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Released: 18 June 2004 Ended
Producted By: Disney Branded Television
Country: United States of America
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Meet the Diffy family, a futuristic family from the year 2121. When the eccentric dad, Lloyd, rents a time machine for their family vacation, everyone is excited. But then something goes wrong. Their time machine malfunctions and they are thrown out of the space/time continuum in the year 2004.


Comedy, Family, Kids

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HeraldRae what a joke
Afouotos Although it has its amusing moments, in eneral the plot does not convince.
Humaira Grant It’s not bad or unwatchable but despite the amplitude of the spectacle, the end result is underwhelming.
Zandra The movie turns out to be a little better than the average. Starting from a romantic formula often seen in the cinema, it ends in the most predictable (and somewhat bland) way.
Floated2 its a pretty good show to watch, there are many great things about Phil of the future. Its very original and kinda funny sometimes. I love how they use all the cool gadgets and devices from the future. The plot is very neat and cool. all the characters fit in their roles well and the season gets better as its goes on. The first season was good then the second season got much better. Phil was more older and the story turned a little but it was still the same. Pim is still a fat little bi*** but that okay.Its a great show to watch, its a shame the show went very quickly, there should have been more episodes but oh well, it was great while it lasted.I highly recommend people to watch this show
bkoganbing According to Phil of the Future we're destined for all kinds of good things in the next century. Time travel will be a regular thing and folks will be able to take family vacations in say, ancient Pompeii. I say established and not perfected. Because when the family camper that doubles as a time machine breaks down in the beginning of the 21st century, that's a bummer.Until repairs are made you just make do. Which is what the Diffy family which includes Craig Anton as Dad, Lise Simms as Mom, Amy Bruckner as the younger sister and the title role played by Disney bubble gum heartthrob Ricky Ullman. Oh and there's also the caveman hitchhiker they picked up, Curtis played by J.P. Manoux. He's had the biggest adjustment problem.It's not the best Disney comedy series from a studio that puts them out like an assembly line. Phil of the Future has completed its run now and it's lasted for three seasons which seems to be the average for a Disney show. The studio seems to yank them in order to keep pushing fresh new faces before the American public and before that public gets tired of the shows.Two people garnered the biggest laughs in this show. The first was Amy Bruckner as Pym Diffy the younger sister. She hates the backward 21st century with a passion. But since she's so far advanced than the other kids she's trying to blend in with, her bids for megalomaniacal control become funny because they were so ludicrous. If she were a bit more serious the girl could be a 21st century Ayatollah.The second is J.P. Manoux who also doubles as the fussy Vice Principal of their school as well as the troglodyte Curtis. He suspects something's not kosher with the Diffys and every week he keeps trying to find out. Some of his material is really funny.Disney has done better and done worse with its television series than Phil of the Future. But they're keeping it together just as best as they can.
sashank_kini-1 I only see this show whenever no other show runs on the television. This show is about a family from the future stuck in the present world due to a faulty time machine. Phil is the lead character, Lloyd is his father, Lisse Simms is his mother and Pim is his sister. Phil has some friends but his best friend is Keely. There is also an ape called Curtis. About the acting, I feel that Phil is a good actor but can improve his acting a lot. I cannot feel his emotions during the show. Keely is a better actress who does show her feelings pretty well but tends to be a bit stupid at times. Lloyd's problem is that he is always shown as a worried man, and does not have much of a role. Lisse does not fulfill her motherly qualities. Curtis has to behave a bit more ancestor type. He is shown too stupid as an ancestor. Now about Pim. She is the world's worst actress who is a rude, snobbish girl who spoils the show. She is shown to be rude to her brother, her teachers, her friends and also tells lies to her parents. This is not at all the way a girl should behave. Her acting is also hopeless. Her friend in the show, Debora or something like that, is a much better actress who is sweet and polite, a perfect girl.The plots of this show are good and different but the show becomes boring as all the lines spoken in the show are not so memorable or new. Even the characters behave oddly and so do the teachers in the show.The show is pretty dull and so I rate it a... 5 out of ten.
Bradboy1029 Lets get things straight, the plot is way to obviously obvious. The Acting is terrible, worse then The Suite Life of Zack and Cody (but I actually like that show) Ricky Ullman has been praised in the Disney Channel Studio for some reason after that retarded movie Pixel Perfect and started to be loved by the Channel.Alyson McShacka or however you spell it is the only one who is a kid that can act. She is pretty also, but I don't understand how they try to get Phil and Her together if they are 100 years apart. But she is a good actor and has a career going for her on Disney Channel.I forgot the name but, Pim, is the worst actor in the entire show, she can not act evil and Ricky Ullman and Pim cannot switch because they can't act in the first place.The Parents, they are some of my favorite characters. They save the show if it is getting boring. 'Nough said.Curtis and Mr. Hackett are the funniest characters and no one can change that beside the fact that they stopped making the episode.Well, it is a bad show, but the last characters make the show better Thank you for your time