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Royal Marine A.J Budd awakes in a mysterious house and is forced to fight for his life everyday against grotesque inhuman opponents. Trapped alone in an unchanging prison of unbreakable routines, he must kill every day or die himself. As days stretch into years, the isolation and unceasing violence threaten his very soul.

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Luke Massey

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Ceticultsot Beautiful, moving film.
Bluebell Alcock Ok... Let's be honest. It cannot be the best movie but is quite enjoyable. The movie has the potential to develop a great plot for future movies
Verity Robins Great movie. Not sure what people expected but I found it highly entertaining.
Cheryl A clunky actioner with a handful of cool moments.
Jesse Boland Every once in a while you happen on a movie completely by accident, and it turns out to be a really nice surprise. This is for me one of those times. I was about to watch something else, and just couldn't get into it, so I switched at random to this, and even in the first five minutes I was ready to pull the plug, and just catch up on the last couple of episodes of The Originals. Really glad I didn't, and I am going to tell you why. This is one of those small nearly one room set pieces with a total cast of three. What you get in that small set is a Groundhogs day meets The Cube, and Outpost 11 style fantasy. There is a lot of amazing depth, and strong acting, and surprisingly there is a lot of action, and a little humour. There is nothing about this movie I would not recommend, however if you need a bit more than your brain stimulated, this movie might not be for you, and if you get lost in simple plots, the same applies. However if you like fantasy, and you would like to see something new with good acting, and a really relateable if fantastic, story I say hop in. The end does telegraph itself rather quickly once it does, but this does not take away from most of the movie, or any for some I'm sure.
Sandrine It pains me a little to only give this movie four stars because the acting is brilliant and I found the story really intriguing. The problem, for me, was that the plot didn't exactly fill a 80+ minute movie, and there were long passages when nothing happened. Obviously, there was intention behind it: the audience acutely feels the protagonist's growing boredom and frustration while he's trapped in the house and nothing ever changes. But even though it's certainly effective, watching our despairing hero go through the same things again and again becomes mind-numbingly dull after a while. (And remember: unlike him, the audience can escape.)I feel like this would have worked a lot better as a short film, if some of A.J.'s struggles were implied rather than shown. Still, Joseph Morgan's superb acting and the punch-to-the-gut feeling the ending provides make it worth watching.
ral_partha This will be short. I had a struggle to watch after the first 20 minutes, but I assumed it must get better because it couldn't get any worse. The costumes and makeup on the bad guys, which the credits title as "The Fallen", is childish and amateur at best. The story is dull and uninteresting. The ending becomes apparent after 30 minutes into the film. 90 minutes of my life I can never get back. Don't waste your time. The only appealing things are that there are only 3 actors in the entire film, the title is just one word so it doesn't waste too much ink and the movie does in fact eventually end. It may seem at times that you are stuck in an unending hell, just like the actors in the story, but when the movie ends you are reminded that your hell was only 90 minutes long.
hobgoblinlol As a fan of war themed horror movies I was intrigued by this movie especially when I saw Joseph Morgan starring in it. While the movie is low budget and takes place in a house, it is an interesting flick with an equitably fresh idea that was new and entertaining also the lack of budget limited it quite a bit. So, a soldier of the Royal Marines played by Joseph Morgan is stuck in a house and there is no way out of there. The interesting part is that the house is supernatural and our hero needs to battle a ghoul like creature every single day which is interesting because this creature is just as much as stuck in the house as Morgan's character so it's a constant loop. The thing is that aside from a great idea I believe that the story, suspense and the plot are well performed. I saw that there was some work put into the story- line and suspense so please don't let the budget fool you. I believe that this movie had some interesting plot points. I definitely recommend it since this is one of the actual ''good'' horror movie that have come out recently. This movie is not a masterpiece but it sure is a good effort that will keep you entertained and curious. And again don't let the budget fool you. Joseph's acting is pretty good also. While this pretty much has a depressive feel to it, there is an unintentional funny scene where Joseph kills the ghoul while he's taking a bath (you'll have a chuckle once you see it yourself) I'll give it 7/10 since the movie surprised me in a way, to think that this movie would have had plot with a first look......I did not expect that. So, if you're bored make sure to see this. It's not a masterpiece but will interest you enough and make you think what would you have done if you were in that house.