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6.6| TV-G| en| More Info
Released: 28 August 1993 Ended
Producted By: Disney Branded Television
Country: United States of America
Budget: 0
Revenue: 0
Official Website: http://www.powerrangers.com

A team of teenagers with attitude are recruited to save Angel Grove from the evil witch, Rita Repulsa, and later, Lord Zedd, Emperor of all he sees, and their horde of monsters.

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Power Rangers Audience Reviews

Scanialara You won't be disappointed!
Lovesusti The Worst Film Ever
MusicChat It's complicated... I really like the directing, acting and writing but, there are issues with the way it's shot that I just can't deny. As much as I love the storytelling and the fantastic performance but, there are also certain scenes that didn't need to exist.
Guillelmina The film's masterful storytelling did its job. The message was clear. No need to overdo.
zkonedog Reviewing "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" and keeping some sort of perspective is quite difficult. Put simply, this show might as well be called the "soundtrack to my childhood", as I was obsessed with it in only that way one can be obsessed by something when they are 7-8 years old. This was the show that "taught me how to watch serialized television", for better or worse (!).The basic setup for the show is that five "teenagers with attitude" from Angel Grove (might as well be a Los Angeles suburb) are recruited by old sage (and he of the disembodied head) Zordon (David J. Fielding) to fight against the evil forces of Rita Repulsa, whose monsters are always intent on destroying the city and taking over the world. Jason (Austin St. John), Zack (Walter Jones), Kimberly (Amy Jo Johnson), Trini (Thuy Trang), and Billy (David Yost) step into the roles of Red, Black, Pink, Yellow, & Blue Power Rangers, respectively, sworn to protect Angel Grove and the world from whatever invaders Rita may send down upon them.On the fringes of the action (at least to start out with) are the comical Bulk (Paul Schrier) & Skull (Jason Narvy) duo, as well as the mysterious Green Ranger Tommy Oliver (Jason David Frank), who may or may not be on the Rangers' side.The actual "Ranger" action sequences are taken wholesale from the Japanese series "Super Sentai" and dubbed over, giving the entire experience a rather bizarre (yet distinctive feel).As a child, this show completely mesmerized me...almost to the point of obsession sometimes. It was the perfect show for young kids (probably young boys especially, although enough female characters are on the show to not push it too far away from a "girl market") during its era. Looking back from an adult perspective, however, the show comes off as incredibly cheesy/hokey...things that never even registered on "young me's" radar! The teen rangers are total goody-goodies, Bulk & Skull get annoying quickly, and the episodes (for the most part) follow the exact same pattern. Shakespeare this is not, if you get my drift. This is the kind of fare that captured lightning in a bottle, pumped out as many episodes as possible to capitalize, and put quality storytelling on the back burner because the primary audience didn't care about it anyway.How in the world does one rate an experience like this? I've settled on an "ambivalent 7". I can't rate it any higher, as it truly does not deserve it, but I can't rank it any lower for how thoroughly it entranced me as a child.Most interesting, however, is how each season of this original run was quite different from the others:Season 1: What I would consider "Classic Power Rangers". With the exception of a very intriguing Green Ranger angle, these episodes are formulaic almost down to the minute: Intro, Rita builds monster, sends putties, Rangers defeat putties/monsters, Rita makes monsters grow, Rangers use Zords to defeat monster, positive/humorous message in closing scene. Minus the Green Ranger, every episode this season follows that same exact pattern. There is a certain charm to this (knowing exactly what to expect each 17 minutes), but it does get old rather quickly.Season 2: Right from the get-go, it is clear that a bit more effort is being put into the stories during this campaign. More multi-part episodes are seen, and over-arching plot lines are introduced and followed-up on pretty constantly. That being said, however, the "camp humor" aspect is gone, as now everyone is in on the joke. A show like Power Rangers can only really work with the main players being deadly serious (as that is the joke to begin with). As soon as Zordon starts joking around, for example, the shark has been jumped.Lord Zedd (Robert Axelrod) replaces Rita as the main villain, and at least at first this is a big boost, as Zedd brings a real menace that Rita always lacked. While Rita was always played for laughs, Zedd is much more imposing and awe-inspiring (especially for the kiddies!). Again, however, by the end of the season Zedd is turned rather comical as well.Not helping matters is that that three new