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8.4| TV-MA| en| More Info
Released: 09 October 2014 Ended
Producted By: Madhouse
Country: Japan
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All of a sudden, they arrived: parasitic aliens that descended upon Earth and quickly infiltrated humanity by burrowing into the brains of vulnerable targets. These insatiable beings acquire full control of their host and are able to morph into a variety of forms in order to feed on unsuspecting prey. Sixteen-year-old high school student Shinichi Izumi falls victim to one of these parasites, but it fails to take over his brain, ending up in his right hand instead. Unable to relocate, the parasite, now named Migi, has no choice but to rely on Shinichi in order to stay alive. Thus, the pair is forced into an uneasy coexistence and must defend themselves from hostile parasites that hope to eradicate this new threat to their species.

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HeadlinesExotic Boring
Ceticultsot Beautiful, moving film.
Abbigail Bush what a terribly boring film. I'm sorry but this is absolutely not deserving of best picture and will be forgotten quickly. Entertaining and engaging cinema? No. Nothing performances with flat faces and mistaking silence for subtlety.
Roman Sampson One of the most extraordinary films you will see this year. Take that as you want.
Platypuschow I want to like anime so much but seem to struggle to find things to my taste. I believe anime comes under three categories, the cutesy stuff (Dragonball/Naruto) the artistic epics (Ghibli) and the darker content (Death Note/Attack On Titan). The cutesy stuff doesn't appeal at all and sadly that seems to make up 90% of the anime industry.When it comes to series so far I haven't watched many and it looks like this.Death Note: 9 Attack On Titan: 8 Assassination Classroom: 8 Detroit Metal City: 7 Angel Cop: 6 Highschool Of The Dead: 6So I think I've been doing fairly well.I watched the two live action Parasyte movies first and really quite enjoyed them but was I ready for a 24 episode animated series?At first I was unimpressed, the music was fantastic that immediatly got my attention but the story was failing to grip me.The further in we went and the more it began to establish itself the better it got and by the end I was saddened that no second season had been made.Don't get me wrong Parasyte is flawed in many areas but manages to grip and entertain where it matters if you can get over the goofiness of a man and his talking hand.Suitably dark but very censored with cut away deaths Parasyte ticks the "Darker content" box for me and therefore it stood a chance from the outset and managed to appease me. Sadly the 20 minute episodes (Also made up of credits) made them feel far too fleeting.To summarize Parasyte is a lot of fun despite its flaws.The Good:Decent plotSome great sequencesVery enjoyable soundtrackThe Bad:Needlessly goofy in placesEpisodes have very minimal contentSome filler episodesThings I Learnt From This Series:When a show can make you re-evaluate mankinds place in the world its done a pretty good job
Shawn Colton Haynes-Boreanaz If you won't watch shows with violence or anything in the horror genre (even though this isn't scary), then you'll miss out on Parasyte the Maxim. I rated this show 10 out of 10. From start to finish, for 24 episodes, this show had no lulls. Don't let Parasyte's misspelled title or genre mislead you into thinking it's strange, it had intelligent dialogue and a well thought out plot. Also, this is one of the few continuation shows with its intended ending (i.e. the show didn't get canceled a season early).What everyone will like about the show are the artistry, action, and engaging characters. The artistry in combination with its premise distinguish Parasyte the Maxim. You will remember Migi. View a trailer because I don't want to spoil anything. You'll see his character design and the first of many action scenes. The characters are engaging because they're realistic. Time was clearly spent by artists and writers alike, searching for real, and relatable human interactions to put in the show. My Credibility: I'm not a fanatic of the anime genre I've seen the English subbed version twice, first in 2015 and again last month. I don't know if the English dub made changes to the script because I viewed only one episode. However (the parasite,) Migi had a much more appealing voice in the Japanese version. (I'm the type of person who really gets into a show or movie and dislikes when someone comments while it's playing because it takes me out of the moment.)Parasyte The Maxim stands out as a television show. Your genre preferences aside, this show tops most.
Lord Of Crows I normally don't like this style of anime with the jerky movements and anglicized Japanese characters but despite that I really enjoyed the well choreographed fights, brutal killing sequences, the urban Japanese environments, and the characterization of the parasytes themselves. There are several good fight sequences and one in particular at a Yakuza hideout was the biggest "WOW!" in the whole series. The most powerful parasyte was an excellent monster and the tension during the chase scenes were high. A couple of interesting plot twists at the end were well done.I was hooked immediately by this great premise: alien worms float down from the ether and invade humans with the intent to take over the brain of the victim. The victims then become monstrous cannibals that need to feast on humans to survive. The plot is excellent and explores deeply the topics of altruism, sacrifice, dealing with loss, the role of serial killers in nature, and it does a nice job damning certain qualities of humanity that have created over-population and pollution.The teen romance greatly detracted from the story and all the female characters were stereotyped as being annoying and clingy. I've noticed this with a lot of Japanese anime and I think it is a reflection of their culture. The only female character that was interesting was the parasyte Reiko. That explored some interesting ideas but I didn't totally buy the character arc for her nor the dramatic effect it had on Shinichi. Several characters who died did not garner any sympathy because of their illogical decisions (e.g. Kana). A lot of this was done to create drama but was too contrived. The sub-plot with the private investigator also didn't add much.The main character Shinichi and his parasyte Migi formed more of a symbiotic relationship and the character arc for Migi was very interesting. The climactic fight scene achieved exactly what the writer's wanted with this reader feeling deeply sympathetic for the parasyte that had evolved over time.If you can ignore the childish romantic sub-plots this story was very good sci-fi alien horror.
abhilash-nanda1988 Today when I sit to write about this series, I honestly fail to write anything bad about this series. In the past couple of years we have seen shows of immense potential and sheer popularity, a la SnK (a big fan here). However, I would this show is even better made than SnK.All the elements like action, drama, good soundtrack, romance are present and by Gods grace not just for the sake of it. It's a cocktail of these things added in the accurate proportion that give it the real natural feel.But according to me the real meat of the show is the character development of Shinichi and Migi. How they slowly and organically come to understand each other better as the show progresses. The philosophical talks they have and the justifications of their actions.If not absolute it surely is a master of character development.P.S.: Music is one of the best I have heard, after SnK.Can't honestly give is less then 10.10/10. Go watch it. It will show you we are.