Blood Punch

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Released: 21 February 2014 Released
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Milton, a college dropout, was only supposed to cook meth for one day. Broken out of rehab by a brash young woman and her trigger-happy ("ex") boyfriend and driven to a remote cabin the woods, Milton finds himself drawn into a dangerous love triangle gone haywire. The couple's deadpan half-truths spin around Milton like a song on repeat. They seem to read him like an open book, until a mysterious message opens his eyes to his cursed existence. With unlimited ammunition, any hunting tool they could desire, and an ever-growing body count, for what did Milton really sign up?


Horror, Thriller

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Madellaine Paxson

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Bluff Road Productions


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Blood Punch Audience Reviews

Janae Milner Easily the biggest piece of Right wing non sense propaganda I ever saw.
Izzy Adkins The movie is surprisingly subdued in its pacing, its characterizations, and its go-for-broke sensibilities.
Mandeep Tyson The acting in this movie is really good.
Geraldine The story, direction, characters, and writing/dialogue is akin to taking a tranquilizer shot to the neck, but everything else was so well done.
Sancy Jeg This is my first time loop movie. In this story Skyler with her boyfriend, Russell who are addicted to drugs, asks Milton to make drugs to become rich. They take him up on a mountain and asks him to make the drugs. The next day when he wakes up he finds that he is stuck in a time loop. This movie was so good than I thought. I recommend this movie to all. Nobody should miss it.
Donald Buehler Over the top - crazy - surprising - amazing - and really cool. All of these words describe this movie - one of the time loop/horror genre movies which have become popular. The first clue we get that all is not well is that a young man - Milton - awakes, vomits into the toilet , then watches a video he taped in the future. It is revealed that he is a recovering drug addict - sort of a Walter White wannabe - who gets recruited by Skyler - a sexy, brash girl, to cook a large amount of crystal meth. To make things interesting her boyfriend, Russell (as she puts it) "has not made a pact with the devil, he is the devil".Russell is a great character, a full blown psychopathic maniac - who is hilariously over the top. For me to really like a movie, I have to care about and like at least some of the characters. I actually liked all three of the principles in the story.The predicament/time loop that these three are in eventually gets revealed through study of the documents/newspaper clippings in the cabin scrap book which describes the titanic, life and death struggles which have occurred through the ages on this particular plot of land. (Your proverbial Indian land)Eventually they (and we) figure out how to break the loop, but the execution of the plan, once we understand it, is surprising and very well done. This one literally keeps you guessing until the end - even after you think the movie is over. I highly recommend this, not only if you like the "time loop, alternate reality" type of movie, but if you like mysteries with plenty of blood and mayhem. This one takes its place with other similar films such as "Coherence," "Source Code," "Triangle," and "Time Lapse." Highly recommended.
gsh999 I like straight up horror movies and generally don't go for horror/comedy mixes like this one. But Blood Punch keeps the comedy kind of low key - much moreso than the popular Evil Dead. I just watched Blood Punch last night and enjoyed it very much. I usually put something on Amazon Prime to go to sleep -- but this movie kept me up too late!The actors are good and I thought Ari Boyland was very good as the psychopathic Russell. He reminds me of a young Kurt Russell. Olivia Tennet is also very good as the brash and seductive leading lady. The story is crazy and makes you wonder how they think these things up. But the movie is done well in a way that is both entertaining and suspenseful. I really found myself wondering how our protagonists were going to get out of their very unusual situation. I won't go into particulars but the twisted plot requires a great deal of bloodshed. So much that it might be too much. I don't mind gory horror but the repetitive brains-getting-blown-out is the only facet of this movie that irritated me at all. Otherwise a great effort. Congratulations to the filmmakers.
moviefansme Breaking Bad never made murder this much fun! This innovative, intelligent thriller dark comedy with a dash of sci fi traps its characters in a never ending story full of false leads and false endings that takes the audience along for the ride. In a story that's nothing but twists, the audience finds itself trapped in the same puzzle as its characters, and even ways out are not what they seem.The clever premise is misleadingly straightforward: Femme fatale Skyler gets herself sent to rehab to recruit a crystal meth cook, where she meets college boy chemistry student Milton who got busted for running his own meth lab. Skyler has her hands on 100 lbs of pseudoephedrine and has one day to make it into meth for a multimillion dollar payday. Well actually, her boyfriend Russell has the pseudo. And Russell's psychotic. With trust issues. But on the plus side, he has a plan to break them out and a secluded cabin for the cook. Yet it turns out that making the meth is easy. Getting back out and cashing in on the payday--that's the hard part, a dilemma the characters struggle endlessly to resolve.What makes the storytelling so much fun is that the audience knows from the beginning that in this somewhat conventional storyline, nothing is what it seems, sharing in the characters' bewilderment to figure out what's really going on. The story starts on the morning of the cook, where Milton finds a video he's already made to explain to himself what's really going on. As he unravels the mystery of his own circumstances, the characters are trapped together and the audience is trapped with them.Filmmakers Paxson (director) and Guzelian (writer) are a husband-and-wife team who've built their resumes in Los Angeles developing Disney entertainment. They wanted to make a movie of their own and for it to be a departure. They met the cast in New Zealand while filming a season of the Power Rangers. A group collaboration from the beginning, Guzelian wrote the story with input from Paxson, specifically for their New Zealand friends. Filmed in three locations around Los Angeles, the film has an indy feel, limited budget but professionally produced with substance (story and characters) over flash. Tennet plays Skyler with layers of subtlety, and Cawthorne portrays Milton's evolving confusion convincingly, a nerd who's made bad life decisions. Boyland can't quite portray Russell to be as deeply psychotic as he's supposed to be; the actor seems like just too nice of a guy. Special mention to Holloway who took the over-the-top Archer and even went beyond that.