The Me You Can't See



Everyone carries the pain forward
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Harry and William have done incredible work as mental health advocates, as well as Lady Gaga and Oprah, most notably in the first episode of Lady Gaga.
It is an open wound, but inside.
It took a lot of courage to watch the documentary. At first, I thought it was just celebrities who talked about their struggle against mental illness experience. Then people from all walks of life, different races, different countries and different classes emerged, and many marginalized groups emerged. Unexpectedly, One of the few films to focus on the mental health of the refugee community. "Survived the war, crossed the sea, tried three dangerous journeys in a small boat." "You must never forget this. You are the heroes who crossed the sea. This is important." The battle with his own mind is also, every person who has successfully survived the battle with mental illness is a hero who has crossed the sea, crossed the darkness.
LadyGaga is a brave person who only digs deep and faces her dark past after her position has become more stable and powerful step by step. All for Lady Gaga
Neither celebrities nor ordinary people can voluntarily choose not to experience these illnesses and traumas.