2014 "Boys will be boys... but better"
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Zoey is a talented dancer whose organized life is rudely disrupted when she moves in with her new step-dad and three step-brothers, until she discovers a dog-training app that can get boys to obey her every command. But she soon learns that it isn't the cure-all she had hoped for.

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BootDigest Such a frustrating disappointment
Stevecorp Don't listen to the negative reviews
Robert Joyner The plot isn't so bad, but the pace of storytelling is too slow which makes people bored. Certain moments are so obvious and unnecessary for the main plot. I would've fast-forwarded those moments if it was an online streaming. The ending looks like implying a sequel, not sure if this movie will get one
Nicole I enjoyed watching this film and would recommend other to give it a try , (as I am) but this movie, although enjoyable to watch due to the better than average acting fails to add anything new to its storyline that is all too familiar to these types of movies.
Gordon-11 This film tells the story of a high school girl whose life is not going so well, as she has to adapt to having a stepfather and three stepbrothers. She accidentally discovers that her phone has an app that can control males, and she uses it to her advantage.This teen film has just the right jokes for its target audiences. The plot is formulaic but it works. It is a smash between "Mean Girls" and "Step Up", which I enjoyed very much. As a result, I also enjoyed this film as well. Even the enemy looks like Amanda Seyfried! I like the energetic dance moves, the youthful energy and the great songs. The underlying message is very positive as well.
Andrew Jenks I could tell from a mile away that the bully Taylor Dean would acquire the phone! Just like in Aladdin where Jafar acquired the lamp. Except Aladdin was a great movie and this one has clichéd plot points.Furthermore, you can't call this movie a comedy if it doesn't make you laugh at all. All the jokes are lame. The step-brothers are ridiculously and cartoonish. Why would one make disgusting entrees and another keep getting the house dirty?
TheBlueHairedLawyer I'm only eighteen, I'm not some middle-aged, ranting old lady. But only today's generation of cellular phone addicts and texting slaves would inspire Disney to make a movie called Zapped (emphasis on the word 'app' in 'zapped' was their intent, ugh). The characters were all cardboard cutouts of the trendy, popular cell phone-carrying, texting addict teens of today. I think movies should be teaching kids to stay away from cell phones, not to fall victim to the hoards of people who stumble through the streets constantly texting everyone. The plot was incredibly stupid, too! Basically an overly generic girl finds an app on her I-phone that can control boys around her. It's a dog-training app.My little brother and sister hated it, so if Disney thinks kids like this kind of thing, well, only the sheep like movies like this, there are probably loads of other kids who don't like it, either. What ever happened to the days when on a rainy day or after school, you could have fun with Disney movies like Don't Look Under the Bed (1999)? Disney channel movies weren't always sinking as low as Zapped, there were some very memorable ones from earlier times. I'm not trying to sound old or anything, but television today is seriously degrading if people seriously want to watch this.
Shopaholic35 I know this is a movie but it is a bit too unrealistic in my opinion. The whole scenario just doesn't seem plausible. First of all Zendaya's character would never wind up in this situation as her mother would never be attracted to a man like that and if she was their relationship would fall apart after living with children like his. Everybody is so obnoxious and rude.The overall concept is interesting and once you get over the stupidity of it you can kind of enjoy it but it is super full of clichés and is pretty corny. Actually it's a little bit of an epic fail with a couple of fun and entertaining moments. I'm not sure but it could be the actors fault. As their characters develop towards the end they do get better though. It's just not a very successful movie.