Rangers replace Jason, Zack, & Trini: Rocky (Steve Cardenas), Adam (Johnny Yong Bosch), and Aisha (Karan Ashley). This seems like a big moment when it happens, but the "Original Five" Rangers had formed such a chemistry together that it quickly turns into a letdown. The formula is re-branded as Tommy (now the White Ranger) ostensibly leading the group, but it just doesn't work as well as "the classics" did.Season 3: Everything takes a nose-dive in the final campaign. I can honestly say I haven't come close to watching all the episodes in this season, as they are just so disappointing and bland. Clearly, the lightning was no longer in the bottle (or even in the general vicinity) by this point in the show's run. It is probably a good thing the show spun off into other incarnations after this, as it truly needed a fresh start."Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" will always hold a special place in my nostalgic heart. It was the first serialized show I watched live, and had a huge impact in my subsequent TV fare. Sure, it is cheeseball kids TV at its finest, but it felt special at the time because there weren't 15 other shows of the same ilk airing beside it on Disney or Nick. As an adult now, I can see all the show's numerous foibles and faults, but that chill down the spine when "It's Morphin' Time!" and the music kicks in will never go away each and every episode. The show deserves my respect, at the very least, for that.
moviemattb "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" has always been part of my childhood, and now looking back at it as an adult it stills hold up. It may by cheesy, but it is still a fun show to watch. Most of the action are still awesome with some awesome music and songs by Ron Wasserman. The humor is indeed funny when you have Bulk and Skull in it. The cast did what they have to do and I really do enjoy watching them. Austin St. John will always be the best Red Ranger as much as I like Steve Cardenas. Jason David Frank may be remember as the White Ranger, but he will always be the awesome Green Ranger. Johnny Yong Bosch and Walter Jones were great as the Black Ranger. Same goes to Thuy Trang (May She Rest In Peace) and Karan Ashley as the Yellow Ranger. Even Amy Jo Johnson and Catherine Sutherland as the Pink Ranger. David Yost was really good as the Blue Ranger. The villains such as Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa are really the villains that you love to hate. I do enjoy the suits that the rangers wore and the effects of course look pretty corny, but hey its the 90s and I love it! As I watch the show, I can just turn off my brain and enjoy its mindless entertainment! There are parts that don't make sense, but again it still is a fun show to watch. I love it before and I love it now! "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" is a classic show of the 90s and it is indeed MORPHINOMINAL! I give the show a 10 out of 10!
ultramatt2000-1 I never liked that show to begin with. (crowd boos) Wait, wait, wait. If you can all shut up for a moment I can explain. I was 12. When it first came on I thought it was going to be cool, but it was stupid with a capital S. It was very predictable and awful. I was more into SCOOBY-DOO, TINY TOON ADVENTURES and THE CHARLIE BROWN AND SNOOPY SHOW. I wasn't so into it. The main villains are annoying and the sight of the monsters make me want to stick to all things GODZILLA and GAMERA. Here's how it goes: 1. The teens are having a good time. 2. The villain unleashes a monster to cause panic leading to... 3. The teens turning into the Power Rangers to fight the minions and monster. But once the minions are down this goes to... 4. The villain grows makes the monster grow big. 5. The Rangers need Dino-Zord power which leads to... 6. The destruction of the monster and the villain goes yammering about and won't shut up about the fact the no matter how many times the villain brings up the monster the Power Rangers destroy it.This show is not for everybody. Stick to ANIMANIACS, BATMAN THE ANIMATED SERIES, TINY TOON ADVENTURES. This show is not my cup of tea. Yeah, yeah, I almost forgot. There were reports on how violent it was and there were parodies (like the one in ANIMANIACS). By the way, this has been another "Matthew Rants".
StuOz This Power Rangers show has been around for a while. I was even an extra in the Australian filmed Power Rangers: The Movie of 1995! So I have had an up close look and feel of this production. Many say the much later New Zealand filmed Power Rangers shows are crap, and while I agree the series has gone on for too long, I am still able to watch the New Zealand shows when I am not feeling too demanding.Last night I watched some of the old 1993 shows and I must may say they stand the test of time rather well. I am an adult with childish viewing tastes and I feel television always needs a series filled with action, monsters, humour and crazy young people. Power Rangers, both 1990s stuff and 2000s stuff, really does provide that.Note: Power Rangers Turbo/PR In Space are a knockout!