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Released: 15 November 2009 Ended
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Country: United States of America
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The Prisoner is a 2009 television miniseries based on the 1960s TV series The Prisoner about a man who awakens in a mysterious, picturesque village from which there is no escape and wonders who made the village and why. It was co-produced by American cable network AMC with the British channel ITV.

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Exoticalot People are voting emotionally.
GurlyIamBeach Instant Favorite.
Scarlet The film never slows down or bores, plunging from one harrowing sequence to the next.
Dana An old-fashioned movie made with new-fashioned finesse.
Wrightclairelouise The Prisoner (remake) loved it.... Sir Ian Mckellen was outstanding As in fact the whole cast was.Wonderful no words A real Snap short of humanity. Both heartbreaking and hopeful everyone should see. The writing was subtle and I found the actors them selfs, spoke volumes, When not a word was said. And the new character of 11-12 number 2 (Ian Mckellen) son, played by Jamie Campbell Bower ( this young talent, has such promise ) has indeed a true gift. Shows how this world they have created shapes and affects those who had no say in the matter.(humanity as a whole, if you will) And why they make the choices that will in fact define them. Utterly brilliant what TV should be like A journey
admatha-767-524200 I have no complaints with the acting in this movie - in fact the acting was the only part that I really enjoyed. The story itself was awful. It's a great example of why I hate Lost and how heavily it has continued to influence serial television - Lost was popular, let's do the Lost thing of never telling our audience anything. Well, I despised Lost and I stopped watching it in the second season, and I despise Lost for making it so that every television show I watch feels the need to continue drawing things out for ever and ever and ever and ever. I thought that perhaps 6 episodes would be tolerable but no, even six feels like forever. At 40 minutes an episode it works out to 4 hours, and as someone who felt BBC's Pride & Prejudice was the perfect length, let me tell you - The Prisoner *felt* like about a hundred. I kept thinking "I get the feeling this would have worked excellently as a movie" but actually I was wrong, because, whether you've just sat through 2 hours or 4 hours or 2 seasons, the ending is *bad*. And I do not refer to being unsatisfied that it wasn't a happier ending, I refer to being unsatisfied with it *as* an ending. I am irritated that I kept going in the hopes that eventually something would happen but no, all that happens is that eventually we get a wishy-washy half-assed "science!" explanation for everything that has been going on and ... that's it. I went and read the synopsis of the original show - which I kind of wish I'd done beforehand, might have saved me some time - and it appears that viewers then had as frustrating and rage-inducing a finish as viewers of the remake have. All I can say is that as much as I like Ian McKellan, I'd like my 4 hours back, please.
movietode My interpretation is that Hollywood has too many writers and not enough talent, too much money and not enough sense to invest it. As much as I am disappointed by this unwatchable remake, it does set the bar high for anyone else who comes along to try out a remake. I would rather not taint other shows I might compare by mentioning them here, positive or negative. What I will say is that there have been plenty of authors who have come up with story lines where commercial interests make credible adversaries. That is far from a new story angle and you can find it back into stories of the '50s or earlier. I had to log in to give this a "1" rating as a respectful memory to the original show.
joseph-p-obrien Can't understand why the latest series has had some bad reviews. I thought it was excellent. Perhaps any remake of a classic will never live up to the original. This one gives a modern slant on the quirkiness and "big brother" atmosphere of the original. The original was made in the shadow of the cold war, with its echoes of totalitarianism, espionage, state surveillance etc. This version takes a fresh perspective. Here we have man versus a faceless corporate America, a caricature of the American dream with a 'Freudian psychoanalytical twist' :-). The characters are engaging (particularly Sir Ian Mc K's No.2) with far more depth than the original. Tension was kept throughout the neat six episodes - no attempt to string this out unlike the daft lengths of similar series e.g. Lost. I think its a must see - if only for Sir Ian's acting.