2014 "No turning back."
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Released: 25 April 2014 Released
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Ivan Locke has worked hard to craft a good life for himself. Tonight, that life will collapse around him. On the eve of the biggest challenge of his career, Ivan receives a phone call that sets in motion a series of events that will unravel his family, job, and soul.


Drama, Thriller

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Steven Knight

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Locke Audience Reviews

Matialth Good concept, poorly executed.
MusicChat It's complicated... I really like the directing, acting and writing but, there are issues with the way it's shot that I just can't deny. As much as I love the storytelling and the fantastic performance but, there are also certain scenes that didn't need to exist.
Lollivan It's the kind of movie you'll want to see a second time with someone who hasn't seen it yet, to remember what it was like to watch it for the first time.
Adeel Hail Unshakable, witty and deeply felt, the film will be paying emotional dividends for a long, long time.
graphicspittz187 This movie was horrible I love Tom Hardy. And that's the only thing keeping me watching.. this reminded me of "Buried" or "Phone Booth" the worst concepts for a movie is to be stationery like the hole movie in a coffin or a phone booth or a car.
merelyaninnuendo LockeThe accuracy, morality and the strong will power that is implanted in the protagonist made it essential for it to converse alone to its shrink which is brought into limelight through its complex issues with his journey. Stephen Knight; the writer-director, focuses on building up the character's perspective to a point where every fictional theory justifies its rational or irrational decision. The execution is quite smart especially when it had to fill those little gaps between the calls, that helps the audience breathe and account in, the emotion and the thought processing questions raised in here. Tom Hardy is stunning in here mainly because the equation projected with each individual characters is never piled up in here, by his performance even though this chaotic night has a strong effective impact on him (his character shows the affection of the writer towards it). Locke is a rare cinematic feature, that resembles a lot with an old classic theatrical play, as its originality and soul not only touches the audience but communicates easily with them.
valadas This story is remarkably well told in a movie that hapens entirely in a motor car driven by a man that talks one after another on the phone dealing wth several troubles he got in his life because of a momentary fancy with a woman that he met once and whom he rendered pregnant in one night when because of his job he was away from home. He abandons his work pecisely on a moment he is most needed there because there is a very important delivery which he should have been surviving. He is fired from his job, his wife after knowing what he had done forbids him to return home where he lives with her and their two children. and breaks their marriage Everything because he gets a phone cal from the woman he had rendered pregnant telling him she is in the maternity to have a baby of whom he is the father and is very distressed and has nobody ( friends or relatives) to stay beside her. He starts then a long trip by car to the London maternity where she is because he feels morally obliged to stay beside her though he doesn't love her. He is a normal good family man after all, And the news coming from the maternity are not good. The childbirth has got a serious problem and a caeserian operation must be made.The whole movie develops itself on a succesion of phone calls some of them afflictive and intensively dramatic that he must attend or call and talk to, to or from the pregnant woman, the maternity doctor and nurse, or to or from his wife, or to or from his job, trying to solve on the phone all the problems that arise. But he gets informed that he is fired. Despite the fact that the whole movie runs all the time only with one person driving a car and talking on the phone it is full of overwhelming suspense till the end.
cvijic-58983 For me, 90-minute movie is always a good sign and when it can show you much in those 90 minutes ... I love it. Tom Hardy in role of Ivan Locke, builder creator who goes for a ride of his life. Single actor in this movie is enough to make you feel comfortable for 84 minutes.I'm imagining Locke's ride on the highway as life, because life is crazy drive of both bad and good decisions, of which it depends on how fast we will drive and when we will turn right from that highway. This movie shows us great internal conflict of person who drives, professionalism and privacy, emotions and power, family and job.The only movie that I watched and it' similar to this one, is Phone Booth with Colin Farrell.The difference is that Ivan Locke is not in death danger and we don't feel fear, if he is gonna die or not.And I like that.Life is not Hollywood.I always respect scenes in movies which shows us real-life scenes. And this movie is full of it.This movie is full of great dialogues.Locke is really interesting personality.His determined stand, integrity, sincerity shows us how he is really strong, powerful men even when he has an outburst of rage, trying to prove to himself that he is better than his father.But, Locke is just one car on that highway.Locke is just another man with problems and decisions and at the end, he will get out from that highway. Straight nihilistic.9,5/10