Doctor Who

Released: 26 March 2005
Producted By: BBC Wales, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation,
Country: United Kingdom
Budget: 0
Revenue: 0
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The Doctor looks and seems human. He's handsome, witty, and could be mistaken for just another man in the street. But he is a Time Lord: a 900 year old alien with 2 hearts, part of a gifted civilization who mastered time travel. The Doctor saves planets for a living – more of a hobby actually, and he's very, very good at it. He's saved us from alien menaces and evil from before time began – but just who is he?

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Producted By

BBC Wales, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation,

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Seasons & Episodes

  • 10
  • 1
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EP0 Episode 0

EP1 A Star in Her Eye

EP61 Pond Life (1)

EP62 Pond Life (2)

EP63 Pond Life (3)

EP64 Pond Life (4)

EP65 Pond Life (5)

EP85 She Said, He Said (The Name of the Doctor Prequel)

EP112 The Doctors Revisited: The Ninth Doctor

EP131 Doctor Who Extra: Into the Dalek

EP132 Doctor Who Extra: Robot of Sherwood

EP133 Doctor Who Extra: Listen

EP134 Doctor Who Extra: Time Heist

EP135 Doctor Who Extra: The Caretaker

EP136 Doctor Who Extra: Kill the Moon

EP137 Doctor Who Extra: Mummy on the Orient Express

EP138 Doctor Who Extra: Flatline

EP157 Who Is River Song

EP158 The Adventures of River Song

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