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Released: 09 January 2005 Ended
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Country: United States of America
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Zoey 101 is an American television series which originally aired on Nickelodeon from January 9, 2005 until May 2, 2008. It focuses on the lives of teenager Zoey Brooks and her friends as they attend Pacific Coast Academy, a fictional boarding school in Southern California. It was created by Dan Schneider. It was initially filmed at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California, then at stages in Valencia, California beginning in season 3. It was nominated for an "Outstanding Children's Program" Emmy in 2005. Zoey 101 was the most expensive production ever for Nickelodeon series, as it was shot completely on location in Malibu. It was also Nickelodeon's best performance for a series premiere in almost eight years. Despite this, many critics have made negative comments about the show, its setting, and its characters.

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SnoReptilePlenty Memorable, crazy movie
Micransix Crappy film
Tayyab Torres Strong acting helps the film overcome an uncertain premise and create characters that hold our attention absolutely.
Nicole I enjoyed watching this film and would recommend other to give it a try , (as I am) but this movie, although enjoyable to watch due to the better than average acting fails to add anything new to its storyline that is all too familiar to these types of movies.
zachiebetta I loved Zoey 101 as a child and looking back it was the best TV show in my childhood. OK, yes the show is unrealistic but remember it is a TV SHOW. Being unrealistic is what makes TV shows and movies more interesting. If it was realistic and PCA was like a regular school, it would not be nearly as entertaining. Would you really like watching a TV show where kids are just studying in a classroom the whole time?? I don't think so. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the acting with Jamie Lynn or anyone else in the show. The characters all have a different unique personality and that is what makes the show funny. Things like Logan's overconfident cocky attitude and Stacy not being liked by anyone are meant to be taken as a joke and not seriously.
Cathy Hsu This is definitely my favorite Dan Schneider show. He doesn't use the laugh track, which is great because it always throws me off.I loved the ending, and the moment Chase returned was adorable. Quinn and Logan? Opposites attract, they're perfect and the way they finally admitted their love for each other in front of everyone at the prom was cute.I hate how people hate on Jamie Lynn Spears for getting pregnant, but her real life has nothing to do with the actually TV show. I love Zoey 101, and just because Spears got pregnant doesn't make the show horrible.The pairings are great, I love the character development.Compared to the stupid shows that play on TV today, this show is gold. You'll love it.Great soundtrack, great acting, great punchlines, great plots. Amazing show.
Ross Tanner Zoey 101 has got to be the most pathetic, idealistic show I have ever seen. It is a failed attempt at making comedy and decent acting. When I first saw an episode, I was like, "You have got to be kidding me." The show focuses on a girl named Zoey Brooks, who is, as one reviewer said, "The sun, moon and stars," of PCA. Here is a highlight of what Zoey is like: Everyone goes to her for advice. She is never wrong with anything she says. She's beautiful with a perfect body, (as is all the other students that go there, with the exception of the one chubby kid who in my opinion is a complete fag) She has perfect grades, the perfect looks, never seen doing homework, and none of the students don't take interest in real work. Even the teachers that work there seem to be complete losers. Her ideas are pointless and dull, although everyone else thinks she's brilliant. She always has an answer for everything. She seems to be swimming in money because she is always seen wearing nice clothes and has one heck of a dorm room with a flat screen TV, laptop and a couch. And last, everyone seems to bow down to her like she's a princess. The show doesn't have any morals.If someone creates a problem, for example in the episode, "Webcam," when Logan spies on the girls, she always saves the day. This happens in almost all the episodes, so basically, each episode has a happy ending to it, like in fairy tales. Zoey is always playing games, tanning, or sitting around, so a question arises, "Why does she have all As." This is with all of the characters, with the exception of Quinn. But she tries to act cool, and fails. Zoey and her brother never argue or fuss. All siblings bicker from time to time. I know this is true because I have a sister, and although were close, we have our differences. But it seems like Zoey and her brother don't have any differences at all. They agree on everything. She's very protective of him and they get along just fine. Unrealistic!!!!!!! She seems to have plenty of money, but where does she get it? None of them work, or even know what the term means because they act like a bunch of spoiled brats. This isn't real life. In real life, parents don't send their 13 year old kids off to a boarding school with a sushi bar beside the beach and leave them there unsupervised. In real life, kids at boarding school are seen doing homework, getting an education, and reaching for something, instead of the kids shown in the show who play games all the time, sit out in the sun all day; wear clothes from holister and get perfect grades without opening a book. And in real life, if a parent knew that the girls and guys were hanging out in the same dorm room together at an age where hormones start to kick in, they'd be flabbergasted. This show is unrealistic in so many ways and that's why I don't suggest you not watch this show. If you think my review if harsh, please forgive me. But this is the truth.
OffTheLeft This was another one of those shows that I watched to root out the positive elements, and because I've been a Nick fan for years. Some of those would be the stage sets, B-plots, guest stars, and a few of the main actors that were good. I dabbled in the show through high school as I quickly grew to despise Jamie Spears, along with the other chicks in the show that can't act. The only characters I seemed to like were Dustin, Quinn, Stacey, Michael & Logan. Quinn is a perfect outcast that eventually started to fit in; Stacey is a complete oddball; Dustin gets put through a bunch of strange, random situations; and Michael is kind of the comic relief right-hand man of Logan. There's a remarkable difference between the execution & acting quality of the B-plots that involve them, and the A-plots that showcased a bunch of screeching girls and an iconic "Miss Perfect," repeating bad lines and obsessing over guys. This show would have been great if the main plots contained the quality of the side plots, but the main plots just don't deliver anything. When it recently came back in reruns, and I tried to watch it again, I was more calloused towards the girls' abysmal acting and had to change the channel. However, I will give the previously listed characters credit because they did make the show more or less worth my time.