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Released: 30 June 2006 Ended
Producted By: The Australian Children's Television Foundation
Country: Australia
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Mortified was an Australian children's television series, co-produced by the Australian Children's Television Foundation and Enjoy Entertainment for the Nine Network Australia, Disney Australia and the BBC. The series premiered on 30 June 2006 and ended on 11 April 2007 with two seasons and a total of 26 episodes. Currently, re-runs air on both ABC and the Disney Channel, in the U.S. on Starz Kids and Family, and in the UK on Pop Girl.

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ChanBot i must have seen a different film!!
Mandeep Tyson The acting in this movie is really good.
Haven Kaycee It is encouraging that the film ends so strongly.Otherwise, it wouldn't have been a particularly memorable film
Logan By the time the dramatic fireworks start popping off, each one feels earned.
alex239-545-53158 Mortified was a short lived kids drama set on the Gold Coast, cancelled after 26 episodes in 2007. There is plenty of sunshine, beaches, and the one thing a disproportionate number of Australian kids shows focus on - parental embarrassment.Taylor Fry being ashamed of her eccentric parents is essentially the premise for this enjoyable if unsubstantial program, which is unfortunate since the plot lines that veer down that avenue range from unrealistic to cringe worthy to plain bad. Almost all the adult characters are badly drawn and badly acted, overblown caricatures which may get over with young kids but to anyone else will stink of bad writing and ideas that should never have made it past the creative room.The show could definitely use greater focus on the kids. They are all very solid actors, especially Marny Kennedy who is confident and spirited in the title role, and Maia Mitchell who adds some complexity to her character and the relationship with her parents (who have great chemistry). This is the most interesting and well constructed part of the show. No surprise that she went on to be a major star in America. Nicholas Dunn is pretty good as the perennially exasperated Hector, and Dajana Cahill puts in a fun and realistic performance in a limited role as selfish boy crazy big sister Layla. The way the characters interact are the prime reason to watch Mortified, and invariably the scenes with them hanging out or talking are the most natural and enjoyable - such as when the core four get lost on a trip into the jungle and sit round the fire.Low key moments like this are a pleasant respite since few of the actual plot lines are compelling or memorable - most are framed around a shaky premise that seems formulaic and stolid and just doesn't hold the attention. It doesn't help that Taylor isn't especially a likable character - she is delusional and melodramatic, spending most of her time complaining and acting ungrateful. Long suffering Hector draws more of a response, his occasionally laconic remarks saving him from being completely wet. Brittany is as mentioned the more complex of the characters, but 'school heartthrob' Luke is purely a plot device, and seems to have few traits that go beyond supposedly comedic stupidity and cocky cuteness for the girls to swoon over.Despite all the criticisms, this show is pretty good. The acting is a step ahead of most of the dross on the kids channels, the writing and dialog is usually reasonably solid, and each episode is a fun, clean, easy to digest piece of television that will appeal to a lot of kids, especially girls. Although this review is from the perspective of an adult, my young niece with whom I watched it enjoyed the show and agreed with my assessment that this is pleasant, family entertainment which falls short of being essential due to a lack of excitement, drama and engrossing story lines.
videorama-759-859391 Here's a show adults and kids will love. This show just grew on me. Now, it's like I've taken this addictive candy. The characters are well devised, Mortified perfectly explains how this girl feels all the time with her larger than life parents, slight nut jobs, who are just a hoot. I love 'em. Taylor has an older bitchy sister. She has a best friend, Hector, slightly bucktoothed, an outcast like her. She has a rival, neighbour friend, a Ms squeaky clean of equivalent age, while she and her other friend hang around with the school stud Leon. What's ironic here, my dad's name was Leon. He's a good looking guy, always has been. He had a workmate, Who first was an employee of my Dads. His name was Hector, and wasn't so fortunate in the looks department, and is no longer with us any more. Every shows a misadventure thanks to the kooky parents, the Dad way out there, just cracks me up. Shot on the southern side of the Gold Coast, it does offer some nice background shots, where at times, you forget you're at this location, you get so wrapped up in the story. The song rocks too. The beautiful Marny Kennedy, who's just a gifted actress, is the next star on the rise. I would say the next Emily Browning. Whatever, you can be sure we haven't seen the last of her. In the meantime, I'm just happy with her being Taylor, in this hit show of non stop laughs, each episode, always an adventure. God knows what those parents will do next. It's frightening.
blackSyndicate_VS_ahtnam This is one of the greatest shows that I have watched!!! It has a little pinch on Drama and lots of Comedy! My favorite character is Brittany (Maia Mitchell) It's about an eleven year old girl named Taylor Fry. She has a best friend named Hector. Hector has a huge crush on Taylor but Taylor likes, Leon, her classmate. She has another friend named Brittany. She is the most popular girl in school. Brittany is the neighbor of Taylor. Taylor lives in a small, simple but nice house while Brittany lives in a big mansion. Taylor is just an ordinary girl while Brittany is a very rich girl who belongs to a rich family. According to Taylor- Brittany has perfect, lips, perfect teeth, perfect nose, perfect brown eyes and perfect hair. So, after graduating Primary School, Taylor ends up with three new friends, Leon, Hector and Brittany.Taylor has an 'evil' 15 year old sister named Layla Fry. She not exactly 'evil' but she always tease her little sister of being a 'dork'. She always changes from one boyfriend to another. She's always chatting with friends and going out on concerts. Kind of like a wild child if you ask me. And she always call her parents 'dictators'. Although, deep deep down, Layla really cares and loves her family. She is very very beautiful. This character is acted by Dajana Cahill. Dajana is a great actress. She is great at playing the mean older sister of Taylor Fry (Marny Kennedy) Go Dajana!!!!
geffers This just a brilliant kids show. There's lots to make you smile, all the acting is spot on and the stories always have interesting twists.There's an element of fantasy in each episode, in the same way that the 70's series Billy Liar used to have Billy imagine his family in different (absurd) circumstances. Taylor talks to the camera frequently, usually to make an observation about her embarrassment from her family's antics.Her mother is into new-age, a relic from the hippy days of the sixties, her father is the Underpant King (selling undies, unashamedly). Her sister, fifteen, is constantly on the phone, and is treats her with the contempt expected. Her best friend is Hector, who is in love with her, although she has a thing for Leon, another boy in her class. Her neighbours are "perfect", with a princess of a daughter (but she later finds that perfection isn't quite as good as it is cracked up to be).The series (two so far) cover Taylor's last year at Primary School, and her first year at High School - new school, new embarrassments.The show always manages to surprise - animals, statues, and even shoes come to life at different times, and the dialogue is very witty. In short it's one of those TV programmes that is frankly too good to be kept just for children.