Cold Blood

Cold Blood
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Released: 19 October 2005
Producted By: ITV Productions,
Country: United Kingdom
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Cold Blood is a television series produced by ITV. Three series of the show have been broadcast. The programme stars Matthew Kelly as Brian Wicklow, a former serial killer who assists the police with investigations. Also starring is John Hannah, as Jake Osborne; and Jemma Redgrave as Detective Sergeant Granger.

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Seasons & Episodes

  • 5
  • 4
  • 3
  • 2
  • 1

EP1 Island of Lies

EP2 Unnatural Causes

EP3 Road to Murder

EP4 In Plain Sight

EP5 Friend or Foe

EP6 Shot in the Park

EP7 The Rolex Murder

EP8 Home Invasion

EP9 The Day the Music Died

EP10 The Lost Boy

EP11 Framed

EP12 On Her Own

EP13 Evil Twin

EP15 Murder on the Menu

EP16 Park Slope Justice

EP17 Philadelphia's Night Stalker

EP18 Dreams that Kill

EP19 Nightmare in Nashville

EP20 The Truth Hurts

EP3 The Last Hurrah

A baby called Jake Osbourne is kidnapped and a major investigation begins. Norton doesn’t think the baby’s name is a coincidence, and suspects that Wicklow is involved. Jake is brought in to help with the investigation, something Eve resents following their break-up. The team is convinced that Wicklow is finally planning his revenge upon Jake. He’s dying of cancer and it’s his last chance. News of the kidnapping and of Jake’s involvement in the case becomes known to the press, and a media feeding frenzy begins. This leads to Jake’s son, Joss (Will Roache), finding out the truth about his father from a journalist. Jake seeks out Joss to explain, but is beaten up by him in a ferocious attack. Wicklow’s sister, Barbara is identified as a suspect. The team are now convinced that Wicklow has masterminded the whole thing and that Barbara has the baby. The team search her home, but she’s nowhere to be found. However, the search leads to a shocking discovery, a 40-year-old dead baby wrapped up in an old party dress. Wicklow is delighted by all the attention he receives when the police question him in hospital. As expected, he gives nothing away. The police decide the only way to lure Barbara out is to announce that he only has hours to live. Their plan works and Barbara appears. She’s interrogated by police but tells them nothing, while tests reveal that the dead baby was still-born, so no charges can be brought. Barbara is released but put under surveillance, which she evades. Losing Barbara is a major police failure. They’re now at a loss as to what to do and are horrified when they discover that Joss has gone missing. The police fear he’s been kidnapped by Barbara along with the baby. Barbara has drugged Joss, and leaves him overnight at the hospital mortuary. Wicklow uses a modelling blade he smuggled out of prison to cut off his thumb and enable him to escape from his hospital bed. As the alarm is raised, Wicklow makes his way to the mortuary. Barbara is on the roof of the hospital, dangling the baby over the edge. Norton desperately tries to persuade her to hand the baby over. Barbara does so, but has nothing to live for now that Wicklow is dying and jumps to her death. Eve and Jake reach Wicklow in the mortuary. They beg Wicklow not to kill Joss, Eve tells Wicklow that Barbara couldn’t go through with killing the baby, following the death of her own baby all those years earlier. Jake realises that Wicklow was the father of Barbara’s dead baby. The revelation weakens Wicklow and he loses control. Eve tries to disarm him, but he grabs her and cuts open her throat. Jake then stabs Wicklow, once again becoming the killer he swore he never would be.

EP4 Ties that Bind

EP5 Gainesville Ripper

EP6 Hollywood Homicide

EP7 Deadly Inferno

EP8 The Trial of Amanda Knox

EP9 Rotten to the Core

EP10 Burning Betrayal

EP11 Seven in the Cooler

EP12 Date with Death

EP13 Fast Food Fatality



EP1 Cold Blood II

EP2 Dead of Night

EP3 Presumed Dead

EP4 Trail of Blood

EP5 Kill Your Parents

EP6 Cherry Hill Murder

EP8 Close to Home

EP9 Death By Numbers

EP10 Dirty Deeds

EP11 Making a Killing

EP12 Death of a Beauty King

EP13 Making a Killing

EP14 Death of a Beauty King

EP15 The Song

EP16 Fugitive Justice

EP17 Family Secrets

EP18 Deadly Dance

EP19 Dead in the Water

EP20 High Rollers

EP2 Cold Blood (2)

EP6 Season 1, Episode 6

EP7 Femme Fatale

EP8 Friends and Neighbors

EP9 Blood Brothers

EP10 Conspiracy

EP11 Friends and Neighbors

EP12 Strangler

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