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8.1| TV-14| en| More Info
Released: 24 February 2004 Ended
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Country: United Kingdom
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A motley group of London con artists pull of a series of daring and intricate stings.


Drama, Comedy, Crime

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Hustle Audience Reviews

Pluskylang Great Film overall
TrueHello Fun premise, good actors, bad writing. This film seemed to have potential at the beginning but it quickly devolves into a trite action film. Ultimately it's very boring.
Keeley Coleman The thing I enjoyed most about the film is the fact that it doesn't shy away from being a super-sized-cliche;
Kayden This is a dark and sometimes deeply uncomfortable drama
davidberry-60933 This is a show about a group of crooks who the viewer chooses to like because they out-smart the crooks we all love to hate, which includes the banksters, the elitists, and some members of the police and secret service that have forgotten who they are supposed to serve.In a large number of episodes two sets of people are getting conned. One is explained to the viewer as "The Mark", the one that isn't explained to the viewer, until the end, is you! The stories are well written so that the viewer can't see exactly what is happening until the last few minutes when all is revealed and you often end up thinking "damn, I should have seen that coming". After watching a few episodes you will know the con is on the viewer as well, but it is still a challenge to work out what is really happening.If you enjoy a puzzling type of show you will love Hustle.
Ben Hinman I have to admit i have a certain bias towards con movies, i do enjoy them a lot but this one is very special. A lot of people compare it to leverage, but its much different, and it has its own feel to it. It can get much more dramatic, and the con men aren't robin hood type thieves, they are in it for themselves, and sometimes the people they care about, but mostly themselves. But they're also moralists and superstitious, the people they target are undeniably greedy and vile, and they always give them a way out, they prey on gluttony and ego, not innocence or conscience. And its all very good fun. Unfortunately one of the worst things about this show is they've changed the cast around so many times, Mickey Bricks was always the most likable besides Albert Stroller, and he left as leader to be replaced by DANNY. Friggin danny, man. Like he'd ever measure up. They're good characters but i don't think they play off each other quite as funny as the leverage team. The other aspect i don't like about this show is when they stop time to explain things to the camera, or the episode where they replaced the actual dialog that was presumed to have happen with a song and dance routine, and basically left out how they swayed the guy. I understand its all breaking the fourth wall but its very distracting. Other than those 2 points, this show is just plain awesome. The cons are plausible and updated for our time, the characters are likable and the twists are my favorite part.
raztvi After reading some reviews and seeing its awards I really thought "Wow,this might be my next TV Series to watch." The name "Hustle"just makes you think this has some tricky stuff and might be fun to watch,but also might force you to be focused in order to understand/anticipate what they want to do. After watching the first episode I realized everything I expected crumbled.Characters are presented very fast,no history,they are thinly sketched. Moving on,once the "gang "reunites and talks over their plan to scam the old man,police already knows Mickey wants a last hit,they know at what hotel they stay,they know who's the target and so on.This means the scammers are not the best at what they do (in fact,the handlers of this case state that they are in another league).They manage to become friends with the target just because they had a scotch together.I won't continue with the spoilers,but the tricks they pull seem pretty naive and I didn't bought a thing from them.The only thing that might be mentioned is how they managed to trick the ATM by drawing with a marker a line over the visual sensor where they money come out from the ATM(I am not sure this is how it works though),but then again people want to get money from ATM,it doesn't work,the money get stuck in the machine and instead of making a complaint,calling police or something they just walk over.Not sure how this TV series managed to go all the way,maybe they have 10 years old fans .
smallrage1 Well I just finished the pilot or the very first episode and I was fooled totally especially since I almost stopped watching it midway though because of boredom. I also read the comments as I usually do before watching a show because the viewers on here are generally right in line with my taste.That said is this shows rating rather high from what I have seen so far but that's just my opinion that might change as I watch more. This show is almost identical as the hit show Leverage but without all the action which is why this show couldn't be as good. As for shows coming out out England I have to say so far the best shows that I have seen are Ultimate Force, Merlin and the best show being Spooks. To bad the Spooks series isn't available online passed the 3rd season with the exception of a few episodes.Hopefully this series will get better as I watch more so I too can rate it as high as most of you have. From the first episode I say I rate that one a 5 1/2 stars. I rated it that high only because the ending was great and had me fooled completely.

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