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Released: 08 December 2015 Ended
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Danny is an average 24-year-old who has been friends with stoner Milo since they were kids. But then Danny decides it’s time to grow up, settle down and marry long-term girlfriend Kate, whereas Milo continues to focus on getting high. One night Milo takes a particularly strong batch of hallucinogens, and Danny appears in his living room - except the real Danny’s at his engagement party, and the real Danny doesn’t normally carry a sword! This Danny claims to come from another dimension, and he brings a warning - the only problem is that Milo’s too wrecked to remember what it is...


Comedy, Sci-Fi

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Tripped Audience Reviews

GamerTab That was an excellent one.
Bereamic Awesome Movie
Baseshment I like movies that are aware of what they are selling... without [any] greater aspirations than to make people laugh and that's it.
Huievest Instead, you get a movie that's enjoyable enough, but leaves you feeling like it could have been much, much more.
Solemn Philosopher Tripped is a science-fiction and comedy TV show from Britain. The science-fiction fits squarely in the parallel universe subcategory, while the comedy fits squarely in the stoner subcategory. Parallel universes was my main motivation for checking out the show. I've been a fan of such stories since watching Star Trek "Mirror Mirror" as a child and then later on with such shows as Sliders. On the other hand, I am just not into the stoner genre. With that in mind, perhaps it is no surprise that I had mixed feelings about Tripped. I don't want to give any spoilers, but I actually liked the main plot behind the parallel universes. However, the stoner comedy alienated me entirely. It was a bit too slapstick and silly for my tastes. Never-the-less, I still laughed out loud at a few moments and the underlying story is interesting, so I give it a slightly better than average rating. Fans of stoner comedy might get a bit more amusement out of the show. For something more serious, I recommend checking out the Netflix film and backdoor TV pilot called "Parallels".
patrickoconnor-56568 the show has a great premise, and some good actors. don't want to spoil to much but the gist of it is... two friends get in a fight, so naturally one of them eats a full bag of mushrooms, goes home any smokes some weed. after that, that is when things get interesting a version of his friend from a parallel world shows up out of a whirling dimensional portal and warns him he and his friend in this dimension are in danger. the main character assumes he is tripping off the stuff he had take and pays no mind to most of the warning. but then another portal opens and out of that portal comes an assassin from another world. the story starts to unfold and the two friends from the prime world end up traveling between a few different worlds, overall a great demonstration of the concept of string theory and an amazing story. the one downside is that it is only four episodes.
billanne-31094 Why would you guys stop after just 4 episodes? Just getting into the twisted plot line and character variants... and boom it's done. The station announcer voice says..."well that's it for this series..." I went..... "Oh crap... you gotta be kidding me!?" Perhaps there was a micro budget. Perhaps it was seasonal filler. Perhaps the writers ran out of good ideas, but for gosh sakes don't let things like this, and other great shows like Cilla, and Home Girl, and especially Bluestone 42 come to their ends before you milk every last bit of fun from the characters.... okat maybe Cilla was a finished story... but the young fab four weren't done. This show is worthy of more enjoyable exxloits... PLEASE!
Michael A word of warning, this is not only a spoiler, but probably illustrates the plot in the same way saying all of John Grisham's have a lawyer in who against all odds will win their case. A simple description of this series would be Sliders, with a soon to be married Danny (Blake Harrison) and a dishevelled habitual drug taker Milo (George Webster), where Tripped gets its name.The first episode starts quite well, Danny is established as a Pet Insurance salesman, no less than 3 times. This establishes his change from similarly drug addled teenager since meeting his future partner Kate (Georgina Campbell). Milo, upset at not being chosen to be best man, proceeds to down lots of magic mushrooms and go home. At which point a warrior appears, looking like Danny and proceeds to tell him very little, to a stoned Milo. The only details clear was a name and also that a guy was trying to kill all of the Danny's and Milo's. At which point it appears.This, is where it starts to go downhill. Characters created, now they repeat their one dimensional pattern. Danny will get upset his fiancée (or dimension match) is with someone else. Danny will try to speak to one of the Kate's as if they were his fiancée. Milo will do something idiotic with the wristband meaning they are trapped. Milo will do something to cause him to argue with Danny resulting in something happening while they are arguing. Milo will choose to do something idiotic to take advantage of a new world leading them to be in danger. They will get attacked amongst all of this.I think the main fault of the series is a lack of development with the characters and too many infuriating moments. The ability to 'reset' an episode so it is the same every week, is all well and good, unless the characters repeat mistakes. When the mistakes are too similar (two straight episodes where the watch is lost due to Milo), it's no longer predictable, its expected. The acting is really good considering the material available, but the writing is poor and episode plots seem automatically generated. Might appeal to real life Milo's. If you miss Sliders, this is still a poor substitute. You might want to check out Rick and Morty though, that's pretty good.

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