Death Wish

2018 "They came for his family. Now he's coming for them."
6.3| 1h47m| R| en| More Info
Released: 02 March 2018 Released
Producted By: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Country: United States of America
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Revenue: 0
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A mild-mannered father is transformed into a killing machine after his family is torn apart by a violent act.

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Eli Roth

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Death Wish Audience Reviews

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Mjeteconer Just perfect...
UnowPriceless hyped garbage
GazerRise Fantastic!
Matho The biggest problem with this movie is it’s a little better than you think it might be, which somehow makes it worse. As in, it takes itself a bit too seriously, which makes most of the movie feel kind of dull.
Terry Williams Plenty of action in this movie, typical Bruce Willis style. Good film overall, well written and directed. Was great to see a film like this come to fruition these days. Having said that, it is quite rare to become glued to your seat from beginning to end in order to see what will unfold and Death Wish did just that. Clearly and smoothly paced, this is one of the better flicks of 2018. I highly recommend seeing it for yourself. Death Wish is great entertainment.
tresm87 4.2/5 Fantastic reimagining and honestly more relevant and timely than ever. Insane action sequences full of gritty vengeance/justice served and the best performance from Willis in years. It honestly had way more heart and passion than the great pioneering original and the visceral revenge carried out on the scum was so much sweeter and satisfying. I can honestly say this is Roth's best film so far and he outdid the original which I also love. The camerawork was flawless as well as the powerful soundtrack that elevated the intensity of the brutal sequences. Bruce Willis deserves a ton of credit for phenomenally capturing Paul Kersey's heroic character and Charles Bronson would be proud. If you want to see one of the best action films of the last decade, go watch this awesome film. "If a man wants to protect what's his, he has to do it for himself."
westsideschl Another take on the countless other movie scripts of this sort especially the half dozen or so Bronson Death Wish movies done decades ago. Always popular perhaps suggesting the male killing revenge instinct is ever present. Opening scenes of our lead Willis arguing w/another parent during a soccer match over his shouting at refs seemed pointless and a bit misdirected given common at kids games. Anyway, another everyday middle class pillar-of-the-community guy gets a bit vigilante revengeful. Predictably, eventually the cops are sympathetic. Not much acting or intelligent dialogue. If you like bloody bullet holes to the head, etc. then feast on this one. .
arifwarren Nope, it's not deep. Yup, there is a little more gore than I was looking for. But . . . I liked it. And I didn't expect It kept me interested throughout, and I can't say that about many action movies. Usually, I can predict every scene. Watch it for the fun of rooting for a guy who patches up violence, and deals out a little.