Little Fish, Strange Pond

2009 "Mr. Jack and Sweet Stephen cruise aimlessly through the streets of LA speculating about life, death..."
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Released: 23 October 2009 Released
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Mr. Jack and Sweet Stephen cruise aimlessly through the streets of LA speculating about life, death, divine will and the force of power that predetermines their existence. Mr. Jack attempts to illustrate to his sidekick the delicate and natural forces of the universe. Sweet Stephen's superficial charm and bloodsucking lifestyle sends him and Mr. Jack on a voyage that is relentless, engaging, and darkly hilarious.


Drama, Comedy, Crime

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Gregory Dark

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Little Fish, Strange Pond Audience Reviews

Curapedi I cannot think of one single thing that I would change about this film. The acting is incomparable, the directing deft, and the writing poignantly brilliant.
Gurlyndrobb While it doesn't offer any answers, it both thrills and makes you think.
Hadrina The movie's neither hopeful in contrived ways, nor hopeless in different contrived ways. Somehow it manages to be wonderful
Adeel Hail Unshakable, witty and deeply felt, the film will be paying emotional dividends for a long, long time.
Schpadoinkle2000 The name Frenemy provoked a giggle out of a friend when I recommended her this title. Agreed, it seems suggestive of a potential feel-good, teenage, Lindsay Lohan something- or-other. Rather, Frenemy can best be described as a dark and compassionate independent film. Well acted, the characters, while capable of committing acts of depravity of American Psycho proportions, are relatable. Ultimately, this movie is about an overriding, self- sustaining, predetermined balance of good and evil. There is something to be gained each time I watch this movie.In the end, I'm left craving a sequel to see what becomes of Mr. Jack.
Ajay Karwal I bought this DVD based on Zach G in Hangover and Due Date, and the fact that the blurb on the cover said it is a "dark comedy".It's ridiculous that Z.G. is so prominent on the cover and listed as one of the main roles... he's in the movie for 1 scene.. around 10 mins in total.This is a strange movie.. takes a while for the story to develop, and when it does it leaves you feeling a little strange.It's not until the very last scene that it all comes together and you actually realise what is going on.Worth watching, but DO NOT expect any comedy, DO NOT expect Due Date or Hangover.
Greg Francis I guess you can't blame whomever whomever financed this cheap attempt at art for trying to trick people into paying for it, but everyone should KNOW exactly what they are trying to pull here. Two years after it is released, they take this pig, slap lipstick on it and try to get people to believe it's another funny Zach Galifianakis movie. It's not, he's in maybe 25% of the film, it's pointless, the black humor is not good either, makes little to no sense and just strings together scenes that are supposed to be deep or edgy and leaves you to fill in the rest. DO NOT WATCH IT UNLESS YOU THINK THE ONLY IMPORTANT THING ABOUT A MOVIE IS IF IT HAS GOOD ACTING AND NOTHING ELSE. I'm guessing the actors did it for free and the rest of the budget for this movie was probably about $200. Calling it Frenemy doesn't even make any sense, to give you another hint at how they are trying to trick the viewing public. Anyone who claims to like this is giving it WAY more credit than it is due. I saw it for free and they owe me 75 minutes of my life back.
napierslogs I saw this titled as "Frenemy" but "Little Fish, Strange Pond" is a much better title. It's not just that Mr. Jack (Matthew Modine) and Sweet Stephan (Callum Blue) are small players in the grand schemes of the world, but that the world is a strange place.Mr. Jack and Sweet Stephan walk around L.A. together. It's about the weird characters they meet, the crimes they observe, but ultimately, it's about them, their place in the world, their past and their fate. Paraphrasing from one of Modine's speeches, it was a great day, just a day, but it had the perfect mix of intrigue, danger, tragedy, love, sex, violence and plain old American fun.There was more tragedy and violence, and less love and sex than most people would have in their perfect day, but it was brilliant. Forget "The Social Network", "Little Fish, Strange Pond" has the best dialogue of the year, and Matthew Modine and Callum Blue deliver the best performances of their careers. Be prepared for profanity and disturbing actions, but this is one great little film in a strange pond.