Rick and Morty



plot with extraordinary imagination, Rick and Morty voiced by the same person! WoW!
Higher Ground
I know what kind of grandpa I'm going to be in the future
At first I thought Rick was rude, brash, sloppy, unobtrusive antisocial genius, but at the end of E11 Birdperson translated a seemingly illogical "Wubba lubba dub dub" into "I am in great pain, please help me'" that revealed the loneliness and depression of Rick's heart in infinite time, if he did not rely on madness and alcohol, Maybe he'll be crushed in an instant
I'd rather watch myself in a parallel world than any other dimension of TV
just a clown
Animation is 100 years ahead
9er faithful
Intensive knowledge point , Rigid scientific knowledge and mild sexual violence stuff.
The last episode is healing, I am kind of want to rate 9/10
See the producer turned out to be Dan Harmon Awww Biiitch, i dunno what to say..
It's hard to believe Rick and Morty are voiced by the same person...