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Released: 06 September 1999 Ended
Producted By: Hartbreak Films
Country: United States of America
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Sabrina: The Animated Series is an American animated television series based on the Archie Comics character Sabrina, the Teenage Witch. It was produced by Savage Studios Ltd. and Hartbreak Films in association with DIC Entertainment, which was owned by Disney at the time. The cartoon series is a spin-off of the popular live action series that ran on ABC. Later, a movie, Sabrina: Friends Forever, and a spin-off series, Sabrina's Secret Life, were produced by DiC, this time without the ownership of Disney. Reruns currently air on the "This Is for Kids" block on the TV channel This.

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HeraldRae what a joke
Evengyny Thanks for the memories!
Console best movie i've ever seen.
Bergorks If you like to be scared, if you like to laugh, and if you like to learn a thing or two at the movies, this absolutely cannot be missed.
FanofAnime1 I actually watched this show when I was little and really enjoyed it. It was one of my favorite shows. Everyone who hates it, hates it just because it isn't the same as the sitcom. Well, it isn't based on the sitcom; it's based on the comic. Plus, what point was there of having exactly the same show, only animated? Of course it had to be different. Also, it was meant for a younger demographic, so of course it was going to be sugar coated and the characters were going to be younger. I feel that instead of comparing the two, just focus on the actual show you are reviewing. I know the show isn't perfect. I know that the storyline was repeated, but most cartoons(even classics like Scooby Doo) did the same thing. I know the animation isn't top notch, but not many animated TV shows at the time were. I personally was never bothered by the animation. Trust me, there are worse examples of animation. I would judge the animation in this show to be about average. I know it was educational, but I don't see the harm in that. What's so bad about educational shows? If a kid could be entertained and educated, I don't see what's wrong with that. I know the characters are bland and stereotypical. But in the end, it is a fun show to watch for kids. I loved this show as a kid. I watched it every Saturday morning. I even watch it every now and then for nostalgia reasons. While I can see why people can dislike this show, I don't see any reason to HATE it. It's an okay show that I personally enjoyed and still enjoy watching.
Ginger87 "Sabrina The Animated Series" really wasn't that bad. I was always a fan of "Sabrina The Teenage Witch" and I was excited when this show premiered. I watched it the first day it aired and found the series to be really cute. I liked the fact that Sabrina was 12, the same age as me at the time. I also liked how Aunt Hilda and Zelda were younger. They were cooler. Salem was hysterical like how he was in the sitcom.My favorite episodes were"Send in the Clones", "WorkingWitches", "Witch Switch "and "Brina Baby". These episodes were great. My favorite characters were Salem and Harvey(he was so cute)!I liked this series and was glad that it wasn't exactly like the sitcom. Otherwise it would have been really boring having two shows EXACTLY THE SAME! "Sabrina The Animated Series" deserves 9/10 stars!
dootuss I hate this show so much! It's so stupid, and inaccurate! Why is Sabrina in Junior High in this cartoon, and her aunts are witches dressed a hippies?! Her aunts are adults on the sitcom, but they looked like they came out of the 60's or something in this cartoon! Plus a lot of the characters on this show aren't even on the sitcom either! All in all, this show is utter crap, and I for one, am glad it got canned!
imdb-127 As a devoted rec.arts.animation reader, I don't believe I've ever read a single positive comment about "Sabrina: The Animated Series". Although being 21 and watching a series about a junior high schooler with magic powers is a bit embarassing to admit, "Sabrina" is one of the few animated series I watch regularly and the only series that doesn't center around action/adventure. Despite a tremendous number of episodes that have been written -- 65 episodes as I write this, and presumably still more are in production -- the show is and consistent in quality and avoids being overly repetitive, despite somewhat frequent recycling of plots. It's one of just a few cartoons that has made me laugh out loud. Although the animation is a little on the simple side, the style reflects the light, fun energy of the writing. I would hardly consider it to be the best animated series currently on the air, but I find "Sabrina" to be quite entertaining. It clearly seems to be geared towards upper elementary/early junior high students. Younger children probably won't find it very appealing, but aside from the junior set, "Sabrina" comes recommended.