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Released: 24 September 2006 Ended
Producted By: BBC
Country: United Kingdom
Budget: 0
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Official Website: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/masterpiece/janeeyre/index.html

Charlotte Bronte's classic about an orphan girl who grows up to become a governess in a gloomy manor in Yorkshire, where she falls in love with the mysterious Edward Rochester.



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Jane Eyre Audience Reviews

Evengyny Thanks for the memories!
ShangLuda Admirable film.
Intcatinfo A Masterpiece!
Bob This is one of the best movies I’ve seen in a very long time. You have to go and see this on the big screen.
Lizzie This version of Charlotte Brontës beloved "Jane Eyre" is everything it should be! It's got all the important events, yet they keep it to the point to save running time - it's never boring. The acting is wonderful as well! Ruth Wilson is perfect for the role of Jane, she stays true to the book with her low-key witty replies and humor. I could not imagine a better Mr Rochester than the one Toby Stephens delivers, he is likable, despite his grumpiness, and you can really see that he's a troubled man. They have also captured the romantic atmosphere in a beautiful way, or rather, it is very emotional all the way through!If you're looking for a romantic and entertaining yet true to the book version of Jane Eyre, this is it!
MartinHafer I have seen many versions of "Jane Eyre" and love the story so much I read the book. Reading the book, however, left me wondering why so much of the original story is left out of the films...and my hope was that this nearly four-hour mini-series would finally get the whole story on the screen. Usually, several subplots are completely omitted...and, as a result, while the films are quite good they are missing some very important material...particularly the portion involving the missionary...perhaps THE most important part of the book! Fortunately, this mini-series DOES include this...as well as the usually omitted portion involving Jane's family. So, if you are looking for complete...well this IS the version for you.So how does it stack up otherwise? Is it good? Is it watchable even though the story has been told and re-told again and again? Well, yes. I liked the actors who played both Jane and Rochester. Ruth Wilson wasn't as harsh and unattractive as some other Janes and TOby Stephens played a Rochester who was a bit happier and smiled more than usual...which I enjoyed. The color cinematography is darker than many might like...as it's going for a moody look instead of a pretty and cinematic look...but I thought this rather fitting. Overall, for this purist, it left me thrilled...and the romantic scenes were incredibly moving...enough to make me forget the other previous versions.
annette-20749 I have watched this over and over and over and I am delighted every time. Yes, it makes some changes from the book, but in a way I find acceptable. Maybe toning down St John wasn't such a good idea, because he is not enough of a contrast to Rochester. Otherwise, I'm okay with the changes.I loved the delicate beauty of this production, the sense of mystery, the electric interactions between the characters. Both lead actors convey a wonderful range of emotions. Other Jane Eyre adaptions seem clumsy, even ham-fisted in comparison. One of my favourite scenes is when Jane explores Mr Rochester's study in his absence and sees all his maps and books and collections. It is such a great way to introduce his character and to show why Jane would be fascinated by him before she even knows him.This adaption also went down well with my high school students, for whom is was a useful example to study something that is Gothic-but-not-quite-Gothic.
misctidsandbits Modernization of old films and books doesn't usually work. Here, it failed in spades. It is especially unsuccessful to actually downgrade a merited classic with supposedly more updated mores and styles. Bronte's "Jane Eyre" is not broken and does not require a fix.From start to finish, from casting to execution, this is a rotten stinker. I personally consider the two leads to be unattractive. Wilson, repulses instead of attracts. She is larger than Stephens, awkward and appears over-nourished, instead of the half-starved girl of the book. Indeed, this Rochester is the one who appears undernourished. Besides, he needed the makeup to cover that gravely, pock marked face. Hers was not appropriate, though she needed help. Yuk to both, I think especially her. Their "love" scenes are actually revolting.All other cast members miss it by a mile, including the scruffy mange of a dog! The changes and adjustments (compromises) in the script and demeanor of especially the lead characters fails utterly. The depth and deliberation of the time and the true Bronte characters were obviously not valued and likely not comprehended by those responsible for this atrocity.Any other version is superior. This one hits the skids and turns the stomach along the way.