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Released: 06 October 1999 Ended
Producted By: 20th Century Fox Television
Country: United States of America
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Bizarre things start happening in the little New Mexico town where UFOs were spotted in 1947. Cut to 1999, when a cute high-school student saves the life of a teenage waitress. Surrounded by cliques of clever, angst-filled classmates, the two form a bond that threatens the survival of a secret universe involving superhuman powers, a yen for hot sauce and an alien gene pool.

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Glucedee It's hard to see any effort in the film. There's no comedy to speak of, no real drama and, worst of all.
Tayloriona Although I seem to have had higher expectations than I thought, the movie is super entertaining.
Kaydan Christian A terrific literary drama and character piece that shows how the process of creating art can be seen differently by those doing it and those looking at it from the outside.
Matylda Swan It is a whirlwind of delight --- attractive actors, stunning couture, spectacular sets and outrageous parties.
Thu Dinh I would like to start this review out with saying that I really enjoyed watching Roswell. I'm really disappointed that they were only able to do three seasons. My opinion is that the storyline had great potential.First off, I would like to praise all the actors' contribution to the series. I think they managed to portray the characters in a brilliant way. Everyone except Shiri Appleby. I think they could've casted a better actor for the role o Liz. I don't know what it is... But Appleby made me want to stop watching the show during it's second season. It had nothing to do with what Liz did, it was because of how Appleby portrayed Liz. Secondly... What the writers of the show seemed to forget often were their age. The characters were portrayed as old and wise. Liz and Max early decided they were meant to be and they rushed to the alter after they graduated high school, at the age of 18. Yes, their love was beautiful and inspiring, but when you realize they're only about 15-16 years old the first season it soon becomes ridiculous. The fact that they rushed off to the alter at the age of 18 makes the end a bit... ridiculous. They were so young at that time and to think they would stick together after getting out to the "real" world seems a bit naive. So, now I'm done with the biggest issues I had with the show.I would like to praise Katherine Heigl for an EXCELLENT job. She is always excellent as an actress and there was no difference here. I did not always like her character, but she always portrayed Isabel in an amazing way. I would also like to thank the creators and the writers for giving us an amazing show. If only it could've lasted longer...
rachelpoe86 I think Roswell should be revived in some way like a movie or something I have been watching it on netflix for the last couple of days and I can't help starting it over and watching it again i want more and more and more i think it could have lasted a longer and i think there should be more to max and Liz i think the lovers of Roswell should come together and and get the producers to bring it back i need more of Jason behr. like the sexual healing episode wow why didn't they have more like that? y were there sexual scenes with everyone on the the show besides max and liz? i did not understand that at all they showed max with two women they showed Isabelle with her husband they showed Micheal and maria why why why was there not one with the two main characters the two that started the hole thing y? i want more now that TV has changed think about what they could do with this show now it's an awesome idea
hendra_setiawan_1980 At first, I thought it's gonna be something like Star Trek or Stargate. I patiently watched the show for 2 seasons to wait for something "exciting", but nope. Just a story of raging teenager hormones and some alien thingy as side dish. Imagine that, the show claims to carry the alien theme, yet the display of anything alien is so little to none. I still give it four instead of one because I was rather "excited" at the end of season 1 where alien enemy is revealed. Oh yeah, finally something alien that's not involved in face sucking or hormone related lover quarrels. But soon I become disappointed at how the story finally reverted back to hormones. At the end of season 2, I just couldn't take it anymore. I opened wikipedia to see how season 3 had in store for me, and yes, further disappointment. Lucky I haven't downloaded anything yet. For teenagers who crave to be "special" (as in dreaming of having special powers or the desire to be "important"), this show is just the thing to help you feel special or important. But to those who wishes to seek sci-fi or alien, my suggestion? move on to the next show. Hell, even V is way better than this.
