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Released: 03 April 2016 Ended
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Morgan Freeman presents his quest in order to find how most religions perceive life after death, what different civilizations thought about the act of creation and other big questions that mankind has continuously asked.

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Kattiera Nana I think this is a new genre that they're all sort of working their way through it and haven't got all the kinks worked out yet but it's a genre that works for me.
Alicia I love this movie so much
Stometer Save your money for something good and enjoyable
Invaderbank The film creates a perfect balance between action and depth of basic needs, in the midst of an infertile atmosphere.
yvonne-m As i watched this program it brought back flooding memories of my journey that i experienced in early December 2004. Like others before me, i had a near death experience where i actually died, i had no idea that i had died. I was born as a Mormon but decided at the age of 18 to look at other religions to see what similarities they had with my faith as i was no longer a Mormon (Christian) at the age of 12. The day i died, i had an afternoon nap but when i woke, it was a week later, i do not remember what happened on this world from the time i went for my nap to when i woke up in an ICU in a hospital in Australia but what i do remember is not of this world. I woke not in this world but with lying on my bed feeling heavy with my body feeling heavy and then i saw two men dressed in white on either side of my bed telling me that it was time to go, i remember telling them that i could not move and i could not get up and one of them touched my hand and told me it was ok to go so i grabbed his hand and soon i was walking towards a light where it was tranquil but on earth, it had now turned to darkness as it was now night and that there were two paramedics who were trying to save my life but were failing and others in the room who were just standing around, i was told after i woke up from my induced coma that they were trying to save me twice in my bedroom and then a advanced paramedic came to try and help me and if the third time failed, i would be sent to a major city hospital and have a tube cut into my throat even though i was put in a reduced coma but i knew nothing of this as i was not on earth. What i remember is at the light, i saw my deceased father in law who had died from multiple cancers at once only 10 1/2 months ago and i also saw all my grandparents on both sides and ancestors that had been long gone before me and other people who were greeting me. At seeing these family members and others, my deceased father in law who was like a true father, there stood beside him was Jesus with the light of God behind them both and my deceased father in law told me that my time was not for here but on earth as i had other things to do, i had to protect my kids and endure hardships for a number of years, 13 years and my father showed me everything of the past, the present and what was to come so i was prepared and everything that was shown to me has come to pass even up to this day and i know that 13 years of hardship will end where the next chapter of my life and of those around me will change for the better. I saw all cultures and races in heaven but they were as one of the same in heaven as long as we asked for forgiveness of our sins and go by the gospels and rulings of our Lord God and Jesus and be at peace as one and with others on Earth. This experience humbled me even more than i was before as i know our Lord God and Jesus has protected me all of my life where i should have died but have not. So thank you for this program as it shows how everyone sees God and the humility of life. I believe in reincarnation and the after life as i have seen with my near death experiences. I have seen deceased family members and other unexplained things even though some terrifying but have learnt to understand and learn from everything i have been given. So Thank you for this program looking into other religions and cultures and seeing how when you look at the World, we all are the same. .
Rockoff To be clear. I do not practice religon in anyway, nor do i condem it, if you are religious and that is helping you in living a better and happier life, then I'm HAPPY for you, you found something in your life that gives you comfort and makes life a little easier :) That's what a want for all humans on this planet. Look, set aside race, religon, jobs, economi, borders etc etc. IT IS HARD BEING A HUMAN BEING, it really really is. Where ever you grow-up or end up. Look, I try being a good person, i'm not racist, or sexist, If I see something wrong or someone being treated wrong in front of my eyes I intervene, I treat everyone the same until proven otherwise, I have no anger in my heart. I get angry sometimes, I party and hang out with my friends, go to work every day, working generally sucks, but I do it anyway, seeing people happy is a great feeling, seeing people sad or worse is very very unpleasant. I did not learn this in a book. I learned it by interacting with all kinds of people through out my life, and just a being part of this world. Morgan Freeman, is openminded, kind, and respectful in all his encounters with people from all walks of life. WHEN you act this whey torwards people you can ask the heavy questions, the sensitive questions, and get true and honest answer in return. THE REASON for this is because the question is comming from the right place. And Morgon Freeman does this BRILLIANTLY, he is informed and insightful, and conveys his questions as a true getlemen and a class act all the way.This is a really interesting documentary on the human condition and our ways of dealing with Prelife - Life - Living - Death - The Afterlife.To be honest, I don't care what happens after I die. It does not scare me nor does it please me. It is what it is, and it happens when it happens, and I'm OK with that. Rated it 9/10
taniafmesquita The images, the dialogues, the experts, the search for knowledge, the richness of each place, everything in this series was carefully thought and very well depicted. Morgan Freeman gave his special touch. I wish it continues and I congratulate every one who were involved. All the episodes opened my mind and my soul, and i'm wishing visit each place.
Dawn Keller I liked the first installment of this series. Morgan Freeman's soothing and questioning voice lured me into an age-old pursuit: the big 'Q' regarding the big 'G''. MF touched on some of the bigger religion's views on an afterlife. When discussing God, the hereafter surely comes into play. Of course, this was just an intro into the whole God question and the myriad subtopics it conjures up. However, I like where it's headed and look forward to seeing more. It actually (quite refreshingly) gave my spiritual skepticism a light at the end of the tunnel to ponder, which in turn made me feel less skeptical and more spiritual. Likey.