
ashprofessionalways Ryan Bingham's a corporate down sizer; an expert whose expertise lies in firing people from their jobs, with a disdain of swatting a mosquito. He's a gladiator who swings the club of unemployment at hapless "resources" to entertain their bosses. For someone who who shoves the proverbial last nail, his karma does look pretty good. He lives out of a suitcase, travels business class and furtively saves up flyer miles by the million, to make it to an elite club of patrons. That's the closest romantic aspiration his dispassionate life lets him have, till he runs into Alex. Like him she's a shallow soul- looking to sidestep reality - , judging people by the names on their plastic money. She lights up the first time, when she runs her hand on one of his cards and gets told that it's made of graphite. One thing leads to another and soon they find themselves canoodling naked beneath a rummaged bed. That's the closest Ryan's goes with excitement of the human kind. By own admission, he comes alive during transit and decays at home. He constantly finds the urge to be on the move. He calls the terminals his home and is content with the stimulated hospitality, a perk of being a loyal patron of the airlines.A petite surprise awaits him back at work in the form of a new recruit, who's there to administer his own medicine to him. She's there to digitize the entire shebang, to bring about a huge cost saving to the firm. But he sees it as an initiative to clip his wings. He belongs in the sky and this means gravity. He gets territorial with her, even tries and manipulates his boss about how his personal touch brings dignity- to people about to be dropped like a bad habit -that might virtually be compromised. He's not concerned about the employees who're about to go off the deep end, as much as he is about himself. He's worried about the idea of a permanent home, a life without the leverage of escapism.The escapism which let him feel accompanied in a moving crowd.To pilot her rather radical initiative, he accompanies his young colleague to shop on the battle field. He mentors her. Becomes her reality check, gradually getting her into becoming the headlight before deer, office after office. Often than not he sugarcoats his condescension with tongue in cheek sarcasm. Every time she tries to humanize the process, he reiterates to remain mechanical. They find themselves locking horns; trying to call out each other's bluff. But at the end of this symbiotic love hate relationship, the protégé begins to endear.Just as her warmth fizzles in his cold, he begins to melt down to her warmth.Over the course of the film, his character metamorphoses organically like a butter melt through sunshine, without turning to cinematic hyper boles. Take for instance the scene where he sheepishly asks Alex to be his date to his sister's wedding, from the precincts of his cocoon of self-banishment. Be it that scene where he surreptitiously regrets his offer to walk his sister down the aisle being turned down or the one where he's stumped when he comes face wards with Alex's reality. Clooney dishes out this conundrum beautifully, crafting vulnerability into Bingham's fault lines. He makes the parallel thoughts occupying his head space palpable, making us moon for this inglorious gentleman.Eventually Ryan does get the crown he yearns for, but one that is made of thorns. Irony has the last laugh with his entry into the elite flyers club coinciding with his loss of zest to fly. For what does the open sky mean to a sitting duck. He tilted hopefully to the very permanence he had run from all his life, to only be left behind with a permanent scar, in the place of an embrace. As the rug gets repeatedly pulled from under his feet by providence, he gives up the hopeless will to pursue a life different than before.His is an ordeal of an eagle who was at peace with the river's current- when it believed itself to be a duck -till its first flight. That first flight brought with it, equal measure of pleasure and pain, with pain leaving a far bitter taste behind; for it to ever take to the skies again. Unperturbed it now swims in the same river, with the awareness of an ability to fly and the discretion given by the pain it brought.