Remember Me


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Released: 23 November 2014 Ended
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Country: United Kingdom
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Three-part contemporary ghost story set in Yorkshire. Tom Parfitt's arrival at a local retirement home leads to an eerie unexpected death.

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Claysaba Excellent, Without a doubt!!
Tacticalin An absolute waste of money
Maidexpl Entertaining from beginning to end, it maintains the spirit of the franchise while establishing it's own seal with a fun cast
Raymond Sierra The film may be flawed, but its message is not.
mary rose I love a good horror movie. One of my favorites being Ghost Story. And I love Hitchcock. This one reminds me of combination of the two. Hitchcock was good at making us the viewer use our imagination. This does that. Now I am not one who gets scared watching horror movies, but for some reason this one made me want to watch it in the morning rather than at night before bed. Yes, it's slow paced, but the suspense would not be there if it moved too fast. After all it's only 3 episodes. I do wish Palin would appear more. This was done in 2014, but for whatever reason PBS is just airing it.
Eliz Willingham Sadly full of nothing except a flat concept and dragging script. Ironically, not worth "remembering" except as an object lesson. Efforts at horror and suspense are clumsy and annoying—even laughable. Highly repetitive not-very-special effects—involving water dripping, water running, floor creaking, doors and other objects moving of their own accord, crashing (sound), noise off, vibration (visuals and sound), distressed onlookers, lights and shadows, a silly apparition, a reappearing small cowrie (shell), "Scarborough Fair" (as a song, tune, sheet music), intermittent shots of sky, beach, and buildings—and an hour of incoherent, uninteresting events don't make a plot, don't persuade the viewer to care for the characters, and fail to create interest in what happens next. Palin does little and the female lead somewhat more, but their efforts are mired in what seems to be a weak concept that is poorly realized. Set decoration is admirable in some ways and camera work is adept, but it must have been a bit boring behind that camera. The supporting cast (characters in the neighborhood and nursing home) does admirable work. The detective is the most compelling—and memorable—character in "Remember Me."
Rui del-Negro It's hard to understand how a series with a nearly perfect first episode can crumble into something that makes even the worst X-Files episodes seem clever and consistent by comparison.The actors, director and cinematographer try their best, but there's just no way to overlook the plot holes, the illogical behaviour of the characters, the awkward dialogues, and the repetitive use of dramatic music and "spooky" effects to manipulate the audience into thinking the story has any substance.Watch the first episode and make up your own ending; it will save you two hours of your life and a large dose of disappointment.
lloyd150 Feeling disappointed with this British horror. It started slow and I was hopeful that the second part may pick up. However this was not the case and if anything it got slower with more questions than answers. It did build up the atmosphere but did little or nothing with it. I felt the characters were not developed enough for me to care about them. The 'victims' were minor players in the first two episodes. Michael Palin is a good actor but he has little to work with. The other actors have even less to work with. The detective does not really do much until the final episode and by then I was past caring. He seemed incompetent and disinterested. The ending was very poor and did not justify three hours of slow drama to get there.