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5.5| TV-PG| en| More Info
Released: 23 April 2013 Returning Series
Producted By: DC Comics
Country: United States of America
Budget: 0
Revenue: 0
Official Website: https://www.cartoonnetwork.com/video/teen-titans-go/index.html

Robin, Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy and Cyborg return in all-new, comedic adventures. They may be super heroes who save the world every day ... but somebody still has to do the laundry!

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Teen Titans Go! Audience Reviews

Greenes Please don't spend money on this.
ShangLuda Admirable film.
Odelecol Pretty good movie overall. First half was nothing special but it got better as it went along.
Quiet Muffin This movie tries so hard to be funny, yet it falls flat every time. Just another example of recycled ideas repackaged with women in an attempt to appeal to a certain audience.
xongames Teen Titans was a beloved show on Cartoon Network, with a mix of comedy, drama, and action. There was character development for everyone, and no one were alike. Until 2013, they started airing this bucket of vomit. God, how is this show still airing to this day? Well, the kids SOMEHOW love it and they even made a movie. And the only thing the creators do about it is just spit in our faces about our desire for the return of the original Teen Titans. Like in the episode, Lets Get Serious, they mock the original Teen Titans in such a way that we know what the creators are trying to say to us. They just laugh at our complaints of this pile of junk. Please, if you are planning to ever watch the movie, just don't. Or at least try to watch the show first.
jkehew This show is an insult to the name Teen Titans. The show was a comedy, but it was balanced by some good action. But this is more slice of life-y. It also takes up all of the programming on Cartoon Network, leaving little room for other shows.
joshuadelozier This is the worst show in history the original teen titans is way better and it should have never been taken off the air.
benkhmatheson I hate this show but I realize that the jokes are cheesy because it is geared towards little children. Let's face it. More cartoon shows these days are aimed towards little children and don't contain the more mature themes.