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Released: 16 June 2002 Canceled
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Country: United States of America
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Johnny Smith discovers he has developed psychic abilities after a coma.


Drama, Sci-Fi

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The Dead Zone Audience Reviews

Marketic It's no definitive masterpiece but it's damn close.
Comwayon A Disappointing Continuation
Philippa All of these films share one commonality, that being a kind of emotional center that humanizes a cast of monsters.
Raymond Sierra The film may be flawed, but its message is not.
Brendon572 This is a great Show, it is based on stephen king's book which is great because usually Stephen king adaptions work out great! The acting was decent and the special effects were nice, and the story was entertaining, but I will have to agree with other reviewers and say that the story started to get a bit dull during the 4th and 5th seasons, but after the events of season 5, the story picks up big time after Walt dies.I mean wow! what a ride season 6 was, but I was very disappointed to find out that The Dead Zone was canceled after season 7, which means that mostly likely, all these questions that are left unanswered, and this great story that was really starting to get interesting, will never be answered or given a proper conclusion. I'd really like to know if John has what it takes to stop Armageddon from happening, and what role JJ would play since he now has visions just like his father does now. It's really sad browsing through netflix, finding a great shows like this one that is really interesting/good, only to find out that the show wasn't, and probably never will be, concluded. I hope that one day this show can be picked up and finished in the future, but I won't get my hopes up
marcus_stokes2000 *The Dead SPOILERS* Johnny Smith (Anthony Michael Hall) wakes up after six years of coma to find out that the whole world around him has changed; his girlfriend Sarah (Nicole DeBoer) has had a kid from him, but she's moved on and married another man, the town sheriff Walt Bannerman (Chris Bruno), his mother is dead...Everything's changed.Himself included.Because he seems to have acquired the power of precognition; by simply touching a thing or a person, Johnny can see into their past or future, a gift which he uses to help Bannerman whenever he can, but which sometimes can weigh a lot on him...I'm surprised by the high level of quality kept by 'The Dead Zone' after five seasons in writing, acting, directing and FX; it manages to never be banal and always fascinating.Of course, coming from a source material such as King's book...Anyway, don't miss it! The Dead Zone: 9/10.
Asteri-Atypical In a word of cardboard characters and poor writing, The Dead Zone is a joy to watch. I have enjoyed every episode and some episodes have been excellent.The only tragedy with this series is not with the series itself but with the way USA handles the scheduling and marketing. Most of the time I don't know when the season is going to begin or when the new episodes will air. Scheduling is erratic and promotion is often non existent. Someone in the USA main office must not want this show to succeed. Frankly, it's an amazing testament to the show's appeal that it still is in production despite this utter mismanagement.USA, please recognize the gem you have in both Monk and The Dead Zone and, at the very least, air them on a regular schedule on which we can rely.
dcobbimdb I saw this at blockbuster and figured "what the hell." It's Stephen King and about psychic stuff, so I figured I was pretty safe. All in all it was good. I haven't seen any of the series, though after seeing the pilot I may try to tune in. The story was good, but what I really liked the best was the visions flashes, especially when Anthony Michael Hall would sort of freeze frame on a vision and explore it. I'm a sucker for good effects and this movie had it (again, can't say anything for the series) but I was impressed with the level of detail in these freeze frame vision scenes, like rain drops and bomb fragments suspended in air, cool stuff. The `Movie' or pilot itself was well rounded in that it had a start, plot, and a finish, as to not leave you with a cliff hanger ending. If you're into Sci-Fi's & effects, check it out.