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Released: 26 June 2006 Canceled
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Country: United States of America
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A suburban family that takes in a mysterious teen naive to the world around him. As Kyle begins to show signs of brilliance, solving the mystery of his origin and potential abilities becomes the family's mission.

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Platicsco Good story, Not enough for a whole film
Odelecol Pretty good movie overall. First half was nothing special but it got better as it went along.
Fleur Actress is magnificent and exudes a hypnotic screen presence in this affecting drama.
Billy Ollie Through painfully honest and emotional moments, the movie becomes irresistibly relatable
andremdg This was an extraordinary series. It had my laughing, it left me in awe and it made me cry. But most of all - I learned valuable life lessons from this. In an oddly way - Kyle made me realise that I also have good in me and that I can use that good to make a difference and change someone else's life.This series was far more than entertainment. I believe in the power of catharsis and this series brought upon exactly that. Thank you to the producers, all the actors and especially Matt Dallas for an extraordinary performance. I don't think I will ever look at him without the respect I got for him earned through the character of Kyle.A life changing must see.
Tomm2 I liked Kyle XY a lot, and had a good time watching compulsively like gobbling so much popcorn, but I do have a few issues I wanted to air.First, I had trouble figuring out how old everyone is supposed to be. These have to be the oldest high school frosh in history, older even than the geriatric brigade at West Beverly High in that other TV series, Nine Oh Too Damn Old. Kyle appears at age 16, but is the adorable actor is 24 yrs old in real life. Josh, the brother in the family, is played by another fine actor, eight years younger in real life, making his teenage awkwardness fairly credible, at least at first.After a while, though, these young folk all exhibit a level of maturity only possible in fiction. Which is fine with me, since the story lines were intricate and carefully woven together to the point where I did not even particularly mind the inconsistencies and plot problems. For one small example, very early on when Stephen has to fire a number of people, he says he will handle it. Guess he must have, because the topic never came up again, rather to my disappointment. And did I just miss the home inspector's connection to everything. Seems like this character appeared more than once, but all I really know is that she faded from my awareness, and I have no idea whether her absence was part of the script. There certainly was enough going on, that even with the "Previously on" intros each week, it must have been really hard to keep track at the rate of one show a week over a three-year period. Eventually, they even forgot about Foss, except as occasional deus ex machina.There were annoying inconsistencies. If Kyle can solve grossly complicated equations in his head, he has no need to write anything down to solve a substitution cipher no one beyond grade school would use it to encrypt anything anyway). Such a brainiac does not need to download anything onto a flash drive when they can read and remember the entire contents, verbatim, of an entire multi-volume encyclopedia. Why swim for an emergency rescue when you can run across the water's surface? And so on. Super senses that allow eavesdropping on your neighbors do not require lurking outside someone's room, and the ability to see outside the visual spectrum means you never have to worry much about whether you are alone, who is in a building and where, and so on.One ongoing schtick is misunderstanding of colloquial terms and slang, yet if Kyle can learn Chinese and martial arts by imitation of a single movie, a weekend spent watching everything on NetFlix at high-speed would fix things, just as his quick study of prom night did.Similarly, there is the whole sex thing. Apparently no one ever tells Kyle about the birds and bees, how the male body behaves, or why everyone does not run around naked. Josh seems about to explain the purpose of pornography at one point, but later it seems he never did. Thus, at a time when he initiates general family mortification over his masturbation jokes-- the kind all teenage boys make to their parents, right?-- Kyle is still clueless.Which is fine. But while much is made of Kyle not needing sleep, later it turns out that he needs his ZZZ's as much as the rest of us. Well, okay, even Homer nodded.Perhaps that is nitpicking. What really got me though was when I discovered the Kyle XY Drinking Game, my own invention. For a while I was aggravated that No One EVER seems to enter a room in that house, whether the door is closed or not, by asking permission instead of just barging in and finding someone naked, making out, or otherwise inconveniently surprised. For all the shrink's talk of boundaries and empathy for others, this simple act of thoughtfulness, would have eliminated a large number of plot developments right off the bat.One drink per barge-in; two if there was a knock first.Then there is the dialogue. Most of the following sentences (and their close variations) appear multiple times per episode. One drink for each:I promise. I'm sorry. This is my fault. Trust me. It won't happen again. Our/your/my family Are you okay?/I'm okay./She's okay....My concern all the way through was that the epic would come to an abrupt end without everything being wrapped up, but was relieved to find most major issues were sufficiently sorted to be satisfactory, even if not ultimately resolved-- such as the major plot development introduced at the very end. The main thing left was to finish off the villainy, but even that was mostly addressed.I didn't mind the several food fights. It was fun that some episodes were basically played as comedy or farce, with the heavy lifting left in the background for a while. Otherwise, maybe the concept here was not esp. new, but it was well done, the characters interesting, the actors all believable AND attractive.And so, the marathon ended, with me now grousing about details that really don't matter so much as the twists and turns of the ongoing saga as it unspooled. Gonna miss the old gang down at The Rack. Fortunately, I anticipate much fun to be had following up on some of these actors to see where there lives and careers go from here. Best of luck to all of them.
PacNWLady61 My husband and I did not see the series on TV waiting for the next episode. We saw the entire series within just a few days. It was great how things are revealed about Kyle little by little which keeps you interested to watch each and every episode. The cast played their character roles very well. I loved seeing how Kyle started as a baby in teenage form maturing into manhood. I liked focusing on the family on how they handled their situations, especially in relation to Kyle. As the episodes progressed, you could see how the Trager family started supporting each other. You could see how the kids were maturing throughout the years.The only thing I will give a negative review is that I was greatly disappointed by the abrupt ending of the series. I really don't like seeing that happen where the last episode you see has you ready for the next one, but there is no next one. The series should have had a good conclusion.
Sangdy I enjoyed this series a lot. I kind of forgot about it once Secret Life came on. I never watched Secret Life, I thought that show was stupid. I never got to finish the seasons because I got busy with other stuff. Anyways, I loved this series. I found it on YouTube later and wondered why it was canceled. There was such chemistry between Kyle and Jessi. I liked Kylanda at first. I thought they had great chemistry, they way she still talked to him even though at first he came into her house and had an announced friend show up at the pool. Wink wink. then I realized that Kylassi were really meant to be. I liked the plot, it was great, at times, I do wish there was more sci-fi and less drama. Secret life should've never taken over, I guess people are dumb enough to go for that teen pregnancy drama. They have 5.1/10 rating on here while Kyle XY has a 7.4/10 rating.