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Released: 12 October 2017 Ended
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A comedy series about what really happens behind the scenes of a massive stand-up comedy tour.

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Sexyloutak Absolutely the worst movie.
Megamind To all those who have watched it: I hope you enjoyed it as much as I do.
Derry Herrera Not sure how, but this is easily one of the best movies all summer. Multiple levels of funny, never takes itself seriously, super colorful, and creative.
Raymond Sierra The film may be flawed, but its message is not.
benjybronk This is honestly one of the funniest television shows I have ever seen and it's a shame it was on BET because if it was on any other channel it would have been a much bigger deal. If you are fans of any of these guys, do yourself a favor and watch this show immediately. The first episode isn't the greatest but sets up the character White Terry. I, like the two people who reviewed this previously, was not the biggest fan of the first episode and wasn't completely sold on the series after I saw the second either, it wasn't until the third episode that the show hit its stride and I literally laughed from start to finish. I then decided to stick with it till the end. I am so glad I did, episodes 3 -8 and after has been a Non-Stop laughfest that has made those 5 episodes, honestly 5 of my favorite episodes of Television ever (the remaining 2 will air this month)In the first episode, they're acting was not the best but it quickly gets better and the one-liners and jokes will have you laughing from beginning to end, if you have a good sense of humor and aren't easily offended. If you want a good gauge of whether you should watch the show or not, put on episode 4 and just watch the first few minutes where Charlie Murphy and Cedric the Entertainer talk to a football player about free tickets. If you don't think what Charlie Murphy says about his sister is one of the funniest f****** things you've ever heard, you should just put something else on because you obviously don't like comedy. If you crack up after Charlie Murphy's line, you Should Skip back to episode 3 and get prepared to laugh until your stomach hurts. Eddie Griffin and George Lopez stealing that crippled kids weed spray is hilarious, at one point Eddie, trying to spray George in the with the weed spray (after he asked him to) and accidentally gets him in the eye, Eddie then goes to apologize and George Cuts him off, saying " f*** it it gets in your system quicker, "hit me again" and Eddie sprays the weed spray in his eye again. I didn't even know George Lopez smoked. Even if you aren't fans of these entertainers themselves you should give the show a chance because, funny is funny.And for all the reviewers out there, could you guys please stop wanting to be the first first to review a show and just wait a couple episodes until giving your opinion? No shows can truly be judged from a pilot and doing so can effect if others will give it a chance or not. I wish IMDB would prevent people from reviewing a television show until at least the second episode airs.RIP Charlie Murphy. Darkness.
rohanmarks Cedric, Lopez, Hughley,Griffin and Charlie Murphy!!! It's not about the plot, it's about seeing these guys on the same screen. If you miss Charlie Murphy, this series will bring a lot of smiles. For the fans, it is so easy to love this series! There are a few cameos also from other big actors and artists. Each episode spends a focus on one of the stars. It is a bit paint by numbers with the plot, but that is all you need when the stars are just that naturally funny.
Dr_Sagan Five *BEEP* are decided to do a comedic series together. Their main attraction is to say words like *BEEP*, *BEEP*, *BEEP* and *BEEP* and sometimes the occasional *BEEP*.The acting is total *BEEP*. And the jokes are *BEEP* and *BEEP* based solely on *BEEP*.One thing I didn't know, was that Eddie Murphy had a brother who died from leukemia on April 12, 2017, at the age of 57.I just watched the pilot which basically was about the word *BEEP* and how many times can someone endure to hear such words in the course of an episode of a TV comedy.I don't know if there is an uncensored version of this but in what I watched there was a constant *BEEP* sound in almost every sentence.The whole premise is moronic and the execution terrible. Also take notice of the "assistant" who is "white/caucasian" running stressed up and down to please his colored masters.So I'm not gonna check another episode.Overall: *BEEP*, *BEEP*, and *BEEP*. Not to mention *BEEP*..
matthijsalexander After seeing the pilot I was slightly depressed, has Comedy truly died? Or have these men tried to kill Comedy? Is this a science-project gone wrong? How is a dude getting the wrong pie funny? The cheap attempt of these comedians by exploiting the N-word is a clear signal that they lack the collective ability/intelligence to be creative, such a shame.None of them are good actors. Ice T is generally the one that messes up Law and Order as a poor actor, so his contribution here must have been much appreciated. What the story is about exactly is quite a mystery, I think it's just a bunch of dudes trying very hard to be funny.I was really surprised. On IMDb there were no reviews, no-one has even bothered to make a 'synopsis' (if possible at all) or description. Reviews, none. As this empty shell of a show is perhaps unreviewable.