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Released: 28 April 1996 Ended
Producted By: Hanna-Barbera Productions
Country: United States of America
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Dexter, a boy-genius with a secret laboratory, constantly battles his sister Dee Dee, who always gains access despite his best efforts to keep her out, as well as his arch-rival and neighbor, Mandark.

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Dexter's Laboratory Audience Reviews

Fluentiama Perfect cast and a good story
RipDelight This is a tender, generous movie that likes its characters and presents them as real people, full of flaws and strengths.
AshUnow This is a small, humorous movie in some ways, but it has a huge heart. What a nice experience.
Lachlan Coulson This is a gorgeous movie made by a gorgeous spirit.
Johnny H. Dexter's Laboratory is now considered a television classic; it was produced before Cartoon Network's early/mid-2000s identity crisis and it had real balls in getting away with LGBT jokes and sex references for a show that was suitable for kids under 6. The genius about the show was that it managed to dodge many literal censorship bullets while it managed to take the metaphorical ones as well; I guess the intellect of television censors is lacking when they're assessing a show about a boy-genius who needs to be wary of his destructive and naive sister Dee Dee while trying to one-up his nemesis Mandark. Well I guess that part about censorship isn't true because the episode 'Rude Removal' never aired in regular syndication.Anyway this show is great. It's quick and easy entertainment for kiddies and will have enough thinly veiled jokes that adults will surely like as well.
smetin I have fond memories of watching numerous cartoons on Cartoon Network when I came back home from school and had finished my homework. Of these, only a few stick out in my mind and given my apparent pre-midlife crisis I have attempted to re- live these memories. Of those on my list, Dexter's Lab ranked pretty high up, mainly due to the fact that I could remember various snippets that I desperately wanted to watch!Dexter's Lab is truly representative of a time when cartoons were not just good, they were great. Creators could truly create and were under less restrictions by regulatory authorities, various social pressures and so on. Sure, cartoons of the time were considerably more senseless, violent and lacked learning points. But, why should all cartoons have to be harmless fun filled with learning when schools, parents and real- life scenarios should be doing this already? A cartoon should give the watcher a chance to be entertained and that is what Dexter's Lab does.The series follows the antics of Dexter, his annoying sister Dee-Dee, his competitor Mandark and their respective parents. Dexter is a boy genius who ends up in the craziest of situations, whether it be travelling back in time or shrinking down to battle a virus inside a dog. Seriously, this cartoon covers all the bases without becoming repetitive. The episodes themselves were entertaining in the sense that they did not rely on the same jokes, since the creators did have more freedom. This did result in quite a few adult jokes slipping through that I could not appreciate as a child. Boy oh boy was I laughing!The animation style is quite iconic of the time. It is simple on the surface, but the true talent is shown in Dexters bespoke inventions, battle scenes etc. Whether it be giant robots or ray guns, you could see that each component was really well thought out. It certainly beats the cartoons currently being pumped out, where the animation is so needlessly complex, ugly (in my opinion) and distracting from the cartoon itself. The success of Dexter's Lab can be seen by the career trajectories of its animators, of which Seth Macfarlane is the standout example.In a nutshell, nostalgia did not disappoint here. Dexter's Lab is even better watching it as an adult, as the jokes that used to make me giggle still make me giggle, with the added naughty adult jokes! If you are a parent wondering whether this cartoon is 'safe' for your child, believe me it is. It is great fun and certainly blows current cartoons out of the water!
Josh Apple my introduction to the series back when i was 7 years old on the once a beloved cable channel "cartoon network" from it's prime in 1996 till 1999. i watched it during re-runs for years and i always loved the series. about a boy genius named dexter who has a secret laboratory where he does his experiments. but always foiled by his annoying hyper-active sister Dee Dee, who loves to tease him and cause chaos to his lab. the show as always known for it's bizarre mis-adventures of dexter's experiments in his lab from creating inventions that work by pure luck or always backfire from something silly or obvious. the series creator genndy tartakovsky is known for making fast-paced animation and use of clever writing. this series takes clever use of movie parodies and social satire.genndy tartakovsky wanted the series to end on a high note, even though the last episode of season 2, "Last But Not Beast" was a really big finally, but the true conclusion to the series ended with the fun TV movie "Ego Trip".because of rating success and becoming even more popular during re- runs, the studio saw big profit to keep this series around so they wanted to revive the series but without original team. gone the original creator, gone the clever writing staff, gone the hanna barbera style animation and gone some of the voice-actors. a different team, animation, and some new voice-actors it was not jumping-the-shark terrible but far from the original 2 seasons. i never ever liked the new animation style. it always bugged me even when i was younger, that blends something similar to flash and cell animation, but always looks bland and boring. the jokes are not really clever or funny. there are few OK episodes but most of them lack imagination or creative jokes. the last two season were pointless, adding nothing but milking a series should've ended back when the creator wanted to ended with.
TheLittleSongbird Dexter's Laboratory is so creative and fun, and is just a must watch for any animation fan. If I had a complaint, the older episodes are better than the newer ones; the newer ones seem to have lost the quality in terms of animation and wit that made the older episodes such a delight. That aside this is a great show, with a brilliant vocal performance in the title role by Christine Cavanaugh. The animation in general was sophisticated and colourful, I loved how the laboratory itself was animated the theme tune was outstanding, the story lines were original and the spoofs of Star Wars, Charlie's Angels, GI Joe all but to name a few are hilarious. The show certainly has a fantastic concept, and maintains that standard throughout. I know there were a few people who complained about DeeDee being annoying, fair enough, but I don't mind her that much. Seriously why have Cartoon Network stopped airing it?All in all, great show and a must watch. 10/10(despite the minor discrepancies in relation to the later episodes) Bethany Cox