Clear and Present Danger

1994 "Truth needs a soldier."
6.9| 2h21m| PG-13| en| More Info
Released: 03 August 1994 Released
Producted By: Paramount
Country: United States of America
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Agent Jack Ryan becomes acting Deputy Director of Intelligence for the CIA when Admiral Greer is diagnosed with cancer. When an American businessman, and friend of the president, is murdered on his yacht, Ryan starts discovering links between the man and drug dealers. As former CIA agent John Clark is sent to Colombia to kill drug cartel kingpins in retaliation, Ryan must fight through multiple cover-ups to figure out what happened and who's responsible.

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Phillip Noyce

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Clear and Present Danger Audience Reviews

SpuffyWeb Sadly Over-hyped
Stevecorp Don't listen to the negative reviews
Intcatinfo A Masterpiece!
CrawlerChunky In truth, there is barely enough story here to make a film.
merelyaninnuendo Cleared And Present Danger2 And A Half Out Of 5Clear And Present Danger is a plot driven political thriller about a culmination of all the usual agendas that fuels an act of war, brewing in by the darker forces. Ticking for almost two and a half hours, the overkill sets in early due to its subjective procedure that is not only off-putting but also follows a textbook structure. All the action and chase sequences are nicely shot with amazing sound effects and fine editing amongst all the mind-numbing explosions. The politics and reasonings are justified with no usual flaws which doesn't suggest its excellence but the safe play that it plays. As much as lousy its final act grows the little tactics that used to work in its predecessor fails to upbeat or elevate the momentum as it used to. The writing is overstretched and not elaborative, there is a fine line between them that makers often crosses it unknowingly. The result of such acts can draw a nod out of the audience but fails to impress them. It is short on technical aspects like visual effects, background score and cinematography and neither is its camera work plausible for it to seek attention through it. Ford is bang on his bucks on revisiting his role with amazing supporting cast like Dafoe, Archer and Jones. Noyce; the director has done a decent work on executing the feature but the real culprit is its sloppy script that isn't sincere enough to breed the essential crisp out of the screen. The clean satirical political act and sharp sound effects are the only high points of the feature. Clear And Present Danger is an unstable and out-dated mishap of politics that may be accurately tossed but unfortunately overcooks its outcome.
CanadianRonin This is a great one. It's not Citizen Kane or anything but for a great action movie for people with a brain, with a bit of drama and aspects of a thriller, this is a great flick. Harrison Ford is awesome as always.
SnoopyStyle President Bennett's friends are murdered by Columbian Cali cartel drug lord Escobedo. He seeks revenge by declaring them Clear and Present Danger. Presidential Adviser James Cutter and Bob Ritter sends John Clark (Willem Dafoe) and his team to direct bombs on the targets. It's a secret mission that neither Jack Ryan (Harrison Ford) nor his mentor Jim Greer know about. Greer is sick with cancer. Ryan is appointed Deputy Director of Intelligence and sent down to Bogota. Meanwhile Escobedo has intelligence operative Félix Cortez who has inside info in the White House and plans of his own.It's an intriguing political espionage mixed with some well executed action scenes. The ambush in Bogota is terrific action. Joaquim de Almeida is a great villain. He has a great depth which is perfect for his double dealing. It's a well made Tom Clancy spy movie.
leplatypus Well, this movie is really surprising because it's really the first time that I see a Hollywood blockbuster adapting without filtering a bestseller in which the famous writer really depicts the pool of sharks at Washington DC and especially in the white house. In short, what triggers a more energetic politic against drug cartels is just the assassination of POTUS friends. This kind of personal revenge is indeed a special way to uphold national interest. As Nixon, POTUS feels he is not bounded by laws or frontiers as he authorizes guerrilla in other country. And he is so cynical that he doesn't order it clearly and when bad news arrive, he would like to put the blame to innocent mans (here, Admiral Greer). This aspect of revealing Washington life would be the trademark in later Clancy novels, always coupled with an armed conflict. Here, i must say that the drug cartel isn't a « prestigious » adversary but a rather boring, dull one. In that, the movie equals the book because I remember to be among the weakest Clancy ever wrote. However, Harrison as the white, honorable hero is always perfect and Dafoe as an experimented veteran is an excellent partner.