1995 - 2016
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EP9 Best of Christmas Sketches Spectacularly Special Spectacular Dec 13, 2008

EP20 Leah Remini Apr 21, 2007

Open: Bad Girls: Nicole P opens the show talking about how MADtv doesn't particpate in doing crazy stunts to get ratings for May Sweeps, however, this is proven to be a lie when Crista kisses her, Lisa comes out and her and Crista start dancing with each other, and Nicole RJ and Arden come onstage in rather risque outfits.Heroes: In a Heroes parody, a cheerleader (Crista) fails to tell her Dad (Michael) a secret, a woman (Nicole P) fools her reflection, and an asian man (Bobby) talks about his time travel powers.Joey: A therapist (Keegan) visits a family's house (Lisa, Ike, Michael) because they are angry that Joey (Frank) refuses to stop talking like a stereotypical, movie-like mobster. Commercial: Seal's Comeback CD: Seal (Jordan) is doing a commerical for his comeback CD, but Heidi Klum, his wife, (Crista) keeps interrupting it.Hungover Presentation: A woman (Nicole P) comes into work late, hung-over, and disgruntled. She then explains it was because she was drinking last night and got home at 4AM. Unluckily for her, she has to give a presentation about using tele conferences. Gone With the Wind Alternate Endings: The actress of Slave #8 (Nicole RJ) in Gone With the Wind reveals alternate endings, including an explicit one, a random dance musical, and one filled with special effects. Special guest Michael Rapaport as Rhett Butler, and with Nicole P as Scarlett O'Hara.HNL: Leah Remini: Eugene (Keegan) finds Leah Remini in a hotel room while delivering flowers.E.R. & Famous: CBS has combined ER and Armed & Famous into a show called "E.R. & Famous", featuring celebrities as doctors, with Kellie Pickler (Lisa), Kathy Griffin (Nicole P), Snoop Dog (Keegan), and Monique (Nicole RJ).Celebrity Pets: Tara Reid's Dog: Tara Reid's dog talks about how his life with her, which mostly includes him staying up until 3 A.M. waiting for her to come home and to help her get around while she is drunk and/or high.Officer Friendly: A woman (Arden) is pulled over for speeding by a cop (Keegan). She then explains to the officer that her son is missing, but instead of doing anything, the officer hits on her.
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Released: 14 October 1995 | Ended
Producted By: Warner Bros. Television, Quincy Jones-David Salzman Entertainment, Warner Brothers Television
Country: United States of America
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MADtv is an American sketch comedy television series based on Mad, and contained animated Spy vs. Spy and Don Martin cartoon shorts as well as images of Alfred E. Neuman. Its first TV broadcast was on October 14, 1995. The one-hour show aired Saturday nights on Fox, and was in syndication on Comedy Central. In Australia the show screens on satellite and cable TV channel The Comedy Channel and in late-night timeslots on free-to-air broadcaster the Nine Network and its affiliates.

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Warner Bros. Television, Quincy Jones-David Salzman Entertainment, Warner Brothers Television


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