dollarbillsemail (CAPTIVATING SEASON-1) I've always had a keen interest in the actual Roswell crash. So,for me,the show "Roswell" was a natural. It would be the first prime time sci-fi show to feature teenagers as the stars and they all looked like average kids that you would find in any high school. With any great show,you'll find that the cast members are a perfect fit. "Roswell" was certainly that. With any new show,you need to grab your audience in the pilot episode,which they did. Then,you need to hold that audience for the next few episodes,which they did not. Episodes 1.2 through 1.5 were merely get to know the characters type episodes. Fortunately,things took a turn for the better. Beginning with episode 1.6 and in subsequent episodes,they uncover a number of artifacts and a series of clues in their quest to discover who they are,where they came from and why they're here. Then,with episode 1.17,came the two best additions to the show,the father-daughter team of Ed and Tess Harding. Jim Ortlieb would play Ed "Nasedo" Harding,a quirky,straight forward,no nonsense shape shifter and occasional killer with a deadpan odd ball sense of humor. Emilie de Ravin would play Tess Harding,a gorgeous vixen mystery girl with secrets and agendas,,the fourth alien,having knowledge of the royal four's previous lives and who holds the answers that the others seek. Both actors totally nailed their characters and brought a whole new dimension to the show. The writers created the Tess character to move along the "past lives" alien storyline and to place a wedge between sweethearts Max and Liz. It served to stir things up and bring turmoil within the group,something that had been lacking up to that point. In episode 1.22,the season finale,Max learned that he was,indeed,supposed to be with Tess and not Liz. The Max-Liz fan base was in an uproar. They hated the Tess character. They hated Emilie for playing Tess. They hated the writers for doing it. Those fans were short sighted. Max and Liz were the stars of the show. The show was built around them. No matter what happened,they would be together in the end. Anything that takes place in between is just good drama. I want to mention here that the writing in season-1 was exceptional. All of the episodes were very good or better and the story line had a smooth flow throughout. (ACTION PACKED SEASON-2) If you like action,this was your season. The stories became more dramatic as well,bringing forth the shows best episodes. On the down side,you had the shows first clunkers. Episodes 2.8 and 2.9 were laughable duds. This is also the season where things began to unravel. From episode 2.1 through 2.15,all was well. It was shaping up that each alien would be paired off with a human,Max-Liz,Michael-Maria,Isabel-Alex and Tess-Kyle. Then,In episode,2.16,Kyle tells Tess that he regards her more as a sister and not a love interest and Max drops Liz in favor of Tess. In episode 2.17,Alex is killed off. In episode 2.18,they broke the cardinal Romeo-Juliet rule by having Max and Tess consummate their relationship. Now,Liz would have damaged goods. There's no way to fix that. In episode 2.21,they tried to make Nesado and Tess the villains. Nesado could have killed the royal four at any time. Instead,he protected them and saved them countless times,as did Tess. So,none of these radical changes made any sense. Anyway,the show was cancelled. (FORGETTABLE SEASON-3) When UPN picked up the cancelled show for a season-3,viewers were delighted and eagerly anticipated that the aliens,at some point,would return to Antar to do battle with Kavar. Instead,we got the Jesse-Isabel spin off show. Everything that made the first two seasons enjoyable was gone. No longer was West Roswell High the focal point of the show. Nasedo was gone. Except for a couple of ghostly apparition appearances,Alex was gone. Unbeknown to us at the start of the season was that Tess had also been written out of the show. Without Tess,there was no catalyst. No evil aliens this season either. BORING! The one bright spot of the season was episode 3.17,when Tess returned with baby Zan. There was blood,gore,death,destruction,mayhem…..a great episode. Now,we come to the series finale,the episode that should leave everyone warm and fuzzy. Unfortunately,episode 3.18 was a pitiful ridiculous mess. All season long,Max declared,"I have to get my son back". When he finally did get him back,he immediately put him up for adoption. WHAT? Are Max,Isabel and Michael going to return to Antar to rescue Max and Isabel's real mother and free their enslaved people from evil Kavar,as they were created to do? NO! Instead,in an extremely cowardly manner,like draft dodgers heading up to Canada,they're going to go off and do their own thing. WHAT? Isabel tells her husband Jesse,"You're not part of this. Go back to your law practice". He says,"Okay,bye". WHAT? Yet,Kyle is allowed to go along with them on his odyssey of self discovery. WHAT? With Roswell swarming with special agents and the military,the group just drives out of Roswell uncontested in their hippie mobile. WHAT? Max and Liz get married. WOW! Like we didn't know that would happen from day one. The writer of this episode shouldn't be allowed to handle crayons,let alone a keyboard. You can always tell when viewers are frustrated and dissatisfied with the things that go on within a show…..they write fanfics. Well,this show had a gazillion of them. In short,this show stayed one season too long at the dance and took many wrong turns,which lead to it's demise.