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8.2| 0h30m| TV-14| en| More Info
Released: 18 March 2013 Ended
Producted By: Carlton Cuse Productions
Country: United States of America
Budget: 0
Revenue: 0
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A "contemporary prequel" to the 1960 film Psycho, depicting the life of Norman Bates and his mother Norma prior to the events portrayed in Hitchcock's film, albeit in a different fictional town and in a modern setting. The series begins after the death of Norma's husband, when she purchases a motel located in a coastal Oregon town so she and Norman can start a new life.

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Lovesusti The Worst Film Ever
Smartorhypo Highly Overrated But Still Good
filippaberry84 I think this is a new genre that they're all sort of working their way through it and haven't got all the kinks worked out yet but it's a genre that works for me.
Scarlet The film never slows down or bores, plunging from one harrowing sequence to the next.
brandonrhewitt I love this show cant believe it ended i just found it on Netflix and thought thats give it ago but then i was sucked into it straight away i couldnt stop myself from watching it episode to episode i love it, the acting is amazing and there genuinely couldn't be a better norma and norman id definitely recommend this show 100%
katiehigson Managed to binge the entire 5 seasons in one week! The acting is incredible. I laughed, I cried and I hid behind a cushion. It's got everything you could want from a psychological horror drama. Couldn't reccommend it enough.
MovieMan2016 First of all, I see reviews from people who have watched 3 episodes, or 8 episodes, get the idea. I mean, come on! Unless you've watched the entire series then you simply shouldn't write a review. It's like watching half a movie and then reviewing it and expecting people to take your write up seriously. Sheesh!This show does a lot of things well...great acting (especially the two leads), great pacing (yes, it builds slowly and you need to stick around for more than one season), interesting subplots, a very dark main plot that was executed well, and the recreation of the motel and the central characters felt pretty authenticIt was interesting watching the events leading up to the happenings in "Psycho" and then watching an alternate version of what happened in that movie. Seeing it happen in current day was also pretty interesting.The problem I had was the behavior of two characters - Romero and Dylan. Romero's devotion to Norma and Dylan's devotion to Norman simply didn't feel right. There was no chemistry between Romero and Norma for him to all of a sudden decide to marry her and then fall in love with her to such an extreme level. But, I guess they needed someone with as much at stake regarding Norma as Norman had, so that they could pit those two against each other until series end. Alright, but it still doesn't fly.And Dylan started off of someone who was intelligent and had a good sense of right and wrong, someone who thought Norman was weird and Norma was his enabler. Then, as Norman got even more weird and even more dangerous, all of a sudden Dylan decided that protecting Norman was more important than anything else, even the safety of others. Well, that doesn't really fly either.Overall it was a good show, but I felt how these two characters behaved really was hard to swallow, and dragged the show down from 8 or 9 territory to something around 6 or 7.
jadenderry As disturbing as it may be, it is one of my favourite shows. The story is amazing and I love it. I completely recommend everyone to see it. So good.