The Tomorrow War



As popcorn movie, qualified.
The movie is very good, but too much plot reversaland too long, overall it seems that storyline is too procrastinating
3.5 stars, is the recent high quality of science fiction movies, qualified popcorn, is still to see special effects, many big scenes are ok, found a rare thrill, and finally BOSS war is also good (really, let me think of playing "Biochemical Crisis 8" knife through the time). Don't care about those plot, there are a few loopholes, look at an addiction on OK
Endless routines, warm feeling under the hero movie. For so many years, there have been movies like this for money
I'm very grateful for the fact that streaming media has kept alive the action movies of the golden age of the 80s and 90s. The film is almost impossible to watch in theatre, but that doesn't mean the film is bad, it just means the film is not so "fashionable". Among the streaming media films with large investment in recent years, this film is the best in terms of performance, action design and core concept. It is very pure entertainment
Dana RED
There's a lot of father-daughter love in the middle, but it would be more coherent if it were simplified, or more father-daughter love would be better at the beginning. The introduction of aliens is interesting! Just didn't like the last third of the plot.
Such a sci-fi thriller is hard to find, special effects is good, the scene is exciting, reminds me the classic Starship Troopers. The emotional drama between father and daughter/son is natural and moving. Although the ending is a bit nonsense, there is no diving in space-time crossing paradox, but the overall it is a good as a sci-fi action movie.
It's nice not to see such a grand scene after World War Z
3.5/5 stars. It's "Starship Troopers" mix "Prometheus"