Sabrina the Teenage Witch

1996 "Do homework, buy prom dress, learn how to fly."
6.3| 1h31m| PG| en| More Info
Released: 07 April 1996 Released
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A girl, sent by her parents to live with her two eccentric aunts, finds out on her sixteenth birthday that she is a witch

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Linkshoch Wonderful Movie
VividSimon Simply Perfect
Spoonatects Am i the only one who thinks........Average?
Quiet Muffin This movie tries so hard to be funny, yet it falls flat every time. Just another example of recycled ideas repackaged with women in an attempt to appeal to a certain audience.
SnoopyStyle Sixteen year old Sabrina Sawyer (Melissa Joan Hart) moves in with her aunts Hilda (Sherry Miller) and Zelda (Charlene Fernetz) in Riverdale. After three months, her inner witch abilities are starting to show. Marnie Littlefield (Michelle Beaudoin) is her best friend at school. They have a crush on hot jock Seth (Ryan Reynolds). Harvey has a secret crash on Sabrina. Katy Lemore spices up her love life by breaking up with Seth. On her birthday, Sabrina is given her spell book and then their cat Salem starts talking. She tries to win Seth with witchcraft but it requires love with a pure heart from Seth or else she'll be turned into a witch's familiar.It's fine as a teen romance. Harvey could be played by an actor with a bit more charm. The rest of the cast is fine. This is for the TV show's fans and also anybody who wants to see Ryan Reynolds in his 80s fluffy golden blonde hair. It's a low level family-friendly fun time and not anything more.
cchristensen_88 I do like this movie, but I don't think that they did a very good job at making the movie to a TV series and what I mean is that Harvey isn't the same person he is a nerd in this movie has like no friends and not that cute. In the TV series Harvey is basically the opposite. Sabrina's last name isn't even Spellman in this movie. The aunts aren't as comical in this movie and are obviously not the same actresses Hilda is smart and Zelda is more ditsy in this movie and the actresses chosen to play Hilda and Zelda look like they should of been switched around....this Hilda looks more like the TV Zelda and this Zelda looks more like the TV Hilda. Sabrina cant just think about something she wants and point she has to make up an incantation for every little thing she wants, I'm thinking an incantation for ice cream is going to sound like a bad rap song. Salem is not as amusing and was turned into a witch familiar for using magic to win a girls heart and kissing her when she wasn't his true love or something it sounds more like when Sabrina first kisses Harvey in the TV show and turns him into a frog and the only way for him to be human again is true love. I think Salem is a bore compared to the evil,self-centered,world dominating Salem everyone knows and loves on TV. Also in this movie Sabrina's parents are both witches and have to go on a sabbatical cause she has to go to someone to train her to use her magic on TV her mom is mortal and dad is a witch and the woman who plays his girlfriend Gayle is the same as this movie's aunt Zelda, but the reason she's with her aunts on TV is cause she can't see her mother or her mom turns into wax and her dad is busy working in the magic book so he's like stuck in the book yeah its different but its still a lot more interesting than what is happening with her dad in this movie. I love Sabrina the teenage witch I just think its obvious that some people weren't thinking at all when they made this movie then switched it to a TV series.
sundrop I am a huge fan of the TV show, but this movie was not exactly like it. I thought that the movie would be like the beginning of the TV series, and have the same cast and set as before. It didn't.There is no humor in this one, and the aunts seem almost spooky. They're funny in the real show, but in this movie how they shut their eyes and mumble is almost creepy. They seem pretty cool in the show, but in this, they seem hopelessly old-fashioned and eccentric. I also think that this should have had something more to do with the Other Realm and being a witch than popularity and crushes. Also, Salem's voice in this is British, and he doesn't even make one funny remark.Even though this was far from the quality of the TV series, I am very glad that it aired. If it weren't for this, the show might not have existed! Overall, I'm glad that this movie exists, but I wish it had been like the TV show.
CJ-80 I would love to own the series of films that Melissa Joan Hart has been in. IE: Sabrina Goes To Rome, Right Connections, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Sabrina Goes to Austrailia (to save the mermaid colony), and of course I would like the family to go to the theatre to see Drive me Crazy which is coming out soon. I am a disabled father of three young children and the entertainment provided by these shows are very entertaining and enjoyable.Thanks! CJ